So I Sent My PC to Tech HEAVEN... 

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It finally happened. I took the first PC I've ever built to finally get fixed by the folks over at MicroCenter. Here's what happens when you take your PC to Tech Heaven.
Get a Free 32GB Flash Drive and 32GB Micro SD Card: micro.center/ee248
EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Graphics Card: micro.center/a3e5a
Micro Center RTX 3090s: micro.center/93fb1
Micro Center Service & Repair: micro.center/b4c42
Computer Diagnostics, Testing and Troubleshooting at Micro Center: micro.center/e2d7d
Custom PC Repair Service - Tier 1: micro.center/40a96
Micro Center Custom PC Builder: micro.center/d22d1
Custom PC Build Services: micro.center/5b938
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Join my Discord Server: discordapp.com/invite/NmDwaFh
Instagram: bit.ly/1Q7GoH4
Twitter: bit.ly/1ItDLeU
Facebook: bit.ly/22zYfsO
Snapchat: uacreviews

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11-Mar, 2021



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Trinden Clark
Trinden Clark 8 kun oldin
Giveaway the 1080s!!!! That would be amazing for your long time fans like myself!
jackie official
jackie official 19 kun oldin
Full RGB
yoshigamer22 21 kun oldin
What is the name of your pc?
MD. SIAN 24 kun oldin
Hi man, how r u? After a many months back I watch your video.
Ahmet Arif Sevinç
Ahmet Arif Sevinç 25 kun oldin
türk varmı türk
WALLAHITUBE 26 kun oldin
where did you get your mask
Zeus The Young
Zeus The Young 28 kun oldin
My PC is at Microcenter right now waiting for a 30 series card to come in to complete my repair. Wish me luck brethren
JP 29 kun oldin
mans puts the builder thing from micro center and they only have one graphics card available. smh
Thomas O.
Thomas O. Oy oldin
A 9min ad 😟
Tech With Ray
Tech With Ray Oy oldin
they gave him a 3090 thats crazy!
Tech With Ray
Tech With Ray Oy oldin
OMG that's the micro center I go to!!! That's epic
Vxaxer Oy oldin
and thats y u buy a per built
Amogh Basker
Amogh Basker Oy oldin
Love your videos man, I have one question. How did you get the 30 series card?
Pratyush Patil
i hope microcentre open their centres in india too we have fkin stocks problem here
Gaming By Thomas
Hey that's the New Jersey one, I was just there yesterday!!!
YAMII. Oy oldin
your pc is monster
ItzAvi Oy oldin
That’s the same micro center I went to lol
Carson Townsend
Why didn’t you do the graphics card upgrade yourself? It’s like the easiest upgrade you can do😂
Wesley Brake
Wesley Brake Oy oldin
micro center is like 45 mins away from me ughh
Wesley Brake
Wesley Brake Oy oldin
Micro center just got free promo lmaoooooo best buy watch out now
drosesonn1 Oy oldin
Still playing all the new games with a 1070 don't waste ya money on extra shit just cause these tubers got the $$ for it.
Naveed Gaming
Naveed Gaming Oy oldin
I love games and computers but I don't have the money to help me im very poor 😭😭
Vertex Oy oldin
Can't believe it's been 2 years since he built his first pc
KingBape. Oy oldin
Can i get a 3090?
Onpassive Today
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your tech information
Baliw Ka Ba?
Baliw Ka Ba? Oy oldin
bro can i have your old graphics card?
Peri Oy oldin
I wish MicroCenter was in the UK 😔
Rambo Feeds
Rambo Feeds Oy oldin
thats the micro center in new jersey Patterson love it there
Wene Oy oldin
Can you please donate to me your one of your 1080ti :( I'm a self employed and editing customers video on my RX570 gpu huhuhu. btw I'm from Philippines
fausmarten Oy oldin
I understand the mouth piece, but I don't understand the gloves. I wouldn't make my employees wear those.
Shan Batej
Shan Batej Oy oldin
Yo tell me when you go I’ll come😂
Shan Batej
Shan Batej Oy oldin
Trev Stan
Trev Stan Oy oldin
Nice haircut Kevin!
Muszolini Jutsu
@6:04 that hurt my soul. My 1080 lost it's feelings.
Big Shot
Big Shot Oy oldin
Only 96gb of ram me: stuck with only 64gb
BANGLA Bhai Oy oldin
give me one gaming pc my family is poor its my dream pc
PerkFN Oy oldin
This store is actually so good I live like 10 minutes away and they have everything
Brian Hernandez
How much did they charge you for the upgrades? (Not including the parts)
xyranical Oy oldin
I randomly have the same pc case, good choice!
React- Oy oldin
Never let them touch my shit. 80 bucks for cpu install lmao. Takes like 1 min to do
jared staggs
jared staggs Oy oldin
He makes it seem like you can just walk into a MicroCenter and pick up a 3090 lmao
AJ Oy oldin
That’s my brother Kevin I’m his lil brother eyyyyyyyyy‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Jesus Urbina
Jesus Urbina Oy oldin
so you went to microcenter and they just had a 3090 laying there for your build ..... luckkky
Taliban223 Ms
Taliban223 Ms Oy oldin
I’m such a below average consumer
Taliban223 Ms
Taliban223 Ms Oy oldin
I need storage for ps5 good lord
Megachad Sixty nine
"1080 super super dated" bruh
Wambo Oy oldin
just call linus tech he will build you and slap you afterwards haha
Alex Grigorov
Alex Grigorov Oy oldin
Did someone notice that on tv in microcentre was playing linus from LTT chanel ;D
Alex Grigorov
Alex Grigorov Oy oldin
Vietboy Gamer
Vietboy Gamer Oy oldin
that 2 gtx resell is enough to buy a new rtx 3090 dang the gpu used market is really shit
Nonso Onah
Nonso Onah Oy oldin
I wonder what Linus says about this🤭😂
everyday learning
Looks like fun but PCs are soo expensive. Consoles are crazy powerful for 1/4 price. 💪 You need a SSD in your life dude.
Umer Best
Umer Best Oy oldin
96gb ram 🤣🤣🤣
terzo 1
terzo 1 Oy oldin
1080ti he says super outdated but still better than my gt1030 that i use to game
Jarryd Garfinkel
Such a good and inspiring video Jud 👏
Jorge Lara
Jorge Lara Oy oldin
what is the price for them to make it for u
BigMan Tech
BigMan Tech Oy oldin
Must be nice to just walk into a store and have them get you a 3090. How can I be down?
"took out the 1080TI's, they were super outdated" While im over here with my 1050 lmao
Jason 19 kun oldin
he said "super super dated" which means they'll still run every current game no problem, BUT he has a even better card so hes upgrading.
Envy Oy oldin
and i just bought a 1070 ti...
Hunter Oy oldin
5:37 oh so they just had a 3090 in stock how convenient
Error 404
Error 404 Oy oldin
they are the most common 30 series gpu because they re the price of 2 3080's (at MSRP) for like 10-20% FPS gains. In other words it is the very definition of diminishing returns.
M4 Go Brrr
M4 Go Brrr Oy oldin
a question can u go into microcenter and build it there in the store?
Sajjad Hussain
in other words this whole video was a ad....
FTW Tech
FTW Tech Oy oldin
Don’t advertise pre-builts.
FTW Tech
FTW Tech Oy oldin
Sponsored BTW.
FTW Tech
FTW Tech Oy oldin
Lol repair it yourself
justdotin Oy oldin
Anyone have gt730 anyone
Dream Estate
Dream Estate Oy oldin
can someone give me the exact specs on Kevin's haircut? like what is that bro? I wanna try it but I can't just go in asking for a bowlcut, thats not it at all. it's like maybe a high phade or an undercut at the temple? i dont know. and the top what length is that?
Yusuf J.
Yusuf J. Oy oldin
tryna slide me one of thoes 1080s
Hulk-Smash Oy oldin
hey i def would like to meet up with youj at this location one day and do a review or build, i go to this location alot
Joey Faraci
Joey Faraci Oy oldin
"Which can measure temperature in multiple places.. like the VRAM and the Memory." I would hope so, since you know, they're the same thing.
[ARC] Birdman
[ARC] Birdman Oy oldin
bro, this man bought a 3090 but couldnt get a set of $40 custom cables
Gary Beano
Gary Beano Oy oldin
His first PC build he goes with dual GPUs and watercooling? No wonder he had issues!
Legendary Oy oldin
Can you make a video a out the sony x900h. Allot of people are saying it is a good tv but I really want to see your point of view.
cossieboyy Oy oldin
Why a hard drive and not a ssd
Avana Savalenko
those lights are brighter than a tecno party :D
Andrew Bunkovksy
Now that Fry's is gone(super sad face) we NEED a Micro Center down here in San Diego! LA is just too far for a trip...
Attila Harcsa
Attila Harcsa Oy oldin
I wouldn't call someone professional who can put together a pc, and run some diagnostic by apps it's easy, also he didn't use Wrist Strap Band with ESD Discharge while put the GPU in, but good ad.
Tech Boss
Tech Boss Oy oldin
Yo I could definitely make use one of those 1080ti cards, my card sucks😢
Thomas Riddell
you should do a Draw for the 1080's People could still use them
Anh Khong
Anh Khong Oy oldin
So whered you buy a 3090? Did u get lucky and get there early for a gpu? Since people stand outside at 3am lined up for them. Since when I call jersey microcenter after heading down there yesterday and the manager says they dont do gpu upgrades so they dont hold gpus. BUT someone in store in the build your own section said the 6800,that was listed as in stock on their website, was already on reserve for a prebuilt. Hmmm interesting...
Zayboy108 Oy oldin
Why did he choose a harddrive over an ssd :( I imagine its some high end stuff in there. It deserves an ssd.
Martin Oy oldin
Hey, Jud! What case are you rocking on your iPhone?
Bradley Morris
Did Kevin resolve the RAM issue?
Logical Oy oldin
ko_osagar Oy oldin
Didn’t know they do repairing
Niko N
Niko N Oy oldin
Let’s play some apex
Pro101 Oy oldin
N M Oy oldin
I visit the Paterson, NJ store daily (I'm a techie at heart) and this kind of put me off. I know for a fact they got 3000 series cards in and they refused to sell any individually to the everyday consumer. Its more like this here: Normal Consumer (after waiting 12 hours in line): Any 3000 series cards in stock? MC: No Celeb UZblockr: *walks in* MC: Here is a EVGA 3090 from the back sir. Would you like a side of 3080s with that? This YT channel should be renamed UrRichConsumerWhoCanGetWhateverHeWants.
anoumous 1234
anoumous 1234 Oy oldin
Linus in micro center yessir
Hanunija Oy oldin
The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive and love one another! Live holy! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ! Don't take the c-vaccine! Don't use Make-Up! Do not worship "saints" statues! Don't listen to worldy music! Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.
DOGE[tm] responds to old comments
Moral of the story: *don't* buy a hard drive, buy an SSD!
Jacob Mattap
Jacob Mattap Oy oldin
When he said then 1080 ti was dated :( (Its still a really good graphics card)
DeadlyClutch Oy oldin
are you giving away the other two graphics cards
Roan Blonk
Roan Blonk Oy oldin
I hope I ever get enough money to build my own pc
Lukas Ghertan
Lukas Ghertan Oy oldin
Wen are you going to upload a video
Andrew Bekheit SAMSUNG ULTRA
Does micro center do shipping because I am not driving 200 miles just to buy me some pc parts
Santiago Meza jr
What’s ur gamer tag for apex
tintin0s Oy oldin
Humberto Herrera
that’s why I always go with quality instead of making it all pretty with colors lol
Norman Pang
Norman Pang Oy oldin
Those are pretty damn high quality parts tho.
A K Oy oldin
Poor Kevin seems really camera shy 😂
Shibin T
Shibin T Oy oldin
What is this "only 96gb ram" My previous 3 laptops combined dont have that much Broke af
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