Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - REAL Day in the Life Review! 

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We spent a day with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra! In this review we check out all the cool features, battery life, camera and a lot more. If you enjoyed, be sure to hit that like button!
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23-Yan, 2021



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Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Kun oldin
Can Android or Samsung find a way to make their video quality good on Instagram 🤔
ali bagherzadeh
ali bagherzadeh Kun oldin
12pro max is the best ir s21 ultra ??! i cant choice 😭😭😭 please help me
The Empire
The Empire 2 kun oldin
It got really good with updates
Pranav Rajagopal
Pranav Rajagopal 6 kun oldin
Take the video on the camera app and then import it into Instagram
Gzim Zhilivoda
Gzim Zhilivoda 10 kun oldin
Do not be fooled, this is only a camera review.
Alvaro Cardoza
Alvaro Cardoza 18 kun oldin
Love your videos man! Keep up the great videos!
Kristian Baluyot
Kristian Baluyot 19 kun oldin
Have you tried going to display settings and make the screen normal mode instead of vivid mode? Usually photos especially skin tones appear more natural when screen display mode is at natural as well. Also, is the 6hr screen on time at QHD+ resolution or at FHD+?
Landry Tyrell
Landry Tyrell 23 kun oldin
The nebulous meeting congruently instruct because hygienic logistically guarantee next a dreary biology. sore, ethereal process
Glen T Long
Glen T Long 25 kun oldin
Booooring but the phone is grest. I got it lol
Cape 28 kun oldin
Thanks for the video. I don’t seem to get your videos on my feed even though I am subscribed
Yoneiry 29 kun oldin
9:32 my iPhone 7 plus looks like that just with 6x zoom :) (and even worst)
Steviegtr Oy oldin
Why would you hold the camera in portrait. Have you looked at your video on youtube. Landscape,,,landscape.
Legna Rodriguez
Just ordered the s21 ultra 512gb from smazon for 200$ off samsung store price
Johnny Alcantara
my guy just said lets take a picture of someone who isn't black. lmaooooo
Andre Zach
Andre Zach Oy oldin
I want the background
Åmān Śįngh
Is this called a review or anything technical ? Shit man i am not hating you but you did very bad review on this one .. sad but many channels less then 100k subs are much much better than most of so called tech reviewers who have more then million subs ... ya you got a fate though ! Best of luck man for another video and plz try to be technical (even though u being too genuine here)
Shari Oy oldin
Hey :-) Which phone would you recommend (IPhone, Samsung etc.) if the camera is important to you? I keep hearing the new IPhones are a disappointment but I've been an IPhone user for a long time and also use a Macbook pro. Based on this video you also dont seem to be super keen on this one.
Kelvin Oy oldin
Im surprised he is even reviewing a samsung and not talking about why its imperfect compared to apple
sadew widhanalage
Krishna Chhabria
Which game was that?? Great review btw. I always wait for your real day in the life videos!!😍😁
Matt LaRue
Matt LaRue Oy oldin
You can adjust the brightness of the photo before taking it come on man lol simple stuff you left out
Sdot Fir3
Sdot Fir3 Oy oldin
This phone is sick! It’s much better then my 8 plus I can’t wait to upgrade to this when I get enough money
Viliam Beňa
Viliam Beňa Oy oldin
that pink screen does look like my old s7 which got serious burn in after few months 😂 it will develop that pink hue over areas
Fausto Reyes
Fausto Reyes Oy oldin
At 11:07 he brings out the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That’s his real daily driver!
Trailjunkie Oy oldin
Struggling with the size/weight of the S21 Ultra as my previous phone was the s20 plus...not interested in the S21 Plus as it only has 8 GB of ram which I think is a rip off. You should at least be able to select more if you choose too but they don't give you that option. Might just send the ultra back and hang on to my S20 Plus
CalifLove Oy oldin
bruh, stop eating that poison ...McDonalds gonna give u heart attack, diabetes or cancer...or all 3 - you need to be around for your fam bro.
Is it an exynos
MrBryan Oy oldin
15:48 that cracked me up! lmao
Wap Piercer
Wap Piercer Oy oldin
jud is a simp
Michael Philip
I'm getting that red tint as well
Q50 DANNY Oy oldin
Just upgraded from iphone 6s plus to this the 21ultra ... cool phone so far..
Jonny T
Jonny T 2 oy oldin
0:24 Weary = tired Wary = cautious
Ali Choudhary
Ali Choudhary 2 oy oldin
Man it awesome he takes pictures of downtown Newark.
mena seven
mena seven 2 oy oldin
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a nice phone
Nicholas Hackett
Nicholas Hackett 2 oy oldin
I’m currently on s10+ use to have note series before they note 7 currently debating on wether to get s21 ultra or note 20 ultra & would both fit in a pocket with a plastic water bottle & wallet. Asking due my country being in lockdown so can’t test it myself.
Donnell 2 oy oldin
I joined the channel with with the filming being in the mancave. Didn’t know the studio existed. Can we get a tour? Was that a Bluetooth speaker end table?? Love the videos.
Michael 2 oy oldin
3:19 “this is the galaxy s20 ultra guys” ;-)
The Pre-Fire Demon
I was watching the video then I got an ad for the s21 ultra
ً 2 oy oldin
bruh an't no average consumers buying the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra LOL!
Scottie jr
Scottie jr 2 oy oldin
Dude judner you have a beautiful family, I wish you the best brother. From one black man to another.
Caleb Abbott
Caleb Abbott 2 oy oldin
Hello i really need you help to find the best monitor for the Xbox series X please that can support 4K and 120hz please help or it can be just the best one for that console if your reading this please help and ps love your content 👍👍
NChync 2 oy oldin
Cameras on Samsung phones always get the skin tone wrong on us color people. I've always used the Pixel camera mods on my Samsung phones. And the displays as much as reviewers love to over exaggerate about how good it is, it is not accurate. everything looks different from my iPhones or LG OLED tv.
Venom Velocity
Venom Velocity 2 oy oldin
Great Content, I think your channel is great and you inspired me in fact I am trying to grow and audience and a strong loyal community so from the bottom of my heart it would mean a lot if you joined Thank you for reading this oversized text blocks
WhatA dromo
WhatA dromo 2 oy oldin
you have not posted in a long time...
Danish Marshidi
Danish Marshidi 2 oy oldin
Make a bedroom tour with smart tech pls:)
Hasmoon M
Hasmoon M 2 oy oldin
I think the edges make the galaxy very unique i love the edges
Syum Kumar
Syum Kumar 2 oy oldin
11:07 I caught you (he was using a iPhone)
ROHAN RAHMAN 2 oy oldin
They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez 2 oy oldin
My Guy where have you been? I really hope all is well with you and your family. We miss you man
Tech Zone
Tech Zone 2 oy oldin
@Khodesh my guy we know💪🏼
Khodesh 2 oy oldin
I was thinking that too!! Hope you're okay my guy! 🙏🏽
UnDyingKnight 2 oy oldin
FINALLY!!!!! Not a reviewer that doesnt sound like microsoft custermer support!!!!!
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell 2 oy oldin
I paid $50 for the chair I am using now and it hasn't broken in 6 years. I'm not saying I'm better than you or that my chair is better. I'm just typing stuff on the internet that is all. You should buy a pair of $2000 pants so you can sit on your chair. You need some really good pants for a $1500 chair. Me I barely wear pants at all. Sometimes I get up from my chair to get the mail and don't realize I have no pants on until the neighbors start screaming about my missing pants. Probably never seen anything so impressive. Yeah chairs. Everyone needs a good chair.
Rebecca Hodges
Rebecca Hodges 2 oy oldin
Lol watching from my 21 ultra. Why am I like this
Rebecca Hodges
Rebecca Hodges 2 oy oldin
@Devon Miller lol its amazing
Devon Miller
Devon Miller 2 oy oldin
Rehman Khan
Rehman Khan 2 oy oldin
camera bump is not fine, it does not let me handle the phone with ease, camera is pretty avg so far TBH, was expecting better with 1150£ device and yes video is still terirble on samsung. Only got this for xcloud otherwise pixel and iphone 12 pro pics are 100 times better
Albert Diaz
Albert Diaz 2 oy oldin
What’s up guys it’s UrNotSoAvgConsumer lol
John Neshiem
John Neshiem 2 oy oldin
You did not say that it is 200 dollars cheaper than last year
John Neshiem
John Neshiem 2 oy oldin
You can change the hue of the screen in the settings
John Neshiem
John Neshiem 2 oy oldin
Better than apple ????
John Neshiem
John Neshiem 2 oy oldin
Pre release software
Spookster 2 oy oldin
can you make a green arrow gaming setup?
Willie Green
Willie Green 2 oy oldin
This is a dope phone!!!
Øystein Heimstad
Shoots a video with IG, unhappy with the quality, claims it's an Android thing, opens the dedicated camera app and finds out the quality is a lot better... Seriously? If you want quality, do not use cams in IG, Snap, Facebook/Messenger, Whatsapp, whatnot. They're rubbish. Use the dedicated camera app instead.
Ernest Porter
Ernest Porter 2 oy oldin
hey nice watch just noticed what manufacture is that
G.G.R.C 2 oy oldin
The magenta effect, did you still have the stock screen protector or remove the first and the second?
Lyonel Thomas
Lyonel Thomas 2 oy oldin
You should make a S21 real day
Hannibal 2 oy oldin
So crazy now we have to normalize a $1,300 cell phone
Charles Bracey
Charles Bracey 2 oy oldin
I need another massive tech unboxing.
KingCeyKarma007 2 oy oldin
the s8 plus is still good for me
Melbourne Bound
Melbourne Bound 2 oy oldin
You said Ultra 20???? I thought this was supposed to be S21 Ultra??????
Piyush Bhakat
Piyush Bhakat 2 oy oldin
Wow. The video is 19 minutes long, and he talks about the camera for 15 minutes! I guess this is understandable, because it's Jud's day in the life and not ours, so everyone is going to have a different day. But I don't think the "average consumer" worries about the camera that much, even less when most phones coming out these days have an incredible camera setup to begin with.
Shayaan Wasif
Shayaan Wasif 2 oy oldin
where do you get your wallpapers?
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 2 oy oldin
A Real day In The Life means taking photos all day?
Connor VLOGS
Connor VLOGS 2 oy oldin
crazy.. last time I was on your page you were reviewing the s20 ultra... I ended up buying right after watching your video lol.
Jonathan Oren
Jonathan Oren 2 oy oldin
When I take photos I make sure it's on natural color. You can change that into display of the phone.
Uğur Bekteş
Uğur Bekteş 2 oy oldin
What did you mean by the bad Instagram story quality being a Android problem? Can you explain?
Sam Colon
Sam Colon 2 oy oldin
@16:25 what game is that ?
Alif Danial
Alif Danial 2 oy oldin
I literally get an ad of Samsung s21 ultra before this video
Lauren Wortman
Lauren Wortman 2 oy oldin
Its a instagram problem not supporting good android hardware. Lazy ass programmers.
Cindy Carvajal
Cindy Carvajal 2 oy oldin
Definitely change your screen mode from Vivid to Natural. It will help with fixing the skin tone issue and that magenta hue it gives everything.
Cody Davis
Cody Davis 2 oy oldin
My Herman miller also broke in a similar fashion! I cant believe the quality of these very expensive chairs.
Gabe Benson
Gabe Benson 2 oy oldin
Can you review the galaxy book flex next? I've been trying to find a good laptop probs a 2 in 1 for college next year and I can't decide what would be best
Gabe Benson
Gabe Benson Oy oldin
@tom swan Ive been bouncing between the surface pro 7 or x and also the galaxy book flex for a while now, I still can't decide
tom swan
tom swan Oy oldin
Maybe surface pro.
Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald 2 oy oldin
Really wish reviewers would call out how stupid it was for Samsung to remove MST during a freaking global pandemic...barely any reviewers even mention it probably because they're all in big cities where you don't need it, but for the rest of us NOT living in big cities it REALLY SUCKS. Come on guys, CALL SAMSUNG OUT ON THAT!
011Srbija 2 oy oldin
this guy is fake af
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara 2 oy oldin
Where us gamers pardise man make my day fun
Azeem Jaafar
Azeem Jaafar 2 oy oldin
This guy is posting less videos lately.. someone need to make this dad hyped up
Nurkey Ali
Nurkey Ali 2 oy oldin
You need to wait until focus display is yellow when taking 100x zoom
Leonardo Zepeda
Leonardo Zepeda 2 oy oldin
I'm waiting for you to do this with the S21
mdbigboi191 2 oy oldin
But how does Genshin Impact look. How good do the waifu's look. This is the real question, lol.
Augtivism 2 oy oldin
I have yet to see the coloring he sees in his photos so I don't know, take that with a grain of salt
Cheat_code 2 oy oldin
He sounds like Tyler the creator
Aaron 2 oy oldin
That zoom is crazy, Apple needs that 😈
Dookie Drizzle
Dookie Drizzle 2 oy oldin
Meanwhile... what mask are you wearing?
PixelDesigns 2 oy oldin
s21 ultra needs software updates
Marne Germishuys
Marne Germishuys 2 oy oldin
How to make a gamming setap
Marne Germishuys
Marne Germishuys 2 oy oldin
Gamming setup
Ryan Chicopv
Ryan Chicopv 2 oy oldin
is there brand new
Ryan Chicopv
Ryan Chicopv 2 oy oldin
Get the Moto Edge plus get the moto Edge and moto one
Coy Walker
Coy Walker 2 oy oldin
are those plants in the stu real? and still alive?
robert beard
robert beard 2 oy oldin
Note series all day everyday.
Faraz Tanvir
Faraz Tanvir 2 oy oldin
I don’t know what it is but I find it very difficult to trust this guy
TheQuiteKid 2 oy oldin
_*S21 Real *_ _*Ultra Day *_
Bearded Bro
Bearded Bro 2 oy oldin
SPOILER- its just like the S20. Sad to say it but its true. Iphone has been that way for like 7 years lmao
Nobody! 2 oy oldin
its nuts to see that much dust particles... for the love of god! CLEAN UP! desgusting haha . great revieuw tough
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