The BEST Thin Gaming Laptop of 2021! 

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If you're looking for a great gaming laptop that but don't want to spend crazy money on it, you gotta check this one out. Today we take a look at the MSI Stealth 15M.
Find it here:
MSI Stealth 15M (where to buy): msi.gm/UravgStealth15m
MSI Stealth 15M (product page): us.msi.com/Laptop/Stealth-15M-A11UX
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30-Mar, 2021



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Vishnu VFC
Vishnu VFC 10 soat oldin
Port selection of this laptop is good but its position is weird..because right side be have only one or two usb A ports and micro sd or full size sd card slot..because that makes perfect sense..but this one has hdmi,usd A,thunderbolt 4,micro sd slot on the same side and too close each other..if you use all that port same time it will be a mess because that side is where we use a external mouse and all those cables will be on the way..they should have put usb A,sd card slot only on that side and move other ports to left side..on the right side of laptop should be only have 2,3 ports because if there is more than that its not practical
Marcello 42
Marcello 42 12 soat oldin
16:9 -.-
Nobo Jerry
Nobo Jerry 16 soat oldin
love your room setup
Shub Sodhi
Shub Sodhi 22 soat oldin
oh wait its got intel inside :/
User Manager
User Manager Kun oldin
Dawa Penjor
Dawa Penjor 3 kun oldin
You mistook it for the Asus Zephyrus g15
Mr Matrix
Mr Matrix 3 kun oldin
Just ordered it today 🥳🥳
Орлин Обрешков
This laptop have intel cpu with 4 cores in 2021... And is the same with asus tuf dash f15... But the asus have option with rtx 3070 for the same money...along with the same meaningless cpu. The design is good.
JT DA ANIL8R 4 5 kun oldin
The battery is really bad tho :/ that’s my only concern. If I didn’t do any gaming on the go and only college work for like 7hours could it even last the whole school day?
Petit panier d'osier
thank god this was a sponsored video lol intel would have been roasted otherwise
Richard Abia
Richard Abia 5 kun oldin
2080 or 3080???...
Deplorable 113
Deplorable 113 5 kun oldin
Laptops are nice but still some time out until they can really control the power to the gpu and cpu. They look great from the Alienware m15x I had purchased back in '08 for $4500 it fried itself within a year because of extreme thermals and inadequate cooling. (Chips desoldered themselves from the gpu board) sad.
Ravi Peiris
Ravi Peiris 7 kun oldin
Just discovered your channel recently. Although I can afford anything I want, I still look for good value as $ always goes out faster than it ever comes in. Thank you brother, Ravi Peiris M.D.
Horace Skinner
Horace Skinner 8 kun oldin
Just got one love this laptop My Third MSI laptop
JT DA ANIL8R 4 5 kun oldin
Hey, was wondering how long the battery lasted for u when not doing intensive gaming or video editing. Like how long does the battery last through just web browsing and document work? Hope u can answer this for me
Chanithu Hettiarachchi
Hey jud Great vid!!! from where can I get that Wallpaper which is applied on the MSI Stealth 15 M?
Brian Haney
Brian Haney 11 kun oldin
How did you find the screen? Got mine the other day seems not color accurate in the lease and fuzzy
Tech DEEM 11 kun oldin
Please review MSI Modern B4M 14 ryzen 5 4500u amd budget laptop
tomas valenzuela
tomas valenzuela 11 kun oldin
does it have a ethernet port?
Shadow Form
Shadow Form 12 kun oldin
Its decent, but .....not the best for sure xd
Nabil 12 kun oldin
what about the battery performance?
nowew owkelw
nowew owkelw 13 kun oldin
Alienware is making the best laptops this year. Sad day for MSI.
TAYOTAS 14 kun oldin
Video editing on this seems awesome
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG 14 kun oldin
My favorite laptop msi now acer released nice too
MS Flight
MS Flight 14 kun oldin
"A hundred watts" sound like "800 watts"
sirwoofwoof 15 kun oldin
....this channel is really for average consumers anymore huh... all the stuff on here are super cool tho.
Jerika Hernandez
Jerika Hernandez 15 kun oldin
I would first like to say I love ur technology content and I wanted to ask u what is the best laptop for civil engineering students
Xavier 16 kun oldin
We will soon be living in space at the way us humans are digging up the earth.
Tic Lm
Tic Lm 16 kun oldin
Where do you put the Lenovo legion 7 slim this year if you call this is the best?
FIFA 168
FIFA 168 16 kun oldin
Gaming Laptop 2021
El homebre
El homebre 16 kun oldin
extra 200$ for a g15 3070, is the play (if you don't care about a webcam)
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 17 kun oldin
With that bottom bezel it's a HELL NO.
Alexander Acosta
Alexander Acosta 17 kun oldin
That four core processor is not making want to buy this
KEEVVY 18 kun oldin
No numb keys, I play hotpursuit I always trow my emp & spikes from the numb keys
Akamaru The Shiba Inu
Asus g15 is better imo
Leo Conejo
Leo Conejo 18 kun oldin
It might be cheaper but 1,500 DOLLARS LIKE NO
XLR 8 18 kun oldin
Dude do you know how much this laptop costs Guys I can assure this is too expensive look for other options
mohsmed ibrahim
mohsmed ibrahim 18 kun oldin
can you do a give away
codenamefd 19 kun oldin
That Apex thumbnail caught my attention.
Mega 19 kun oldin
The GE66 still better lol
Nate Souljah
Nate Souljah 19 kun oldin
I have the previous version, I hate it just a lil bit
ShivooShimo 19 kun oldin
Can you guys just like the video? As a matter a fact, like every great quality video you see. These creators work so hard to give us FREE videos to watch for our information and entertainment.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 19 kun oldin
Thin laptops are nice. My hp omen 17 is a monster. Had to repaste it and undervolt it to perform well.
Mas X
Mas X 19 kun oldin
RoG Zephyrus G15 : Finally, a Worthy opponent
LilnateJ 20
LilnateJ 20 20 kun oldin
GrandTechAuto 20 kun oldin
Uhhh, didn't u know? No AMD = NO BUY
Wolves Brigade
Wolves Brigade 20 kun oldin
I’m getting this for cousin ong
Tony Caine
Tony Caine 20 kun oldin
MicroSD card slot kills it for me. Most photographers, videographers DONOT use a microSD card in their cameras. They all use a full size SD card.
Monesh Bhalodi
Monesh Bhalodi 20 kun oldin
Could someone please tell him that he picked up the least impressive thin gaming laptop out of the so many good options that are available.
aspire 20 kun oldin
REALLY UNDERWHELMING.. considering that I get like 75 fps with an rtx 2060 laptop
andile zhanje
andile zhanje 20 kun oldin
Nice tho I know most of up ain't gonna get something like this we broke 😒
Tuba __Jamir
Tuba __Jamir 20 kun oldin
Can We play Minecraft there ?
Martin Mathew
Martin Mathew 20 kun oldin
Gone are the days of the Acer predator 21x
Stephen Cannataro
Stephen Cannataro 20 kun oldin
I will never be able to get this. Can you please give away one to me
Ethan Horn
Ethan Horn 20 kun oldin
Haleshot 21 kun oldin
Do you think the Helios Predator 300, Rog strix 15 and 17 are a good competitor to this? If not what other choices would be good for a 1500$ budget gaming laptop?
Black Swan Network
Black Swan Network 21 kun oldin
I just bought this Laptop!!!
Black Swan Network
Black Swan Network 3 kun oldin
@JT DA ANIL8R 4 The Battery is pretty good. You have to turn off the light bar at the bottom of the laptop and it last a long time about 5-6 hours. It might last a bit longer if you turn off the keyboard lights and if you only use it for web browsing and document work.
JT DA ANIL8R 4 5 kun oldin
Hey, was wondering how long the battery lasted for u when not doing intensive gaming or video editing. Like how long does the battery last through just web browsing and document work? Hope u can answer this for me
Brian Haney
Brian Haney 21 kun oldin
Mines coming text week...thanks for the review
JT DA ANIL8R 4 5 kun oldin
@Brian Haney ah ok. Yea my main issue was the battery life and from what u said I doubt this would be a very good alternative. Thank you for the info tho
Brian Haney
Brian Haney 5 kun oldin
@JT DA ANIL8R 4 2.5hrs on silent....the screen only got about 45% rgb it's pretty bad.....I returned it and am still looking for a replacement
JT DA ANIL8R 4 5 kun oldin
Hey, was wondering how long the battery lasted for u when not doing intensive gaming or video editing. Like how long does the battery last through just web browsing and document work? Hope u can answer this for me
Mr. Jazzy
Mr. Jazzy 17 kun oldin
Ay nice bro
Mario Cincu
Mario Cincu 21 kun oldin
Please do yourself a favour and don't buy a quad core like this. The information coming from this man is misleading as it doesn't mention the bottleneck caused by the quad core...just watch dave2d instead lads (The asus tuf dash f15 is the same story)
PhoneList 21 kun oldin
Really nice review, but still i won't be able to afford that thing :(
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 21 kun oldin
Copy of Asus line-up of TUF (A15 & Dash) Same aesthetics but manuplations.... If you see: honeycomb design, front cooling vents, back vents, keyboard layout as well screen but with better plastic as compared to TUF series! Forget to mention "That blue metalic shine on the lid"
PhillinYouIn 21 kun oldin
Love your review style my man! Picking up so many best practice tips for my own channel!! Keep it up!
Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan 21 kun oldin
For most of us, zephyrus g14 is far good than this. Except that 📷
Spontaneous Spazoid
Spontaneous Spazoid 21 kun oldin
Me being sold on the laptop the second I see it just waiting for the price... •_•
FlicksNA 22 kun oldin
I have a 2060 Supra it could run 240fps in a High setting the laptop is really bad.
Paul Zapanta
Paul Zapanta 22 kun oldin
Warning frustration alert: i just saw that msi pristine, stealth, and white version. But too late, i have been eyeing the new legion 5 pro and lenovo didn't commit to their launch date. I ended up getting the previous model 5 even with upgraded specs for the price of a base specs on ebay. I hope I chose right since I am not fond of the electronic shutter. But yes the appearance of the pristine and stealth looks amazing for gaming, school, and work. Slim factor and clean keyboard. Thank you for reviewing the product.
J D 22 kun oldin
Never buy MSI, trust me I had many, they're built to break on their own
brendon gerry
brendon gerry 22 kun oldin
has anyone else reviewed this yet?
David Allen
David Allen 22 kun oldin
But is it true that none of the ports connect directly to the GPU so VR is out?
arcijs26 14 kun oldin
The type c port next to thunderbolt port is connected to dgpu so you can play vr
WayneJordan 22 kun oldin
I’m tired of my rog scar iii
Emmanuel Seucharan
Emmanuel Seucharan 22 kun oldin
I love it
Prem SPK
Prem SPK 22 kun oldin
What about the ROG Zephyrus?
Gaming With Cov
Gaming With Cov 22 kun oldin
You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!
zaimi ayoub
zaimi ayoub 22 kun oldin
The screen is shitty 😒
Tom's Guide
Tom's Guide 22 kun oldin
Please can I get that spiral wallpaper?
Plzz reply me
Sir i m trying to contact you on instagram
MK Techwrld
MK Techwrld 22 kun oldin
Been awhile jud, dope video💯
Geek Hazu
Geek Hazu 22 kun oldin
The laptop is cool, i have a msi myself. but your drip in this video is even cooler than the laptop bro, that sweater 👍
ANDHIKA Xperiential Racing Esports TV
Nice 👌🏻😎⭐️ want this one on my table..
ThatDudeJCrash 22 kun oldin
Funny. I got a beast of a PC now and now that I can afford a pricy laptop I don't need it. Lol, now I just want a thin laptop that's good ish. Looking around for one
Edgar Kurm
Edgar Kurm 22 kun oldin
Yeah MSI did a best job with Intel new 11th gen H35 processors. You cant rly find another 15.6 laptop with 1.7 kg , 0.6 thickness and still having so good performance.
SIR T 22 kun oldin
Any info on msi with game tray for dvds? Thanks🇺🇸👍🏿
SupernerdX 22 kun oldin
Can you do a review on the ROG g15 2021 edition? It’s supposed to be the new king of gaming laptops and I want to know what you think?
Young Hentaii
Young Hentaii 22 kun oldin
Idk man laptops are cool but I will always love desktops just a whole different feeling, maybe one day I will change
jacob abraham
jacob abraham 22 kun oldin
Finally your back after 2 weeks
Kiron Kabir
Kiron Kabir 22 kun oldin
i like the 65% kb layout on it
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 22 kun oldin
Upload a bit more frequent
jomelle dominguez
jomelle dominguez 22 kun oldin
Great reviewed, instant cop
11- Dishita Gupta 8-I
New favorite laptop for yall haha XD
Rishme Sheriff
Rishme Sheriff 23 kun oldin
Wait for Lenova legion 5 or 7 very powerful and reasonably priced.
i amboundenwand626
i amboundenwand626 23 kun oldin
Think you may do a Zephyrus Duo SE review?
Dzyon Amv
Dzyon Amv 23 kun oldin
this is perfect for me cause I edit and game , I also want to stream.
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 23 kun oldin
I wouldn't call it affordable its pretty sweet though but im more in the budget of 750
Rochelle McKinney
Rochelle McKinney 23 kun oldin
GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
Yes, no AMD (e5800-5900) no buy, but not having RGB is okay because I got enough small RGB keyboards. However no full size UHSII SD card slot no buy. It's close though like the MSI creator 15 (that's the one). Still waiting on a Ryzen notebook computer with a full size (and I mean FULL SIZE) UHSII SD card slot.
King Draco
King Draco 23 kun oldin
Worst laptop for the price, absolutely disappointing
King Draco
King Draco 23 kun oldin
Bro this channel just fell off so bad, all the videos feel more like advertisements rather than actual videos
Envy RyZeツ
Envy RyZeツ 23 kun oldin
There is no way my average consumer
Aakash Balamurugan
Aakash Balamurugan 23 kun oldin
Love the background
Silver Works
Silver Works 23 kun oldin
Love your videos
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