Oculus Quest 2 Gets Even BETTER! 

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I got my hands on a few things to make the experience on my dope Oculus Quest 2even better! Thanks to Oculus for sponsoring today's video #OculusPartner
Check out the Oculus Quest 2 here: ocul.us/UrAvgConsumer2021
My Massive Tech Unboxing 38.0! - uzblock.info/post/video/qdGHpZmTeHt7gqA.html
Whats in my Gadget Backpack 8.0! - uzblock.info/post/video/rsyKip-pe22sd3E.html
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1-Mar, 2021



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junmann 15 kun oldin
lol after days of torturing myself with these videos waiting for my quest to arrive i have finally played it and it is amazing.
Dane Mowris
Dane Mowris 19 kun oldin
What’s that lamp behind the oculus on your stand? Black one with the blue glow?
mohsmed ibrahim
mohsmed ibrahim 24 kun oldin
The Don
The Don 27 kun oldin
What a crap advertising promo video. You can tell you don't know anything about the Q2. Also fails to mention THE most important feature IMO: wirelessly connecting to your PC via VD. Just plugs all the Oculus branded products instead of the much better after market upgrades you can get. Disappointing vid.
The Don
The Don 27 kun oldin
1:35 lol yeah sure, grab the foam fit pack so you can share your sweat with everyone. Great idea! Do yourselves a favour and get VR Covers official PU leather inserts which you can WIPE CLEAN!
Stoped 9x
Stoped 9x Oy oldin
The quest 2 is the best in my opinion so far if you just got into VR definitely get the Quest 2 Or 1 for a start
Random User
Random User Oy oldin
You're not that good at beat saber😂
Jamie Oy oldin
9:02 i can't because i don't live in the US... UK doesn't get dope accessories like that
Onpassive Today
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your tech information
Joan Osorio
Joan Osorio Oy oldin
How long does the battery last?
Joan Osorio
Joan Osorio Oy oldin
Other than the ring on the remote I really like them. They need more titles though, I've seen some dope first person shooters for vr on UZblock.
Rynier Yarom
Rynier Yarom Oy oldin
W for wombo
The Wheel Man
The Wheel Man Oy oldin
Can you post the link for that monitor the curved screen.
Isreal Vieyra
Isreal Vieyra Oy oldin
Can somebody by me a oculus game like beat saber or job simulator please if you want 🥺
Pexa Dico
Pexa Dico Oy oldin
what a small beat saber swings
Alex A17
Alex A17 Oy oldin
or virtual desktop and wireless stream pcvr games with link cable at all? plus its 1/4 the price. VD is only 19.99 but link cable is 79.99
Fabian Quiros
Fabian Quiros Oy oldin
I used to really really like your videos, but lately I feel like I am watching ads instead of reviews. :(
Jordan Luers
Jordan Luers Oy oldin
I skipped ahead.. a little.. not sure if it was the first thing in the vid or not... A fit pack for a device that fits on your face should be included in the box.. I shouldn’t have to buy more just to use it
Wilza Oy oldin
6:44 PSA: You can also use most regular USB-C cables, as long as they're USB 3.0. I guess Facebook wouldn't let him mention that
souja unlimited
Galaxy Buds+ & Pro for all of your audio needs!
RacistPixel Oy oldin
So how they got even better than before? This video is more like bad incomplete review than showing how they were inprooved :/
Joshua Mack
Joshua Mack Oy oldin
Aight you sold me on that charging station
Angel Rosales
Angel Rosales Oy oldin
Where did you get that necklace!!?
davidro77 Oy oldin
Good luck trying to get hold of the anker charging dock, it seems to be unavailable pretty much everywhere. In the UK completely unavailable...and you didn’t mention the high $$$$!!
Seth The Ultimate Gamer Boss
Hold on why does he have a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg boi moniter?
Dominik Schulz
im sorry for anyone reading this but the speakers are garbage. they do the job okay for anything else besides beatsaber. it sounds like one of these kitchen radios played through a tin can. they definitely should have added some speakers to the elite strap for the price.
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Oy oldin
I definitely recommend getting onward
ScorgeFN Oy oldin
I need to pick up that charger stand!
j a
j a Oy oldin
Bro this was my first VR headset and it’s amazing. I’ve tried VR before but having one at home is completely different.
Pelago _
Pelago _ Oy oldin
This is a fantastic ad!
Demonsprayz Oy oldin
All people looking to use this headset for PC VR IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! Buy a tp link wifi 6 router for around 80 usd and virtual desktop for 15 on the quest store its 5 usd more than the link cable but. Its very much wireless. The difference between the two is incredible
Demonsprayz Oy oldin
@UrAvgConsumer this is a legit post that could be helpful to some as this details nice to haves more than most and less expensive alternatives. For example the router is actually cheaper if you go down the TP link route
Demonsprayz Oy oldin
I own a quest My personal recommendation for the most important mod or accessory would have to be something like a new face cover from Vr Face cover or desktop Vr streaming via the application “remote desktop” which lets you play PC vr without a link cable ( you need a wifi 6 router such as one from the netgear nighthawk series or the tp link range. If you play a lot of VR chat I can seriously recommend the Knuckle straps from amvr as they are absolutely incredible, just remember to take them off before charging with the dock im the video. Lastly you dont specifically need the headphones in the video I would look for something with decent clamping force though otherwise its going to slide about a lot on your head. You can buy small AUX cables like the one that comes with the headphones shown online.
Fuck Snowflakes
@Demonsprayz ok thank you, nice to know
Demonsprayz Oy oldin
@Fuck Snowflakes they aren't free you can check prices using the oculus application on your phone with out needing an actual headset.
Bubblehead Oy oldin
@Fuck Snowflakes featured
Fuck Snowflakes
Are the games shown on the box free or just featured?
vr stuff
vr stuff Oy oldin
i was about to say why he failed
Matthew. Oy oldin
You could tell that this was an ad when he said it was comfortable. I have one and buying products from vr cover was needed.
Alan Vieyra
Alan Vieyra Oy oldin
@Wilza lemme know how they work. Once we added the strap and cables and new face shields I decided to return it and just get an Index.
Matthew. Oy oldin
@Wilza I have the face piece and controller grips, definitely worth it.
Wilza Oy oldin
Agreed, the stock strap puts way too much pressure/weight on the front of your head. I've ordered a few things from VR Cover (headstrap, face piece, controller grips), hopefully they're worth it
Alan Vieyra
Alan Vieyra Oy oldin
Aye. The strap is horrible on it.
CCargo Speedruns
If you think you'll like Quest 2 and are willing to spend some cash on the games and headset itself, I recommend the 256gb version. Some top of the line games are 4-5 gb (the climb 2 is like 4.17) and its worth the extra memory for future proofing.
Poundz978 19 kun oldin
I bought the 256 gig, elite strap, oculus carry case and 5-6 games .. Onward Contractors Super hot Thrill of the fight Fishing game Vr poker Job simulator
Grant Herrema
Grant Herrema Oy oldin
How does this not include the elite strap
xghostyboiiix Oy oldin
you can tell he isn't much of a VR user because he hasn't referred VRcover or other third-party stuff. granted, he is sponsored by oculus in this video.
The only reason I will not buy one is the Facebook account requirement. It’s a shame.
Poogles Oy oldin
Pro strap with battery is the MUST for me.
Mr guac 83
Mr guac 83 Oy oldin
Me with a quest DUCK UNDER THE BOXES
Lavrici Oy oldin
Finally a known reviewer is talking about oculus again
TZey Oy oldin
If you are thinking about getting into VR, do it. I was very interesed in it a long time ago, but didnt think it was worth it. Then I just pulled the trigger and oh boy was it worth. I went from a rift, to a valve index, with a quest 2 in case I travel and family multiplayer and I am currently waiting for my decagear. Beware, VR is very addicting
Matthew Oy oldin
Every oculus sponsored video ever.....
Jorge Jr. Plaza
He forgot to mention that you can use it wirelessly with a Virtual desktop app which is awesome
Deyrox Oy oldin
Remembered I only have USB headphones, but I remembered I had airports to connect to my computer for use. Me noticing this actually made me more excited to go FULLY wireless with a good audio system. No need for an external microphone, the microphone on the quest 2 is pretty amazing.
Fearless Fan
Fearless Fan Oy oldin
My guy has a 10000000 inch monitor
Ultragamer Oy oldin
You csn tell that this is sponsered lol. Only pushing oculus stuff :/
TA Gaming
TA Gaming Oy oldin
Great tech 👍
Donald James
Donald James Oy oldin
Should definitely do a MP party on Beat Saber, it's a really good time if you haven't tried it already.
Commish/Flock Baltimore productions
HOW COOL WOULD IT BE if they allowed for other headsets to be recognized... so two headsets could share a guardian and not bump into each other lol they could see each other, how cool would that be? real two player!!! is it already available BTW? I have a quest one and a quest too and me and my GF haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure it's just going to make us bump heads lol
Commish/Flock Baltimore productions
@DJHeroMasta oh no doubt, I'm hoping they can do it right now for the quest so I can do it at home... right now lol
DJHeroMasta Oy oldin
They’re certain games that automatically do exactly what you described. Most VR arcades operate this way so players don’t run into another.
Pooger Oy oldin
im getting mine today :D
Admiral_VR Oy oldin
I don’t recommend the fit pack get a VR cover instead a lot better and cleaner
2bmikey Oy oldin
Sooo where are all the links?
Robert Rood
Robert Rood Oy oldin
Dang wish I saw this video before I bought my razor headphones
DaRK_Killz Oy oldin
right so the title is misleading.. this was just a standard Quest 2 Review.. whats better?
Berin Oy oldin
Do a updated man cave tour!!!!
Kinder_BeN0 Oy oldin
dont get a oculus link cable for 80$ get a cheaper 5M cable that is at least gen 3.0 and that will work for about 60$ less
Richi Oy oldin
Man's shapeup match the headset
Vincent Oblitas
There are so much better third-party accessories for the quest. This was just a giant ad lmao
Vincent Oblitas
Vincent Oblitas 16 kun oldin
@Navysealsnake what are you looking for?
Navysealsnake 16 kun oldin
Got any links you wanna drop? 🤔
Henry White
Henry White Oy oldin
the headphones are on the website too lmaooo
Marcpl19 Oy oldin
true, he just said "buy stuff from their website". And also headphones but thats an obvious accessory
ghostcharmer Oy oldin
Should i get the 64 is that enough or do i need 256???
ghostcharmer Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla i will go with the 64 gig and upgrade to a larger memory newer model in the future since i currently don't own any titles. The games take up way less space than i expected so it seems like i would be able to fit a lot on there! What's your favorite game?
ghostcharmer Oy oldin
@DJHeroMasta I'm considering the long term but oculus is already working on quest 3 and i think i would see myself just getting a newer model in the future with a larger memory. I think the 64 should suffice for me at the moment
DJHeroMasta Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla I simply export converted BluRay movies to my Quest. And when I’m home I stream them from my media server.
DJHeroMasta Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla Standalone isn’t any different than teathered or streaming when it comes to movies. You’re limited by the internal displays resolution. Whether it be a stream over Bigscreen or playing back a local file.
DJHeroMasta Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla It’s not a waste for those of us who already have a large VR library and store movies on their headset. I’ve been gaming in VR since 2016 and own over 130 VR titles. Go for the *256GB,* model. It’s worth it in the long run as you won’t be able to expand it’s strange down the road like a PlayStation or Xbox.
Ren 89
Ren 89 Oy oldin
Everyone thinks they looked boss playing beat saber till they look back at the footage lol
Toasty Boiii
Toasty Boiii Oy oldin
Literialy just got an oculus quest 2 add watching this
joemo7384 Oy oldin
the oculus quest 2 is awesome. I am waiting for them to create controllers/sensors for your ankles to play kickboxing apps, etc..
Easton Buhle
Easton Buhle Oy oldin
I am watching this on one
A User of Google
He should've mentioned that if you have concerns about or have had skin irritation that you can submit a support ticket on the oculus support website to get a free VR cover, I've had skin irritation in the past with the stock quest 2 facial interface but I got a VR cover for free and I should be expecting it any time now.
Otaku 069
Otaku 069 Oy oldin
Fit Pack should be in the box.
Breeknow Oy oldin
The most incredible electronic device I've purchased in the last 3 years...
Ben D
Ben D Oy oldin
You should check out hyperdash
StephieLynn3 Oy oldin
I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in the video and I believe it’s important to know for some people. This is from the Oculus website. “POWERED BY FACEBOOK Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to login, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world. You can explore as yourself or pick a new name by creating a unique VR profile”
Ooo Tee
Ooo Tee Oy oldin
I can't believe you said the N word lol
coiL Oy oldin
2:59 "How do I keep failing" *literally dives up into the long ass wall*
Zayboy108 28 kun oldin
Taelo Simoni when you duck under the first line of where the wall starts, there isnt much indication of a wall other than the two lines on either side because the wall is translucent. Especially if you are ducking and not looking up above you. You can easily miss those lines in your peripherals. I know they are going for a spacey looks but that’s just bad game design.
Zayboy108 28 kun oldin
Taelo Simoni yea but it’s almost completely clear. It’s less of a big red wall and more an outline of a big red wall.
Taelo Simoni
Taelo Simoni 28 kun oldin
@Zayboy108 or just don’t be blind it is a big red wall above u
Zayboy108 Oy oldin
I couldn't tell it kept continuing either I don't blame him. They should make it more opaque.
FIFA 168
FIFA 168 Oy oldin
Arkanius1984 Oy oldin
I did not enjoy this video. It felt like a 9 minute long ad without you describing anything technical about the Oculus nor did you get into any details about how responsive or good the controllers and headset is working. I never saw one of your other videos but this makes me not wanna subcribe to your channel as i could not get over the feeling that this video was just bought and not a honest opinion.
Amature at Everything
And all you have to do is put up with the awful Facebook policies.
phantom 7377
phantom 7377 Oy oldin
Half of the vid is just about the audio
xxnike629xx Oy oldin
I've never tried VR gaming. I hear the PS5 is getting a new VR headset that's apparently much better than the one we have on PS4.
buster brown
buster brown Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla Oh didn't realize that, I knew it was tethered. I didn't realize tethered to PS. Another big negative for PSVR. Your limited to only PS games, content and console.
buster brown
buster brown Oy oldin
It's a Playstaion VR not a PS4 or 5 VR and it's coming out with improved PSVR to catch up to Oculus.
Tom V
Tom V Oy oldin
Hi I just wanted to say you don't have to poke the neutral blocks you can cut them in any way ^^
eight _track
eight _track Oy oldin
I haven't been able to find any the accessories I wanted for the Oculus Quest 2. The Elite Strap w Case/Battery doesn't seem to be available and I can't find the Anker charging dock for sale. Quest 2 is still a great buy though for anyone who wants to get into VR at a affordable price.
kingsman 2.0
kingsman 2.0 Oy oldin
The holy grail of Vr is still not born so imma pass 😁
buster brown
buster brown Oy oldin
What's the holy grail. It's fantastic
Beyond the Box
Giving away an oculus quest 2 (256gb model) on my channel to subscribers
Brenda Reyes
Brenda Reyes Oy oldin
This already come with games or we need to buy games separately? Also i need an computer or lapto?
buster brown
buster brown Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla Made me spend $1,500 on gaming PC for racing sim, love it.
Also no laptop or computer needed, a good free game is rec room
You need to buy the games, but there are are plenty of free games you can play while you save up for another game
Aditya Jindal
Aditya Jindal Oy oldin
Can you stop this advertisement
Harieesh Raaj
Harieesh Raaj Oy oldin
It's Ready Player One vibe going on...
Mel 823
Mel 823 Oy oldin
Since he has dreads, and was wearing a thicker hairstyle in this video, how was the headset for Carl? Was it hard to put on/take off? Did it become uncomfortable after a while?
Wet fart
Wet fart Oy oldin
If you have dreads, definitely get the elite strap or a “knock off” one from amazon. (The knock off ones arent that bad) because it will be much more comfortable.
Carlos Lizarraga
yooo is that ulforceveedramon on the desktop?
Try sky
Try sky Oy oldin
Brum brum
Vaishnav 007
Vaishnav 007 Oy oldin
can you do a giveaway for a xbox 1 controller
TomGreen 99
TomGreen 99 Oy oldin
*Reppin' the Tiger look.*
Ary Rubio
Ary Rubio Oy oldin
How do you set up what your playing on the computer so other people can see it?
buster brown
buster brown Oy oldin
only set up is using link cable, when you engage and play a VR supported game its live on the monitor. Be sure to turn off theatre mode.
Billy Gunderson
Where’s that promo code??? 👀👀👀
Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren Oy oldin
Does It still require a facebook account ?
Patrick S.
Patrick S. Oy oldin
Mandatory Facebook account. 👎
Mr Legitz
Mr Legitz Oy oldin
I bought this recently and I'm like addicted to beat saber atm.
Jayden Barros • 13 years ago
@dessnom on accident
Jayden Barros • 13 years ago
@dessnom I pressed yours instead of “add public reply...”
dessnom 22 kun oldin
@Jayden Barros • 13 years ago what does this have to do with my comment
zramp Oy oldin
@Ranger Kayla mm theres like hundreds of twitch streamers who have modded beatsaber
dessnom Oy oldin
you shoould get bmbf, it allows for customs songs and mods on the quest
xiongh2001 Oy oldin
The Elite Strap w/ Battery is a must IMO. More playtime, more comfortable, and the extra weight in the back help balance out the front-heavy headset.
Willzo0o Oy oldin
True but prefer utility over looks
Willzo0o Oy oldin
While that's good elite strap with a vr power to accompany it is both more comfy and gives your 4 hours more than the elite battery strap. And it's cheaper.
Joe Mangini
Joe Mangini Oy oldin
This video feels like it was made 4 months ago, and there was a scheduling accident when uploading, there is NOTHING new or unique to worent this video's existence.
Janet Woodville
I have the Oculus 2 also. And I bought Beat Saber last year.
Quirky Gamesta
I been playing RecRoom so much with mine
Switcheroo Oy oldin
Whoa where can I find that desk
Joe Zeckowski
Joe Zeckowski Oy oldin
I love the hub on my quest.....just search VR and next thing you know you’re having a threesome by a pool!
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