Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra Unboxing! 

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra are here for an unboxing! Let's check out everything you need to know about these new smartphones!
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Find everything here:
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: bit.ly/39T6zP5
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: bit.ly/3qr7fBB
Samsung Smart Tags: bit.ly/3qjHinE
Samsung Galaxy Buds: bit.ly/2N2Fels
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16-Yan, 2021



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Ed Mark Daluz
Ed Mark Daluz Oy oldin
Someday I will have a flagship phone! 🙏🏽
Thomas Wong
Thomas Wong Oy oldin
ROHAN RAHMAN 2 oy oldin
They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.
GhostDigital 2 oy oldin
Good video
T DS 2 oy oldin
Why all these youtubers hate those nice edges that makes te phone way more modern and futuristic why would you want to lose that🤦🏾‍♂️
Ashveer Chagger
Ashveer Chagger 2 oy oldin
"Not phantom purple phantom thanos" like if you agree 👍
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo 2 oy oldin
Sweet Home
Sweet Home 2 oy oldin
He should learn to make videos from mrwhoestheboss and mkbhd
حسام الدين
Whose the best S21 ultra or iPhone 12 pro max
Richard .J.
Richard .J. 2 oy oldin
Great Review Jud, keep em coming man!😁
Nadun Prabath Ariyathilaka
My Dream but ....
Fahmi Nagi
Fahmi Nagi 2 oy oldin
What is the best rugged case for the s21 ultra ?
Carson Carswell
Carson Carswell 2 oy oldin
I am a student going into my first year of college in the fall, what laptops do you recommend between $900 to $1500.
Lisaluvsu alot
Lisaluvsu alot 3 oy oldin
I don't think it's necessary to get the s21 since it doesn't seem to really be an upgrade to the s20 and i don't like that they've taken away the ear buds and charging brick
Kathy D Liggins
Kathy D Liggins 3 oy oldin
what is your daily driver??
FrizzyP1 3 oy oldin
Why does every tech youtuber not like curved displays i think they look good and more modern but i guess the accidental touch stuff would become annoying, Great video man :)
Luckar Thach
Luckar Thach 3 oy oldin
Is the S21 worth upgrading to from the S20? I think no, but can someone convince me otherwise?
anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary
Samsung s21 4kHDR vedeo faillg all
K.Gaming 3 oy oldin
The worse screen resolution in the s21 the only thing stopping me from recommending it to my mom, her current phone has 1440
polofunk 3 oy oldin
Polycarbonate is stronger and more durable than plastic.
David Zavala
David Zavala 3 oy oldin
Looks like Samsung only sent to reviewers the Ultrra and regular one and same colors. Only the blank looks for man, the rest are too feminine. Anywaysz the s21 plus is a better deal than the ultra. I'm still not sure if to get the plus or regular, but battery is my mayor issue. The plus got a 300mah bump and the regular one got neglected. I wished the plus was offer with a plastic back to save a few bucks
Louis Franco Jr.
Louis Franco Jr. 3 oy oldin
Looking forward to those Day in the Life videos!!!! These are such nice phones!!!
Rebecca 3 oy oldin
Now who tf needs that many cameras such ugly phones
Andre Santos
Andre Santos 3 oy oldin
Will Samsung make the note series next year???
LeBron James
LeBron James 3 oy oldin
S21 in our country in Europe costs way more like 1100$ they selfish as hell
Comfort Adai
Comfort Adai 3 oy oldin
Upon all them numerous cameras, Google Pixel still sits at the top!
Comfort Adai
Comfort Adai 3 oy oldin
Kindly send the S21 to me since I have no money to afford one
Ivan Maksimovic
Ivan Maksimovic 3 oy oldin
removes charger to reduce plastic waste and then swap glass back with plastic facepalm
Azlan Lan
Azlan Lan 3 oy oldin
Phantom black the best colour 😍😍😍
mena seven
mena seven 3 oy oldin
I like the Samsung Galaxy S21cheaper price of $799 and its flat screen that is better than the curve screen. Jude I like your style of long sleeve shirt, silver necklace, and bracelet.
Yo Mom
Yo Mom 3 oy oldin
These phones run better than desktops.
UG Assassin
UG Assassin 3 oy oldin
That vegito and the two gundams are cleannnnnnn
Ekaterina Aleksandrova
Hello, my name is Kathrin, talent manager. I have a commercial offer for you. Tell me please if your make paid collaborations
Kabineh kabba
Kabineh kabba 3 oy oldin
Can you show us your watch collection? I know its not tech, but it's still interesting.
Young Cheong
Young Cheong 3 oy oldin
These phones are so bad. A pass for me. The one to get is the Ultra 512 GB but at $1400 I will pass.
Ajaxx G
Ajaxx G 3 oy oldin
Waiting on my s21+ red with the trade in & promo got the phone and a tab s7 for the price of the s21 so I’m happy 👌🏾
Jamie Brennan
Jamie Brennan 3 oy oldin
Same. It said it will take 5 weeks to arrive for me...5 long weeks, but I am excited
Sean Renzi
Sean Renzi 3 oy oldin
Only nerds care about the ultra
Patrick Dodd
Patrick Dodd 3 oy oldin
On your real day in the life or in a General video could you show the comparison in sizes from the two s21 and the note 20? I am currently rocking an s9 and the S21ultra and the Note 20 ultra are the two I'm looking at.
lilfire 3 oy oldin
I saw UrAvgConsumer on a ad
Xavier Diaz
Xavier Diaz 3 oy oldin
Not a fan of edge so many accidental touches wish it was gone
Jesse Orozco
Jesse Orozco 3 oy oldin
No SD memory card
Jesse Orozco
Jesse Orozco 3 oy oldin
I'm going with the galaxy s21 ultra
Drake Dodson
Drake Dodson 3 oy oldin
Why do so many tech vloggers seem to just be pretending that the S21+ doesn't exist ... Like, there are many of us who think that the S21 is too small but the S21 Ultra is too expensive and want to see the middle option but very few seem to even be addressing its existence ... what gives?
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson 3 oy oldin
It's because the 21+ is exactly the same as the 21, just with a slightly larger screen.
L Jeans
L Jeans 3 oy oldin
I prefer a curved display
Bubble Nation
Bubble Nation 3 oy oldin
Random person: what does preorder mean Me: it means your average consumer can’t just go out and buy it until the release date Random person: but UrAvgconsumer already has them Me: you right
intasam156 intasam
No Micro SD card
MrMikemontei 3 oy oldin
How many phones do samsung send to UZblockrs???? Lol..
Layth abu hantash
I heard that this new samsung 21 is nit compatible with signal is this true or it is cap man :)
John Merritt
John Merritt 3 oy oldin
The Samsung design department must be the easiest job on the planet, just read posts on Appleinsider website and copy what Apples doing. Oh and don’t forget to mock it before copying them, great business plan 😂
PANKS A 3 oy oldin
S21 should have been priced at $550-$600....No headphone, No charger, No QHD screen, No SD card slot, NO type C to USB.... then WHY THE HELL $799...🙄🤔🤐
Midnight Cravings
*Ordered mine Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512 GB in Titanium color with $200 credit toward accessories....can't wait!*
Rudy Villatoro
Rudy Villatoro 3 oy oldin
I feel like I should've waited :/ . The cameras on my S20U are great most of the time but focus sometimes isn't as good as it should be.
Hunter Delk
Hunter Delk 3 oy oldin
Dude youtube unfollowed me from you I've been subscribed to your for like 3 or 4 years and I went to like your video on my phone and it said subscribe what's up with that
Malik Watson
Malik Watson 3 oy oldin
Jud got a lil mad when Carl said it feels light . is it just me see it
James Ramos
James Ramos 3 oy oldin
No power brick 🥴🥴
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
Me watching with an iPhone and being intrigued
Daniel's Tech Studio
That purple phone should be called the Spyro edition
מנעולי דוד - מנעולנים בפריסה ארצית
Great review ! I bought the ultra in 12 ram is that enough? or should I switch to 16 ram ?
Martin Svetoslav Polovka
S10 was last interesting phone, now s21 without QHD+, without adapter and micro sd slot, basic phone is cheaper but dont have hitech changes - there are in Ultra
Eric Contreras
Eric Contreras 3 oy oldin
Can we get a s21 ultra vs galaxy note20 ultra
Priyanka Sampanthan
could you do a note 20 ultra vs s21 ultra? I can not choose between the two
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed 3 oy oldin
Who else doesn’t like Samsung but is watching cos of jud
VendexAce 3 oy oldin
Wow i just got banned from the Discord Server for no reason?
VendexAce 3 oy oldin
nvm we got it sorted out.
nick moreno
nick moreno 3 oy oldin
Say Nokia not NO. KIA.
nick moreno
nick moreno 3 oy oldin
This Chanel Has Been Lackin!
Manos Lemonakis
Manos Lemonakis 3 oy oldin
I think that samsung is trying to make us buy the ultra over the cheaper ones harder than ever
Charles R. Reynolds II
I just came to your channel. You've got a swagger and conversational tone that I dig. I like that it feels like I'm in the room with you.
Mitchell Goldstein
That's one ugly looking phone
paul lee
paul lee 3 oy oldin
Out topic here. But i have to say that, i like your way in presenting the info. Great work, subscribed to your channel. Cheers 👍👍
Gabe Wernet
Gabe Wernet 3 oy oldin
I wish I had a nice phone
Ari is gaming
Ari is gaming 3 oy oldin
More expensive than iPhone 🤣 good luck with that
Young Dab
Young Dab 3 oy oldin
No it's not. S21 =$800 Iphone 12 = $800 plus insane taxes & fees
Ameya Shirsate
Ameya Shirsate 3 oy oldin
j give s21 plus real day in the life
Brian 3 oy oldin
B roll would look a whole lot better if it was shot before the device is completely molested.
Private 86
Private 86 3 oy oldin
Omg no charger 🤣
Koushik Talla
Koushik Talla 3 oy oldin
U r not my average consumer
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 3 oy oldin
I wish they could come out with a smart tag slim so I could keep one in my wallet. I'm always losing it
R1 Records
R1 Records 3 oy oldin
There is no giveaway here i am come for participate...
Jetli333 3 oy oldin
Nice quick look
Elias Shamieh
Elias Shamieh 3 oy oldin
Seriously! No power adapter ? People should not buy this phone so Samsung could learn not to F K with its customers 😒. It's a $1300 for God sake.
Jacob Baird
Jacob Baird 3 oy oldin
Samsung arguably makes the best android devices. They’re slowly taking away all of the features that make android phones, for a lot of people, better than iPhones. Their going to slowly start to realize when both phones have the same features, they won’t be able to compete. I think people buy samsung phones over iPhones because of all of the features they have already stripped. (Headphone jack, charger in the box, samsung pay’s second tap technology, chargers in the box, better battery life, lower price)
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 3 oy oldin
Beautiful technology is evolving
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 3 oy oldin
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥
samm s
samm s 3 oy oldin
expensive yet no charger?
Kings Respect
Kings Respect 3 oy oldin
Instead of "UrAvgCouple" Yall should do "UrAvgFamilly" Plzzzz im begging you
Steve 3 oy oldin
Sticking with my s9+ , the new one is trash
GameBox 3 oy oldin
Nice review man! Keep it up. 👍🏿
kevin I
kevin I 3 oy oldin
Exynos vs sd next 😀
EzZONEify 3 oy oldin
That Metal Structure Nu Gundam 👁👄👁
Kholid Fajar
Kholid Fajar 3 oy oldin
When the giveaway Lenovo i7 Will announced??
Alain Tabaniag
Alain Tabaniag 3 oy oldin
this is such a downgrade from the s21 lineup
Agent Sixx
Agent Sixx 3 oy oldin
Am ordering the S21 ultra
Sherpa Rs
Sherpa Rs 3 oy oldin
Lg v60 , dual display 5000 mah, micro SD , 3.5 mm jack, quac Dac. Ohh and cheaper I Will back to LG.
Robbie Rice
Robbie Rice 3 oy oldin
I pre ordered the s21 Ultra 5g the other day and the kid who helped me at verizon said that samsung aimed at making that phone not only the best right now, but the best...ever
Young Dab
Young Dab 3 oy oldin
S21 Ultra excluding price is the best Android phone ever as for now.
Ronald Kregar
Ronald Kregar 3 oy oldin
You forgot to mention it’s a tad wider, so it doesn’t feel like a skinny phone anymore. It’s perfectly proportionate now
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 3 oy oldin
Doesn’t feel like a cheap phone? It isn’t! It’s extortionate for what you get
Mysta Kun
Mysta Kun 3 oy oldin
Tweet at apple to take pictures of when Samsung clowns them and then post the picture when Samsung deletes it and copys them Flip samsung I'm moving to apple
Jarvy 3 oy oldin
I hate curved displays
Young Dab
Young Dab 3 oy oldin
I love them
New_user24 1010
New_user24 1010 3 oy oldin
Fu*k off Samsung.. No power brick????? Whaat???
SupBrice 3 oy oldin
Phone case producers right now: *Rubbing Hands*
Naty Naty
Naty Naty 3 oy oldin
Carl you might be color blind xD
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