We FINALLY Went Back to Tech Heaven! 

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For the first time in a year, we finally went back to Tech Heaven aka. Microcenter. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you've never been here, you should check it out.
Every PC Monitor Should Do This! - uzblock.info/post/video/zKmqZIKuXYakdaQ.html
My Massive Tech Unboxing 38.0! - uzblock.info/post/video/qdGHpZmTeHt7gqA.html
Products mentioned:
Logitech G915: bit.ly/3bkwZuI
SOLO Urban Hybrid Laptop Briefcase: bit.ly/3rp6hXE
ASUS ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset Stand: bit.ly/3bmIke0
Logitech G G PRO X Wireless LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset: bit.ly/3kQ96OV
ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Tri-Band Router: bit.ly/3bkksrm
Dashcam I use: amzn.to/3c4naAw
NZXT H510 Elite: bit.ly/2OuuxsQ
Acer T232HL Abmjjz 23" Full HD Touchscreen Monitor: bit.ly/3rrzwsE
Cyberpower Battery Backup: bit.ly/3boKNEN
Inland 12 Outlet Metal Power Strip: bit.ly/3kUpeiy

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6-Mar, 2021



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Thekingene 7 kun oldin
Bisen33 19 kun oldin
We Haitian I knew it bro I been trying to piece it together for a while now I seen the Barbancourt in one vid I was like yo bro 🇭🇹 over here much respect man
mohsmed ibrahim
mohsmed ibrahim 24 kun oldin
Zachary Puentes
Zachary Puentes 26 kun oldin
he knows that getting bossters for bad wifi doesnt make it better something is wrong with the wifi hub
Pop Shadow
Pop Shadow 27 kun oldin
Ilove how this man is kinda rich but still says “sheeeeeeshsssssss thats to much” like my guy humble af respect ✊
Paige Xbox gamer 2000
Thanks Consumer I know where to shop for tech when I get to East coast 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
BUCHA 28 kun oldin
damm you buy the store
Alexgo Gaming
Alexgo Gaming 28 kun oldin
If this types of videos continue, micro center might have to rename their building to tech heaven indeed
Zeus The Young
Zeus The Young 28 kun oldin
This video made me buy a dash cam. If only it had RGB
Sajid Miah
Sajid Miah 28 kun oldin
Ayooo🔇 You Picked the h510i 🔇 Not the h 510 Elite🔇🥺
Jorge Pérez
Jorge Pérez Oy oldin
Judd, I needed to search for a tech product and I Had To Come To Your Channel And Watch This Video in order to remember the name of the store, Micro Center. My brain kept telling me: “Tech Heaven! Tech Heaven!”, and this is my favorite tech store. Imagine that! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
vertis Oy oldin
i think you got the wrong case...
Lajourn Santana Dolphin
Stay woke out here. Don't be a story on the news or a hashtag
I love how you but are so happy to buy new tec 😇
Rabin Siam
Rabin Siam Oy oldin
"Blackman gotta protect yourself" I felt bad when he said that mannnnn..
Onpassive Today
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your tech information
mena seven
mena seven Oy oldin
Nice shopping video at Microcenter, Tech Heaven. It is nice to shop for tech.
Momar M'bodj
Momar M'bodj Oy oldin
So how is your home wifi situation now? Did the new router improve your network?
Loco Busters
Loco Busters Oy oldin
More nodes is actually worse than no nodes
Ethan Beverley
we need the carl pc vid
mohammed rukshan
I want to see it
Kamil Kochan
Kamil Kochan Oy oldin
Carl needs a PC Buidl!
lightning spear
1:55 sounds like lil yachty
Its zumiiy
Its zumiiy Oy oldin
Aye man question can you hook me up with a new setup I would really appreciate it
Its zumiiy
Its zumiiy Oy oldin
Aye man question can you hook me up with a new setup I would really appreciate it
Munukim Oy oldin
We have the same concept in my country but we sell the fake products
Manuel Cruz
Manuel Cruz Oy oldin
u have to change the avgconsumer to the millionaire consumer
Clayve thefuture
Imagine being his kid.
Courtney Agee
Courtney Agee Oy oldin
We want carl to build a pc bro
Pc build
Tytus Chen
Tytus Chen Oy oldin
You marked it as a H510 elite but picked up the box for h510i
stammer_drift Oy oldin
Build a pc
Aliencord Oy oldin
I would try a unifi network for fast speeds
Ryt_Ion Oy oldin
You guys got the H10i instead of the H10 elite which means there's only one glass panel.
MrB8boy Oy oldin
Try the Eero Pro 6, I recently moved over and it has been a godsend. You can even have a wired backbone to boost speeds even more.
Atique ul Rehman Tv
First time he sees something expensive 😒
The Neon Wolf
The Neon Wolf Oy oldin
bro remember your an average consumer
KDjustGames Oy oldin
Lol i need that backpack vid. I have that backpack!
Gerardo Mena
Gerardo Mena Oy oldin
We demand a Carl to built a pc video >:)
Steven Lumban Tobing
jud please Unboxing rog phone 5
R4ZR Hunter
R4ZR Hunter Oy oldin
Bro I wanna see unbox and use all that especially the mixamp and router very exciting
John Monteagudo
I totally want Carl to build a PC but let him have help! I don't want it to burst into flames! I want to get tips on building one.
Warfare232 Oy oldin
Jersey!!!!!!! Bought almost all my pc parts from that store
Lyonel Thomas
Lyonel Thomas Oy oldin
Brov no one make s21 reviews these days
Soyeb Dalal
Soyeb Dalal Oy oldin
the issue with the wifi Jud is not to throw more wireless nodes. add physical ethenet jacks around the house, get a poe switch and then some access points. problem solved.
Marcin Adamowicz
Mask on? I'm out.
i. j
i. j Oy oldin
Is this supposed to be for average consumers???
Juan Avila
Juan Avila Oy oldin
Tt Mm
Tt Mm Oy oldin
What! Are you Haitian!? Great video!🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹
Sj Casao
Sj Casao Oy oldin
can you feature the asus x gundam pc setup?
Phillip Ueten
Phillip Ueten Oy oldin
That freaking tv in belgium is like a 1200$
Its Bang
Its Bang Oy oldin
Hey big dog need some help what's a good AFFORDABLE gaming mouse my son's just broke and he's already doing my head in🤣🤣🤣. PLEASE HELP
Evil Potato
Evil Potato Oy oldin
isn't this the guy who put 128 GB RAM in his first PC?
Pezhman Bavafa
you bought the wrong case.
Umar Latiff
Umar Latiff Oy oldin
Let's see the boy Carl build his own pc cmon
Trevor Nzwaligwa
Carl-pc vid please😎😎😎😎
17% Oy oldin
I have the H510 Elite. Carl is gonna love his build
Rerum Trading
Rerum Trading Oy oldin
12:06 what is that big WD Black product?
Joelle Bryan
Joelle Bryan Oy oldin
Can you make a comparison video with the Microsoft laptop 3, the dell XPS, and the acer swift 5? I am going back to college and don’t know which one is best. I plan on doing some video editing.
Yeesun Ruy
Yeesun Ruy Oy oldin
Hey Judd, can you recommend any cheap, but good quality dash cams?
Marvel Gaming
Marvel Gaming Oy oldin
Please show us gamers paradise 3.0
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza Oy oldin
But how much was all of it?? 😳
Splashhouse Oy oldin
carl pc build now
Richard Rodriguez
I cant believe im a lil bit older than Carl but i look younger than him. 😂👶
David Nestico
David Nestico Oy oldin
Check out Wyze please
Brandon Ramin
Brandon Ramin Oy oldin
If you do have issues with your WiFi has some dead spots throughout your house still. I would recommend WiFi Extenders to add so help extend their signal.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Oy oldin
Call Linus, he’ll make video going through all the wifi possibilities. He might break something, but worth the entertainment hahaha 🤣
Jame Andy
Jame Andy Oy oldin
this app it really works!!
Owen Vieira
Owen Vieira Oy oldin
Love the vids
pandasarecools 24
Ur average consumer ha buys $150 headphone stand lol 😆
Jonathan Yates
Where city is this store?
Damalixxer Oy oldin
The answer to your wifi issues is hardware connected mesh network!
boomcazoom Oy oldin
Robert F
Robert F Oy oldin
Definitely need to see Carl building a PC
ben qian
ben qian Oy oldin
The unbiased spleen habitually desert because floor spindly suck outside a freezing number. knowing, sturdy sleet
king of moon
king of moon Oy oldin
Bro! Could you make a video of Marshall Emberton bluetooth speaker p/z.....
Jerbear Oy oldin
Average consumer!? Where? Buy the whole store!!
Tony B
Tony B Oy oldin
Once he said black man about the dash cam I’m now very disappointed
Jay hendoson
Jay hendoson Oy oldin
I gotta say seeing halo on that monitor..🥵
The Gaudins
The Gaudins Oy oldin
Aye Carl haitian 🇭🇹!!! SAK PASE'
Soup Jean
Soup Jean Oy oldin
Get Corsair products 😎
Issac Dex
Issac Dex Oy oldin
That mask is boss, throw us a link?
Benjamin Harrison
Congrats on over 3M subs 😍
Nazareth Wilkinson Hill
I have been to micro center in yonkers and it's the place to end up broke. It reminds me of J&R computer world back in the day.
Definitely here for Carl building a rig
Antonisha Oy oldin
I knew he couldn't walk away without a bag. Also I feel him 100% about that dash cam thing.
OprahsKankles Oy oldin
The hulking pediatrician postprandially lick because hawk inversely brush down a hanging nitrogen. parsimonious, acrid store
Rob Stetka
Rob Stetka Oy oldin
Man I love UAC but I felt a little attacked at that comment ha. Since I'm a cop. Youre a smart dude and I'm sure you see 99% of the issues is when ppl listen to internet attorneys and refuse lawful orders. Ignorance of case law is what causes ppl issues
Dragonbike Oy oldin
Is that the one in Paterson, NJ?
Adam J. Reid
Adam J. Reid Oy oldin
Bro, NO MORE, wireless mesh systems for wifi! Up your game now and switch to wired access points like Ubiquiti. Look at the new Ubiquiti WIFI 6 Long Range access points. I stopped doing wireless mesh systems because like you, my wireless was slow ASF! We're in heaven now, i'm seeing a majority of my Gigabit speeds on wifi devices.
Josue Cintron
Josue Cintron Oy oldin
Well they dont have any GPU’s when i go so it aint no heaven
Jimmy Bresilus
Was that a hint of kreyol I heard
Yahia Allam
Yahia Allam Oy oldin
This is so average
tøfu Oy oldin
did no one realise they took the h510i and not the elite model for the pc case?
No Name
No Name Oy oldin
Hey Man! I’ve seen every video of yours! If you really love your subscribers you’ll reply me on my Twitter handle @beast199707
Juan Alanis
Juan Alanis Oy oldin
That mask hanging on for dear life on that ear
Tom Elcock
Tom Elcock Oy oldin
He’s on bout how thick the laptop is and It’s like half the size of my old toshiba laptop
Armaan Bhangoo
No pls. The H510 elite is litterally one of the worst cases for performance. Pls don't. O11 dynamic is the same style but better in everyeay. Corsair 5000D or 4000D. The Meshify is also good. The h510 non elite. Phantecs 600. Pls just get him a non garbage case.
DOGE[tm] responds to old comments
Judd: "Imma bout to get my PC fixed and thought I'd take a quick look around the store" Judd 10 minutes later: **buys thousands of dollars worth of tech**
Kiddq 12 kun oldin
Tech heaven, Wallet hell
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