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We just got the new Xbox Wireless Headset in house! Did a quick unboxing and review for you guys, and this headset is surprisingly good considering it's price. So come check out all the features and what it can do.
Find it here:
Xbox Wireless Headset: bit.ly/3cyoDPB
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15-Mar, 2021



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UrAvgConsumer Oy oldin
I’m seeing a lot of questions about it so I just wanted let you guys know, this headset is also compatible with the Xbox One Systems.
KingC 25 kun oldin
@BehemothJay it does not
KingC 25 kun oldin
Let's go
Hugo Colson
Hugo Colson 26 kun oldin
@Brock Israel checking it out right now. Looks good so far :)
Brock Israel
Brock Israel 26 kun oldin
dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D
Jeferson Galarça
Jeferson Galarça 28 kun oldin
Want one for my Xbox One X. With Kinect, vertical base, Headset Xbox with that little control. The family will be complete
Mike H
Mike H 32 daqiqa oldin
Is there a way to turn it off I have multiple headsets and when I turn the Xbox on it automatically turns on 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dinero 18 soat oldin
Apex time lol add me jay im jay 2🤟🏾💙
mmanda515 Kun oldin
Sent for free & sponsored by? Looks like a great option, enjoy w/ your beautiful setup!
Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle Kun oldin
Hey - that hoodie is UNREAL! Link?
Zer01 2 kun oldin
Disconnects or audio drops may be interference with other wireless devices...MSFT had it in stock today and I ordered them. I have Turtle Beach 600, not sure how that compares...those are plentiful but I like the dual device paring feature.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 kun oldin
I’ve just bought mine and it paired instantly
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh 3 kun oldin
Hey man, can I use it with an iPad to play COD without lag ???
Jonathan_Perez 5 kun oldin
This is actually the set up I'm wanting to go, I already have the Elite Series 2 controller I just need the Xbox Series x and the headset.
Mike Oretta
Mike Oretta 5 kun oldin
Would you say you can use discord on your phone to chat with friends while you play on the Xbox and hear game audio?
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 6 kun oldin
I bought them and I'm happy.
BrutalRiotGirl01 7 kun oldin
So the razer kaira wireless and razer Kiara pro sound the exact same? I know no Bluetooth on razer kaira, my main thing is the sound?
Justin Silvers
Justin Silvers 7 kun oldin
Its so fucking cool you can be connected to the Xbox and Bluetooth audio at the same time.
LANGUAGE 8 kun oldin
So I’m guessing this only works with the Xbox series x and s and none of the Xbox ones
Nasty p
Nasty p 8 kun oldin
Can a phone use it
Tim Croft
Tim Croft 9 kun oldin
That's a big ass box.
puckhead1221 10 kun oldin
Wonder if it's good surround sound. Like can you hear shit behind you?
Kayen 11 kun oldin
Dont buy it the mic is bad
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider 11 kun oldin
I’ve had multiple sound interruptions with these headsets. Very disappointing for a first party headset.
Josh Games
Josh Games 11 kun oldin
i got these delivered to my house yesterday and I was actually surprised because their past mics they did were not decent ones but these ones are great best headset I have got and has great audio and supports Dolby Atmos great price in my opinion I think these are better than some Steelseries headsets
gold rush653123
gold rush653123 12 kun oldin
The controller was very high-quality see you would expect the headset to be very high-quality
Lobster gang BOB
Lobster gang BOB 12 kun oldin
Does it work for the Xbox one S
MaazFz 13 kun oldin
Does it work with Dolby Atmos? If you buy the subscription
Frank Mares
Frank Mares 14 kun oldin
Are they light
Yaboy Mark
Yaboy Mark 14 kun oldin
should i get a xbox because im not feeling my playstation
Eric Yao
Eric Yao 15 kun oldin
Sounds so bad. Everything is muffler
Yar Zehar
Yar Zehar 16 kun oldin
DMS Myth17
DMS Myth17 16 kun oldin
Will it work with Xbox One S and so on?
Jashawn. Trip ice
Jashawn. Trip ice 16 kun oldin
Can I use this for xbox one not series s/x
salvador Hernandez
salvador Hernandez 17 kun oldin
does it work with the Series S
aiden r6
aiden r6 17 kun oldin
So should I get this or stick with my astro a40
Emilio Mora Rojas
Emilio Mora Rojas 19 kun oldin
I have my Series X audio set up to DTS. When I connect the headset, Dolby Atmos kicks in, but when I turn the headset off, then the audio resets to Sorround Sound. Does anybody knows why?
Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels 20 kun oldin
Are you using Sonos speakers as fronts? I noticed them hanging on the wall on either side of the tv.
Grandmaster CHOODA
Grandmaster CHOODA 21 kun oldin
I think the PS Pulse sound better and are more comfortable IMO. I like the Xbox headphones but they are too bass heavy even with the bass turned down, also the sounds are super muffled and even after messing with the eq I couldn’t get them sounding right. I heard you can purchase the Dolby app(6 months free) for 15$ that will make them sound better. I shouldn’t have to do all that for a gaming headset
C S 21 kun oldin
Great review, good energy!
Roger Delvillar
Roger Delvillar 22 kun oldin
playdo 22 kun oldin
the music while playing just made me happy af i bought it
Eli 22 kun oldin
Does it also connect to Xbox one x
whyalwaysme11 23 kun oldin
Anyone else having an issue of in game play sound not working on the headset when using quick resume?
T Smith
T Smith 23 kun oldin
I got series x, this headset. Elite controller. Great set up
trollolololulz 23 kun oldin
Just got em yesterday, they sound TERRIBLE
Rohith Randhir
Rohith Randhir 23 kun oldin
But will it survive a throw into a wall or a desk smash?
Mike 24 kun oldin
Not a fan of the Headset, but for a $100 it’s a steal tbh
Japyoo 26 kun oldin
Never trust reviews where people get it for free.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 23 kun oldin
Agree ✔️
Svr Gaming sg
Svr Gaming sg 26 kun oldin
Hp headset
MrBruno17 26 kun oldin
What about the mic?
Vijay S Bellad
Vijay S Bellad 26 kun oldin
Dude when are you going to start streaming can't wait man..
Ricky Rosa
Ricky Rosa 27 kun oldin
Man you and Dominick Foxworthy are clones!!
Alexander Rodríguez
The sound was garbage compared to my Turtle beach 420x+ until I adjusted the EQ and downloaded the DTS app then it came to life. No need for bass boost they are bassy as is. And I am now experience connectivity issues.
PaperRoman 28 kun oldin
Why the heck ain't anyone talking about the new Chrome 89 update !? It's a a huge jump in browsing!
Martin Hogan
Martin Hogan 28 kun oldin
Gotta get myself a pair of these i love the look the style and from your review I'm already imagining myself playing a lot more xbox knowing that i can have comfort with this headset cause my current one is just not comfy at all
Jon C
Jon C 28 kun oldin
Huh, just need a console to go along with it...
Gaven Morales
Gaven Morales 28 kun oldin
I’m, definitely gonna pick this headset up. I have the Steelseries Artix 9x but it’s slowly falling apart this is gonna be a good replacement.
Nathaniel Enochs
Nathaniel Enochs 28 kun oldin
What’s your favorite Anime Fan Service focused game? UNCENSORED PLEASE
Nathaniel Enochs
Nathaniel Enochs 28 kun oldin
I would love to upgrade from the GTX 1070 ti to the RTX 30 Series GPUS. But the price is YIKES
Skibbity Bop
Skibbity Bop 29 kun oldin
Yooo I have the turtle beach elite pro 2 headset with the super amp being able to connect to my game and my phone so I can listen to music. The fact that this headset can essentially do the same thing, I’m sold. I love my elite pro 2’s but I’m gonna have to get these at some point just to pair it with my series X since they match so well.
Skibbity Bop
Skibbity Bop 29 kun oldin
Hey Uravgconsumer, does this headset sound better than the turtle beach elite pro 2 headset?
Skibbity Bop
Skibbity Bop 29 kun oldin
I could never play a game on a tv that big!
Isen 29 kun oldin
Is the headset next gen only?
raphael1186 29 kun oldin
I enjoy your videos but get your camera man some Parkinson's medication! Good lawd that's too much damn wobble
Moon Presence
Moon Presence 29 kun oldin
A disconnect is alarming..... What are you talking about?...
Snake Doctor 69
Snake Doctor 69 29 kun oldin
I have 0 faith in the headset. Probably stop working after a couple months. Xbox isn't known for making things that last.
David Schnettler
David Schnettler 29 kun oldin
With it being a gaming headset, how do you think the quality of materials used matches up to say a turtle beach or astro headset?
David Schnettler
David Schnettler 28 kun oldin
@JPR well of course but something more practical for a casual gamer I imagine turtle beach and astro. What's the price on those Sennheisers?
JPR 28 kun oldin
If you really want a good headphone, I wouldn’t recommend a “gaming headphone.” Something like a Sennheiser HD58x will be miles better than turtle beach or astro, and it can be around the same price range. You can also look into the Beyerdynamic dt 770 or 990. Look for the lower ohm models.
King 2245
King 2245 29 kun oldin
Man I used to watch you in 2017 bro u got the same intro and u even got a kid!??
SlySonders Oy oldin
Where did he get that iPhone case from???
steralert56 diop
We ain’t gonna talk about how Xbox shipped a blue hoodie Instead of a green one???
polygonkilla Oy oldin
Is there an actual mute button or JUST auto-mute.
Bill Thrash
Bill Thrash Oy oldin
This will go really nice with the Series X I can’t buy.
Ryan Scougall
Ryan Scougall Oy oldin
Sweet. Defo want to get these
I am curious how much gaming time you get in as a parent. An hour a day? 6 hours a week?
Lil_ sober59
Lil_ sober59 Oy oldin
Dose it work on Xbox one s
Drippyflex _
Drippyflex _ Oy oldin
Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval Oy oldin
Are they compatible with the Xbox One
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice Oy oldin
99 plus taxes 140
Saurabh U
Saurabh U Oy oldin
Love from Sydney
Holy CodM
Holy CodM Oy oldin
Is that a external storage next to your series x?
Young StickyRice
3mil subs... if I was a company I was send u shit too. Free advertising
Androidiostrck Androidiostrck
Iron watching your video I wanna send you
MisterBinx Oy oldin
Aaaannnnd it's sold out. Why can't they ever release enough. So tired of having to fight to get a product.
Кирилл Василенко
It's amazing how people can't understand simple things. 1 + Why is it constantly being compared with a headset from other companies that cost $ 100-200 more? 2 + People want to get premium headphones for 100 dollars. Forgetting that this price includes an Atmos subscription for 7 months. Also the very benefit of Microsoft. From 100 dollars, in fact, 50-60 dollars remains from the force. Here you put the quality and sound on this remaining amount.
Morten Oddvik
Morten Oddvik Oy oldin
I am having an issue on day 2. First day no problem, setting it up and pairing with both Xbox and Win10-PC. On day two it just has the red/orange pulsating light, and when I press the power button it dies. When I try to charge it the white light flicks on, but if I press the green power button it shuts off. If I try, what I believe is a hard reset, pressing mic-button and power button nothing happens. It's frustrating. Any with the same issue? What's the fix?
Gurbaj Musafar
Video about Xbox *PS5 ad comes up
Okay so I don’t know if I’m the only one who experiences this but. The game to chat audio dial on the left ear cup. If you adjust it almost all the way to game. It will tell you in the party on you’re Xbox ( to hear your party better, chat and game audio may need to be adjusted) this Is kind of annoying because when I want to hear almost all game and hardly any chat. It doesn’t work. If anyone knows why this a happening please let me know for trouble shooting. Because I can’t figure it out.
Jason DeMello
Jason DeMello Oy oldin
Might get just because you can play music from your phone and still be connected to the Xbox
drkmagneto Oy oldin
Cool review! Waiting on mine to arrive!
Gaming Original
My friends keep saying the audio isn’t that good is it for everyone or just me ?
Tysen Deck
Tysen Deck Oy oldin
I want an Xbox
pinksponge1 Oy oldin
You can have the sound from your iPad and have game sound at the same time . Sure this will be the case with any phone or tablet. No need to reconnect to one or the other
Stanley Knife
Stanley Knife Oy oldin
No mention of the sucky Mic quality. The clamping force and bad mic are the only 2 things “wrong” with this headset.
Movsum Sheykhzade
What is the name of background song?
Tahseen Gull
Tahseen Gull Oy oldin
love how linus completely shat on these and uac is like rating it XD
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson Oy oldin
I was wondering why the box was so huge lol
QuadAddiction Oy oldin
What’s good. I just saw you yesterday in Millburn. You were driving through. I was in a tile shop down the street from Millburn high. Be blessed!!! I enjoy your content!!!👍🏾
krzysiek zmora
Ok mate. Few things that miss in ur review and hope someone here will Answer: - so they turn on with xbox on. Is any button to turn them off on the headset?if i want to hear from tv sound? -when they on they switch sound from tv automatically to headset ?or i just have to lower volume on tv?rly important feature u miss bro. I like that my ps pulse headset switch the sound when turn them on. Now i need new xbox headset xd
Crispy Siesta
Crispy Siesta Oy oldin
You have the caustic heirloom I respect you even more my man!!!
RJ Simerly
RJ Simerly Oy oldin
So does it work with Xbox One's?
michael burton
I ordered one yesterday! I’m surprised I found one already since it just came out and its being scalped online 🤦🏻‍♂️
dag thygesen
dag thygesen Oy oldin
I got a big issue with this headphones. I hear myself as echo 1 sec after i have talked in the partychat with my xbox series x. I have tried to use the monitor speaker slider from left to right, but nothing happens. I have been in the option in the xbox also and put partychat to only headset. I hate the echo. But it only happens in partychat. Can anyone help me?
Cʟօառ PʀᎥռƈɛ Ꭷʄ CʀᎥʍɛ
Much better than the crappy PS5 one.
Omar Eduardo López Calderón
Apoyo desde latam buen video Bro
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