Whats in my Gadget Backpack 8.0! 

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It's finally time for a new Gadget Backpack video. We missed one in 2020 but I got you guys covered for 2021! We've got tech, gadgets and games galore in this backpack but what was your favorite item featured?
The BEST Tech I've Been Using All Month!: uzblock.info/post/video/y8uVaZ9vc6qhdqg.html
I Made the Ultimate Tech Kit: uzblock.info/post/video/0ZFupodpfKGsdoI.html
Find everything here:
Thule EnRoute Escort 2: amzn.to/3bncsES
MSI GE66 Raider: amzn.to/37xBCQ5
Elite Series 2 Controller - Black: amzn.to/2NmSAti
Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Chip: amzn.to/3pAT5wZ
New Apple AirPods Max: amzn.to/3qyGDPH
Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Headphones: amzn.to/3px0i1a
2020 Apple iPad Pro: amzn.to/2Zw4js2
PITAKA Magnetic Case for iPad Pro: amzn.to/3saghnw
Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: amzn.to/3k4P7M6
Nintendo Switch: amzn.to/3bsEVJ8
Villager Supplies Nintendo Switch Travel Case: bit.ly/3eSfamL
SPUDZ Pro | 10" x 10" Microfiber Cloth: amzn.to/3bsl6lt
Apple AirPods Pro: amzn.to/2M7C8wr
AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case: bit.ly/37zXkCZ
Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2: amzn.to/3ucU4ap
Apple MagSafe Duo Charger: amzn.to/37AtBKa
Satechi 100W USB-C PD Compact GaN Charger: amzn.to/3k8v7rU
Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank: amzn.to/3aAE5Lg
Spigen USB-C PowerArc Charger: amzn.to/3aEbOUd
Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: amzn.to/3qGCGZf
Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSD 2TB: amzn.to/3pFJLIh
Selfie Stick Tripod, BlitzWolf Lightweight Aluminum All-in-One Tripod: amzn.to/3k5haen
Rode Microphones VideoMic for iPhone: bit.ly/37IuwIE
ASUS ROG Phone 3: bit.ly/3spCdvd

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20-Fev, 2021



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jupamoers 17 soat oldin
You're carrying gaming stuff around all the time? Even when you definitely don't need it?
L Holiday
L Holiday 3 kun oldin
Love the Native Union for the M1
Dhan Tamber
Dhan Tamber 4 kun oldin
Jud's chiropractor must have a heart attack everytime he walks in with his backpack LOL
Turnout Tech
Turnout Tech 4 kun oldin
Damn bro, love all the gadgets you have. It’s like a piggy bank in that bag haha. Keep up the great videos.
Leaveil Dabney
Leaveil Dabney 5 kun oldin
Alright, Jud, that was a little overkill with all of those gadgets. Still enjoyed the video though.
R Wash
R Wash 9 kun oldin
I fell out when he pulled out whole other laptop idc how small it is .... Lol what !?! Edit: still pulls out iPad Pro 😂 yo what ‘?!?? Edit again: still pulls out Nintendo switch after pulling out a gaming laptop Holy shiii what !!?!?? This video officially wasn’t for me.🤣 Edit again again: a giant portable charger bout the size of a DVD player I am in a whole new world I don’t belong in. UZblock set me up. I couldn’t relate to half of this but this is a great video
Regina Lowery
Regina Lowery 11 kun oldin
I'm not ashamed of how much tech I carry around anymore. Much thanks!
Javier Arrinda Ulivi
bruh, i thought i had a problem lol thanks i feel better ab my spending now
BankaiKiller 11 kun oldin
Like honestly Switch, PS 5, Xbox, PCs....do people really need all of this entertainment in their life?! I mean a good phone & either of the consoles is just fine man.... People these days living over privileged lives....
BankaiKiller 11 kun oldin
Dude the bag is so overkill bhruh...two laptops seriously?! + All the tech as a daily carry-on.... Oh hell no bhruh...
Edzon DM
Edzon DM 11 kun oldin
This man carries his whole house in his backpack xd
Manish Gurung
Manish Gurung 11 kun oldin
Please Change Your Channel Name.
Rubens Nash
Rubens Nash 12 kun oldin
My gadget backpack is just a shopping bag with my laptop in it
Narah 13 kun oldin
Just imagine stealing this guy LMAO
AtriX Gaming
AtriX Gaming 13 kun oldin
Jud plz make a another gaming bagpack. Plzzzzzzz🙏🙏🙏
Fleur Levendig
Fleur Levendig 13 kun oldin
thats a lot of stuf!
Abdullah Aljarrari
Abdullah Aljarrari 13 kun oldin
What's the weight of this bag
Alcs XII
Alcs XII 14 kun oldin
One question how do you charge all of this 🤯
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 15 kun oldin
Jud Awesome! Video Thanks so much for sharing Deb. 💯👌✌
Kevin Cockerline
Kevin Cockerline 15 kun oldin
Glad to see this return!
Turbo Cavalli
Turbo Cavalli 17 kun oldin
Ayden Pizarro
Ayden Pizarro 18 kun oldin
I bet you he only uses like 5 of these items when he's outside
ZitoVino 20 kun oldin
Dude, I would pay money to see you go to a Starbucks and set up every item you can from that backpack. I mean, portable ssd, selfie stick fully extended, all 3 laptops, EVERYTHING.
BigMan Tech
BigMan Tech 20 kun oldin
I think we are done...oh wait I dropped my Asus ROG phone 3 on the floor
Cecilia Uchenna
Cecilia Uchenna 21 kun oldin
We need to see it the updated emergency tech kit
Edi garets
Edi garets 22 kun oldin
How you gonna play with the xbox controller
Ben Benjamin
Ben Benjamin 22 kun oldin
imagine losing this backpack
Cunnik K
Cunnik K 23 kun oldin
17:43 good looks on the warning ⚠️😂
Harmehar Sethi
Harmehar Sethi 23 kun oldin
Jud is in relationship with rgb light 😂😂
ÂÇÈ 23 kun oldin
When I see you I will steal your backpack bruh 💜💜💜
Dix Tharrington
Dix Tharrington 24 kun oldin
The rustic teacher endosonographically bore because risk perioperatively slow unlike a tender tense answer. quiet, afraid seashore
Timmy Lau
Timmy Lau 25 kun oldin
that must be a very very heavy bag.
Kevin Sanders
Kevin Sanders 27 kun oldin
Deff want to see updated tech kit video
XTR_Phantom 27 kun oldin
Eegil Oy oldin
In all honesty: WHO CARRIES ALL THAT IN A BACKPACK? you can see from a mile the intent of this demonstration.
EDWIN617 Oy oldin
Ethan Ford
Ethan Ford Oy oldin
No way he walks around with all this RIP his back
White Magnet
White Magnet Oy oldin
Mkbhd : Here's my tech bag.. Jud : Here's my tech bag (also has a tech survival kit) Me : What! Both cost more than my house... 😭
Leslie Lewis
Leslie Lewis Oy oldin
Holy you got some much in that bag $$$$😂 y'all flaunt it
KCBC90 Oy oldin
Thule (two-lee) is how it’s pronounced I believe. It’s a Swedish brand and one of my friends who was raised in Sweden told me this.
Mason Roman
Mason Roman Oy oldin
Can we can an ultimate tech kit refresh? 👀
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun Oy oldin
Airport security: Why in the blue hell did you bring your house appliances in the airport?
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun Oy oldin
Meanwhile me: Still rocking the old HP i3 3110m laptop from 2012
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens Oy oldin
You really need an upgrade dude
Haunter Oy oldin
WATERFIELD designs makes amazing AirPods max cases!!!!
Shaan Haq
Shaan Haq Oy oldin
Imagine throwing this backpack on the ground
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens Oy oldin
Most of the stuff inside would easily survive without a single scratch
Arnav Sarvasetty srivatsa
Man this bag is really costly and he better not get robbed
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens Oy oldin
The bag's barely worth 8 grand. I personally had a bag with considerably more expensive tech stuff on my last trip. Not a big deal for me
Ernest Porter
Ernest Porter Oy oldin
what kind of watch did you have on
Amogh Technology talks
crazy russian hacker:i have a 5000 dollar survival kit uac:i have a million dollar tech backpack
Matt J
Matt J Oy oldin
Make a updated tech kit
Lew Grant
Lew Grant Oy oldin
let that camera guy take a bathroom break - he's dancing around like crazy
9mil Panda
9mil Panda Oy oldin
Lmfao walks around with 10k worth of shit in his backpack.........
9mil Panda
9mil Panda Oy oldin
@Tom Stevens lmfao shit baller alert.
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens Oy oldin
The bag's barely worth 8 grand. I personally had a bag with considerably more expensive tech stuff on my last trip. Not a big deal for me
Mikbeezy Oy oldin
I feel like he brings two laptops and airpods max and iPad just to flex lmao
Andrew Oy oldin
Some people workout for health and fitness, Jud works out to carry his backpack
Randy Los
Randy Los Oy oldin
Does nothing bend? Because you have too much shit in your bag. There is no f-ing way you need al that hhahaah
Randy Los
Randy Los Oy oldin
Insert Ryan Reynolds "why" Meme
Aviraj Singh
Aviraj Singh Oy oldin
People: carry $5 water bottles in their side pockets Jud: carries a $300 controller in side pocket
Ethan Masters
Ethan Masters Oy oldin
New Tech Survival kit video PLEASE!!!!
Sammy Sizzle
Sammy Sizzle Oy oldin
I can't think of a pg way to express how happy this made me
Hans Kaarstein
Yo Judd, if you’re a huge mobile gamer. You should check out backbone if you don’t already have one
Demonsprayz Oy oldin
"sponsoring this PORTION of the video C_C"
olatunde celestin
That bag must be so heavy. I think this is a bit overkill
Jashan Sood
Jashan Sood Oy oldin
I thought u gonna have affordable tech because ur name is avg consumer 😂😂
van tran
van tran Oy oldin
How can any hotel WiFi survive with this man’s carry
Ferdows Raid
Ferdows Raid Oy oldin
It’s kinda funny seeing him carrying two laptops and iPad everyday with a bunch of other not much useful daily accessories.
ShotByD'Addario sturgis
Flossy Carter showed a nice leather case for the AirPods Max
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph Oy oldin
Interesting video, however I am perplexed is the Gadget Backpack 8.0 for when you are travelling or is it an EDC? If that is an EDC, it does not make any sense as there are too many items. Depending on what I am doing since I am a mechanical engineer and also have a drone aerial video and photography company my EDC would contain my laptop, iPad Pro and a mirrorless camera and a drone in a GPC case.
SPLDLTA Arco Oy oldin
These old ass "you're gonna get robbed" comments are so unoriginal they're using comments from 8 backpack vids ago.🙄
Roger Gonzales
Jud isn't the bass king when it comes to headphones anymore
Prox Oy oldin
Casually carrying 5k on his back
So overkill I luv it
Harvey Griffin
Updated tech kit please!!
Thula Ryan Skhosana
This is too much stuff what does your wife say 😂
Gyan Deep
Gyan Deep Oy oldin
Video starts at 3:45
ashraf khan
ashraf khan Oy oldin
Bru you are no longer an average consumer.
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Oy oldin
A video on your i9 MSi
mohamed jawad haider rajpar
If a nigah robs him he do be rich
Please don't walk around by yourself with all that stuff...asking to be robbed
Josh G
Josh G Oy oldin
Holy Sh*t
Holy Sh*t Oy oldin
Should be titled ‘Reasons to rob me 8.0!’
ʏ ᴜ s ᴜ ғ
They should put BT’s on switch
Daniel Bradford
please can you do a video using the lifepack backpack
Joseph DeJesus
Can you do a realistic or attainable gadget backpack for an “average consumer”
Luis Miguel Martinez
What's that, upwards of 10k?
Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith Oy oldin
you never use all of that 😂
Mohammad Bilal Babar
Seems like going for TECH War, jee oye wingay................
K’Hari Tuitt
Please make a new tech survival kit
Jovani Ortiz
Jovani Ortiz Oy oldin
Jud has so many backpack he's ready for an apocalypse
Black Zetsu
Black Zetsu Oy oldin
MagSafe me - Karl’s joke of 2021
I know you know this already but, that's a lot of stuff.
ludo proffesor
this guy just goes places to play games
T P Oy oldin
The Thule is pronounced Toolee according to the sales rep from that company. Hope that helps.
Brandy Denning
Did you say you are going to “giveaway” this bag??? Asking for a friend....🤣
Astro_G Oy oldin
Make a review on the new McDonald’s phone
Linn Soltwedel
Thule is mostly know as a ski-box or roof box for cars! P
Kirk State
Kirk State Oy oldin
Just don’t use Adobe with a 5 year old MINI MAC because you’ll be Guerrilla Glued
Ben Oy oldin
you're wish is my command, thumbs up coming right up!
Patrick C
Patrick C Oy oldin
New Ultimate Tech kit video. Make it so!!!
Christopher DeMarco
OMG Jud how much does that weigh?!
Matthew Pompile
How much does the full load out weigh?
SplitSniper7 Oy oldin
Where do you get your backgrounds from on those laptops??
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