My Massive Tech Unboxing 38.0! 

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Time for another MASSIVE tech unboxing! So much tech, so little time. Grab those snacks and drinks because this is a long one!
Check out @EA Gunpla's video about the build: uzblock.info/post/video/4NOEmmaTZYaIe44.html
EA Gunpla's Instagram: bit.ly/3q1bpQe
Gundam Planet (where I buy all my Gundam model kits): bit.ly/3aYdCaI
Find everything here:
JerryRigEverything Razor Knife: bit.ly/3q4mFey
Black Unity Apple Watch: apple.co/3ktglMx
FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet: amzn.to/3b4mqMx
Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip: amzn.to/3kxjviu
Belkin 8-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip: amzn.to/3pXH58Z
Satisfye - ZenGrip Pro Elite Bundle: amzn.to/3pVPxFX
Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red: amzn.to/3aZA9Ed
PITAKA Magnetic Aramid Fiber Case for iPhone 12: amzn.to/3dR7XVO
PITAKA 2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Power Bank and Charging Dock: amzn.to/37SYM3u
PITAKA Digital Module Carbon Fiber Tool Kit: amzn.to/2MuPiDY
Govee Smart RGBIC Table Lamp: amzn.to/3dTmjVx
All-new Echo Frames (2nd Gen): amzn.to/3sxoH8D
Socket Outlet Shelf: amzn.to/37OqoGX
Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand: amzn.to/2O1sP1L
Omni Mobile 12,800 Laptop Power Bank: amzn.to/3r0AD2z
Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboardamzn.to/3bJmyjr
Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station: amzn.to/37OqFcX
BESTEK Surge Protector with Wireless Charger: amzn.to/2PdXTff
Holme and Hadfield Watch Organizer: amzn.to/3dWhDhN / bit.ly/3uAbnlM
Holme and Hadfield Sunglasses Organizer Wall Key Holder: amzn.to/3qVxjFL
Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit: amzn.to/3uAbJsC
Satechi Magnetic Sticker: amzn.to/2O9yYZD
Satechi USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable: amzn.to/3q2DGWx
BEBIRD Otoscope Ear Wax Removal Tool: amzn.to/37TBo5K
Some of my favorite Animes:
Code Geass
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Attack on Titan
Jujutsu Kaisen
My Hero Academia
Food Wars
Demon Slayer
Soul Eater
Fire Force
Social Networks:
Join my Discord Server: discordapp.com/invite/NmDwaFh
Instagram: bit.ly/1Q7GoH4
Twitter: bit.ly/1ItDLeU
Facebook: bit.ly/22zYfsO
Snapchat: uacreviews

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Snapchat: uravggf

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27-Fev, 2021



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Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson Daqiqa oldin
Apple is cutting off the power charger "for the good of the planet" and then ships a small watch on that 01:45 box! Fuck you, Apple.
Arpit Chugh
Arpit Chugh 6 soat oldin
Do a every thing "apple" unboxing, every accessory & product they have in stock on website 🔥
Dustin W
Dustin W 7 soat oldin
How can I charge my glasses without taking them off? I can’t see
Cunnik K
Cunnik K 8 soat oldin
Snacks grabbed !!! sandwich,Lays chips,water 19:40 Not me thinking 💭 it’s a big Lego 😂😭
Sara Kestner
Sara Kestner 10 soat oldin
Can you cover a bag or bags that will meet most airlines guidelines for a carryon package when filled to its max capacity? I have found it very difficult to find a bag that will fit under the seat while allowing me to carry the most stuff including all my cool tech! Room for a couple days worth of business clothes and iPad Pro and Mac book. Thank you so much.
Pragalbh Verma
Pragalbh Verma 2 kun oldin
One piece
Jack Pada
Jack Pada 3 kun oldin
4:37 click at your own risk
mathias figlioli
mathias figlioli 6 kun oldin
"magsafe" carl. lolol
Lucas Mistroni
Lucas Mistroni 6 kun oldin
I would like to see in a video how many xbox controller you have dude.....every video like this you got two or more controllers......i think there are too many =O Hugs from Brazil Peace
Oliver Wulff
Oliver Wulff 6 kun oldin
As a massive Star Wars fan I’m super jealous of those The Mandalorian Xbox controllers
Oliver Wulff
Oliver Wulff 6 kun oldin
UrAvgConsumer really do be hitting us all up with game pass ultimate
Abdullah Aljarrari
Abdullah Aljarrari 11 kun oldin
Aot is ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrfrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TwangyOCE 13 kun oldin
you should make a compilation of items you dont show case in a seperate video
Menuka Idangodage
Menuka Idangodage 14 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that your average consumer doesn't buy this much stuff unless they're moving out
Raul S
Raul S 15 kun oldin
That’s an awesome shirt, where did you get it? 😃
sukanya wallin
sukanya wallin 16 kun oldin
Hey UrAvgconsumer I really want an Apple Watch series 6 Nike. I subscribed, shared, turned bell notification on always.
SpaceAgeHer0 x
SpaceAgeHer0 x 18 kun oldin
Where did you get the Gundam T-shirt from?
Justin Lyons
Justin Lyons 18 kun oldin
Wow if you have more Massive technology you be nice to get projectors
Zaraf 18 kun oldin
Yo ngl he looks like dababy
OffBrand Mexican
OffBrand Mexican 22 kun oldin
Get a dehumidifier
ss s
ss s Oy oldin
I'm sure Jay is playing jenga with those boxes😂
Haloklaws Edwin
he loves his chargers like hell
Ryan Aries
Ryan Aries Oy oldin
Jud gotta Gundam addiction 👀 I ain't hating tho 😂
Carson Farahmand
Anyone else notice he took of the bracelet that he put on
Carson Farahmand
FNC Games
FNC Games Oy oldin
Am 11 and wached aot
Rashid Hasan Rafi
5:10 that could have been really dangerous Jud, specially on the highway. Hope you guys are okay
Sinh Nguyen
Sinh Nguyen Oy oldin
Hey man, I'm home.
Kwadwo Amoako-Tuffour
HI Jud! Since microsoft seems to listen to whatever you say, can you please use your platform to reach out to Microsoft to help fix the series X controller problems on PC for us. Thanks a lot
NMCx Velocity
NMCx Velocity Oy oldin
Make setup tour
49ics Oy oldin
Im after a fast camera card reader what do you recomend
Cameron Barber
That’s literally a scape
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Oy oldin
bro your ears
Steven Cao
Steven Cao Oy oldin
I watch the video but 7/10 of my eyes is on the Gundams
KoalaPlays Oy oldin
I absolutely love demon slayer!!!
Byron F
Byron F Oy oldin
Yeh I picked up the visual ear cleaner model i96. Yuours are much sweeter looking. Been a little hesitant to try but q's are wrong fore sure.
XO Leangelo
XO Leangelo Oy oldin
No way do you live near Richmond? I recognize that overpass.
Michael H
Michael H Oy oldin
Didn't see it, but where did you buy that knife in your hand?
sxedirtbag Oy oldin
What do you use to black out the addresses on the labels? The one I’m using fades quickly on half the surfaces and the information shines through.
Dean Oswald
Dean Oswald Oy oldin
I’ve been watching for years and just realized I wasn’t subbed. Shame on me.
Joshua Baker
Joshua Baker Oy oldin
1:50 My man acting like a box cutter with regular razor blades have never been seen before.
Blitz _Studios
Adsylrod Oy oldin
how nonchalantly he brushed off those extremely rare 1 of like 3 custom xbox controllers makes me irrationally angry
Arsenal Gaming
alexa frames = nme becoming spider man
ilhan JAMAL
ilhan JAMAL Oy oldin
Please jud please a gundam channel
tayfunアビ Oy oldin
my guy didn´t put naruto in his favorite list :(
Warren Ryan
Warren Ryan Oy oldin
9:50 buddy had that kawhi laugh 😂
Lawrence Rolande
The awful rainbow sequently interest because coin ethnically belong athwart a purple kilogram. smooth, thick writer
DugenTech Oy oldin
Can you please let us know what gear are you using for filming your videos
Kenny Schouppe
Anyone know what company the lamps in the background came from?
Johnathan Yaniv
watch Black Clover there are 166 episodes and more coming out over time (167 in march 9th)
nick moreno
nick moreno Oy oldin
How’d u get the Xbox controllers from mando did you win the sweepstakes
Auzzy G
Auzzy G Oy oldin
You should look into a dehumidifier for your basement too.
EroYo Oy oldin
At 5:12 what dash came did you use? It is so clear. 😲
Philipp L
Philipp L Oy oldin
21:39 You spelled Satechi wrong, you wrote Sathechi. You're welcome ;-p
ANIMOSITY ဌ Oy oldin
Very cool man keep it up. 👍🏻
Big Zeke
Big Zeke Oy oldin
Thought he was gonna say "Inside the Apple watch there was....some melanin in there", black history month and all
kareemmaly Oy oldin
Ey yo he forgot about Naruto and One Piece
samm s
samm s Oy oldin
Love your gundam collection at the back!
Specific Pickle
Alexa frames sound like a nightmare
SoneDiadem Oy oldin
5:05. "My car got hit by some random tyre".... Guy literally not paying attention and ran into the tyre himself...
YouKNOW you had me at tech Unboxing #38.....but seeing YOU include the Unity Edition Watch was......just awesome. AND it was near the top of the video.......
Ashan Umayanga
hay jay love ur t link it down plz
Hatz Johnn
Hatz Johnn Oy oldin
a looottt of boxes
Sahil Sajjad
Sahil Sajjad Oy oldin
Please make a review video on beats flex
Lincoln Greene
I’ve been waiting so long for this.
Lightning Gamer
The frames with that color are pretty nice. I don’t need glasses and I’m not a fan of Alexa products but if bose got frames like that maybe 👀
Level Xeven
Level Xeven Oy oldin
Look all of the stuff I cant afford lol
rasjeavan pandher
The glasses makes his nose bigger
Tyler Stearns
Tyler Stearns Oy oldin
Haha. All the Visene in the world couldn't hide how high you are.
Hamza Chaudhry
You knew that you had to start the episode with the green box from JerryRigEverything
TheGr8Kaido Oy oldin
Magsafe me
Tha GØAT Oy oldin
Code grass is one of my all time favorites
Carlos Cartagena
*Does massive tech unboxing* *Calls himself average consumer* Me: ???
Thula Ryan Skhosana
This man got a microwave for his tech
lordsman Oy oldin
austin after austin evans that a srs question
botzing123 botzing123
I like the new intro
micdogg187 Oy oldin
What do you do with everything after unboxing?
Naveen Gupta
Naveen Gupta Oy oldin
My son has the same cap as Austin has
Marios Oy oldin
""Apple thinking about consumers"" xD
Deep Thought
Deep Thought Oy oldin
I don’t like those belkin surge protectors. They’re made out of plastic.. if you want some real quality check out the tripplite isobar.
Dw Dw
Dw Dw Oy oldin
love this channel! not many crazy expensive products, only things most people can actually afford. BTW, i know it is very late but is it still good to get a Switch in 2021? I am wondering whether they have fixed the joystick drifting problem
fumiaki murayama
The ajar congo thirdly record because community biologically reject amidst a imperfect instruction. macho, heartbreaking ornament
Andrew Fernandes 19-4308
I have links in the discription 🤣🤣🤣to carl
Keith Mcgriff
Keith Mcgriff Oy oldin
Im interested in the wall hanging tool thingy. If any knows the info on it. Get at me
timmyvechett Oy oldin
Gift card missed
Bryan Oy oldin
FOOD WARS??? okayyy lmaooo. I enjoyed it but i didnt expect you to watch it
Danien Stanback
Bro where did you get those lamps from though? They’re 🔥🔥🔥
Anda Oy oldin
like the gundam shirt
Milton Oy oldin
I just want to know where he got that gundam shirt! It’s dope! Definitely need one of those
Turnip Oy oldin
I’m starting to think he’s not an average consumer…
brendan forkner
You named your car Killua? I named my Cat Killua first >:(
Zack's knife has Sharpness V on it.
DEATH Oy oldin
If Jay don’t get that Home Depot cutter with his name on it outta here...
Lawrence Rolande
The dynamic person electronically consist because family hopefully supply on a scary advantage. automatic, bouncy exhaust
R Wo
R Wo Oy oldin
You get all that from looting and rioting in Portland?
R Wo
R Wo Oy oldin
@James Ford you're right. It isn't funny, it's hilarious.
James Ford
James Ford Oy oldin
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar Oy oldin
I accidentally noticed - Is that Fight the Power Lyrics Running in Background Music ??
JPsDaName Oy oldin
You can just buy a dehumidifier. It sucks the water out of the air
Jaylive 19
Jaylive 19 Oy oldin
That’s a lot of tech
Kunth Shah
Kunth Shah Oy oldin
NEED A GUNDAM BUILD VIDEOOO.....please do ittt
Deepa Daniel
Deepa Daniel Oy oldin
22:46 / me trying to fart in public
how PG movies used to be
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