My Massive Tech Unboxing 37.0! 

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Another Massive Tech Unboxing!? Lots of tech to check out after the holidays! Be sure to grab some snacks!
Get a Free 32GB Flash Drive and 32GB Micro SD Card at Micro Center: rebrand.ly/ifhu8
Get the best prices and best selection at Micro Center: rebrand.ly/ozh4d
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel P4, PS3, PC: rebrand.ly/i4r64
Logitech Driving Force TM Shifter: rebrand.ly/np1wc
Atari Ultimate Dual Arcade Fight Stick with Trackball: rebrand.ly/n0c2x
Atari Ultimate Dual Arcade Fight Stick with Trackball (Amazon): rebrand.ly/yr1sf
Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Laptop Backpack: rebrand.ly/l92c1
Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Gaming Headset: rebrand.ly/hk361
Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: rebrand.ly/v19i2
Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit: rebrand.ly/2rwet
Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Professional Ergonomic Stand: rebrand.ly/chqqz
Corsair Gaming MM800 RGB Illuminated Mouse Pad: rebrand.ly/wsxy8
SteelSeries SmartGrip Mobile Phone Holder: rebrand.ly/t6rok
Logitech G G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: rebrand.ly/t3l6u
Master Caster Clean Green Microfiber Gloves: rebrand.ly/9r5rk
Grip Microfiber Screen Cloth: rebrand.ly/jlm81
Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSD: rebrand.ly/kfslr
Cooler Master NotePal X3 Notebook Cooler with 200mm Fan: rebrand.ly/s4am3
Atari Mini PONG Jr.: rebrand.ly/bc0tm
Meural 15.6" IPS LCD Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame: rebrand.ly/idcxn
ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 Whole-Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System: rebrand.ly/bwp49
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26-Dek, 2020



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Pragalbh Verma
Pragalbh Verma 2 kun oldin
One piece
Aliyu Shagari
Aliyu Shagari 19 kun oldin
Get gran turismo sport
Hydrox Oy oldin
The weight unquestionably drip because judo independently bang anenst a kaput wallet. aboriginal, adorable fur
Adrian Vrban
Adrian Vrban Oy oldin
Dirt 5 best driving game
KHolsner Oy oldin
XO Leangelo
XO Leangelo Oy oldin
Aye my man, lmk if you are trying to run some apex. Masters in ranked rn.
SBR Fun Oy oldin
Didn’t Microcenter go out of business?
Flareon Reyes
Flareon Reyes Oy oldin
Wait a second, I SWEAR this video has already been posted before
Max Prunier
Max Prunier Oy oldin
Arachnoid is one of my favorite octane skins🖖🖖
manneyqp _
manneyqp _ Oy oldin
Forza horizon 4 is my favorite driving game
The Average Indian Consumer
Hey when is next massive unbox video dropping? Huge fan of these. Wish the links would be for international followers also.
William Read
William Read 2 oy oldin
When the name of the product comes up can you start putting the price?😀👍
broskie gang
broskie gang 2 oy oldin
Jud you should try the AmpliFi Alien Router for your wifi problems
Arif 2 oy oldin
Sonic Acoustics
Sonic Acoustics 2 oy oldin
Enjoyed watching this content! Too many product to unbox. :D
gziKmdDFrg 2 oy oldin
Mayweather 😂😂😂
Faris 2 oy oldin
Anyone know where I can get that same kunai??
Shobhit Sharma
Shobhit Sharma 2 oy oldin
🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳INDIA VALE LIKE KARO......
level10fox 2 oy oldin
ok ima check it out
Q1 Tryboss
Q1 Tryboss 2 oy oldin
Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Pheasant
Joshua Pheasant 2 oy oldin
That wifi unboxing is fancy tho
Alison Oliveros
Alison Oliveros 3 oy oldin
Hey guys
FlackSkal 3 oy oldin
this is just a 20min ad
Area51 of Tech
Area51 of Tech 3 oy oldin
Couldn’t find a good UZblock video to watch with my lunch so I came to this and now I have drinks snacks and a meal
Mayohamun 3 oy oldin
Do u Live in America
Clivey 3 oy oldin
lol, you haven't reviewed any of the products from the last unboxing.Any avg consumer would has reviewed the hell out of them as they would have been grateful to get them. They just get lost in your house now, may as well not sent them. Glad your successful, but get out the clouds man, so not avg anymore.
Nick Rubino
Nick Rubino 3 oy oldin
I8 is auto
Hans Lechner
Hans Lechner 3 oy oldin
Can I just have a sleepover at your house😂?
Paul Finlay
Paul Finlay 3 oy oldin
F1 2020 is a good racing game
stanford shultz
stanford shultz 3 oy oldin
Love your unboxings but can you show less gaming stuff. You guys are great.
Chase Mandel
Chase Mandel 3 oy oldin
If you are making a new gamers paradise, and you want to integrate vr, check out kat walk vr.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
Channel idea: uravggamer
Dedrick Thomas
Dedrick Thomas 3 oy oldin
Test run VIDEO without google wifi enhancer, with, and with the new one, like an old video that uve done a while back
Genevieve Works
Genevieve Works 3 oy oldin
Arie is killing me .. I love her 😍 these are my favorite to watch ❤️❤️
Luyolo Stofile
Luyolo Stofile 3 oy oldin
F1 2020
Moe 3 oy oldin
When is micro center coming to eu ?
Rad Productions
Rad Productions 3 oy oldin
I still wanna know where he got the Gundam canvas artwork..fucking beautiful
The Plague
The Plague 3 oy oldin
Hook me up on Apex Legends PRJCT_Prophet
Need for speed titles: most wanted, hot pursuit, shift. Forza and grand turismo is great too. Asphalt is a free download for pc and switch that is pretty fun, bet you can connect that to your pc. Welcome to the racing community😁🤗🚘
Aliencord 3 oy oldin
you can also connect it to a pc but I racing is expensive but realistic
ApexWarriorYT 3 oy oldin
i personally do not like corsiar keyboards or mice very much because they tend to go bad fast on me but all my razer stuff works for a while but I do like corsiar headsets better
3.0 soon?
CR7 Elite
CR7 Elite 3 oy oldin
my favorite ps4/5 racing game is the crew 2
Haroon Ali
Haroon Ali 3 oy oldin
Man goes "poor you poor you, you only got a testla"
Emre Gunes
Emre Gunes 3 oy oldin
Why does the ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 Whole-Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System look like a speaker
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 3 oy oldin
I was going to say forza horizon 4 but then he said playstation store!😬
Nahum Solomon
Nahum Solomon 3 oy oldin
Can I have the headset pls :)
cornell coleman
cornell coleman 3 oy oldin
Those sweaters tho! Where do you get those from?
EveryManTEch 3 oy oldin
Another great unboxing!!! Thanks once again
G.H. 3 oy oldin
My favorite driving game in the PlayStation store is Need for speed 😂😅
Potats Ate Pikkles
Jud at 6:33 whoever recorded that footage isn't subbed to you
C O C I A N E 3 oy oldin
Folks,folks no no your wrong were ladies and gentlemen
Ace Salesio
Ace Salesio 3 oy oldin
Favourite racing game is formula 1 2020
maistrol marvin
maistrol marvin 3 oy oldin
Now thats boxing day
ezra farsya fakhrizal
Sebastian Estep
Sebastian Estep 3 oy oldin
What kind of knife is that
AGONS WORLD 3 oy oldin
I love your channel and I will like to be your partner
Jybee 3 oy oldin
I bet he has like a batcave sized place under the mancave to store all this stuff
reina1124 3 oy oldin
I would appreciate your input and recommendations to improve my WiFi. I have Verizon Fios and would like to replace my modem and strengthen the signal.
Nikhil 3 oy oldin
No way guess what read more
Nikhil 3 oy oldin
u mad bro read more
Nikhil 3 oy oldin
muse tom
muse tom 3 oy oldin
PRNCBACON 3 oy oldin
The crew 2
Dylan Pitcher Shell
Best driving game: f1 2020
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 3 oy oldin
Pramod 😂😂😂
Bambang Dwipayana
dudeee..is that the metal structure RX-93 Nu Gundam???
Edwin Jonah
Edwin Jonah 3 oy oldin
First time I'm actually eating while watching one of these, I guess I'm a rebel
Beautiful Conversation
I only have an xbox for forza everything else I play on PlayStation]
Lux 3 oy oldin
OMG for a moment I thought that shot of you in the store with the backpacks was your closet! 😂😂
kiko 3 oy oldin
are all those tech that you unboxed still for the average consumer? ill be glad if you can answer this
RP music
RP music 3 oy oldin
I phone 12mini give ....please. 😔 i miss .Amazon book india .please
RP music
RP music 3 oy oldin
Ajay babu please sir
Jacobe Solis
Jacobe Solis 3 oy oldin
My favorite racing game for playstation is gran turismo
Leo Cerrai
Leo Cerrai 3 oy oldin
that wheel also works with pc and I'd recommend project cars 2 or assetto corsa
Kaiden Sorden
Kaiden Sorden 3 oy oldin
The octane skin he is talking about is the Sonic Boom skin... I have it.
Sam Lacey
Sam Lacey 3 oy oldin
Homie wants to fuck that backpack, no 🧢
Sam Lacey
Sam Lacey 3 oy oldin
When a backpack has extra compartments 😩💦👅👉🏼👌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼🤫😤💦👅
mick muller
mick muller 3 oy oldin
I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm.
Johan 3 oy oldin
2:56 forza horizon 4
Andrew Finck
Andrew Finck 3 oy oldin
Wish we could have a microcentre here in UK.
Dj Magic Jay
Dj Magic Jay 3 oy oldin
I swear I love your wife she is She needs her own UZblock channel because you saw hilarious
Angry Goose
Angry Goose 3 oy oldin
What's with all these crap video suggestions?? Why does UZblock think I wanna watch people open boxes 🤣
GoPlayFifa Z
GoPlayFifa Z 3 oy oldin
Do you sound this white regularly or do you do it on purpose
ADIXTON 3 oy oldin
Asphalt 9
en Norske
en Norske 3 oy oldin
The best driving game on PS4 is The Crew 2 in my opinion
Neeraj Nandakumar
NickFlix 3 oy oldin
Steve Lee
Steve Lee 3 oy oldin
What do you set your macros to on your g604?
K Malcolm
K Malcolm 3 oy oldin
can you send these to children without tech access?
TheNoNameGuyツ 3 oy oldin
anyone notice how jud grabbed the smallest thing and arie said it meets her standards
Shymiek Reid
Shymiek Reid 3 oy oldin
Play forza Xbox
Anything. Anytime. Anywhere
Need for speed heat
Van 3 oy oldin
That photo of the old setup is so CLASSIC
Adversary16 3 oy oldin
Why is your username UrAvgConsumer if you have like 8 boxes of stuff to unbox? I don’t think this is the consumption habitat of the average consumer (or at least I hope not).
Anthony Juarez
Anthony Juarez 3 oy oldin
She is right I thought he only did backpack stuff and yah he gets pretty lame stuff
YouTube Commenter
Ah ffffffppppprrrrrr, 10:22
Onewayy Ce
Onewayy Ce 3 oy oldin
Midnight club..tbh😏⬜
DIO Games
DIO Games 3 oy oldin
please can you do a giveaway, please
Rich Smith
Rich Smith 3 oy oldin
The Logitech steering wheel works for pc also. Gran tourismo sport is best ps4 game.
McBushy 3 oy oldin
“Poor you poor you only have a Tesla” me still with a car built in the 1700s
James Kogan
James Kogan 3 oy oldin
Wait I’ll be so thankful if you answer this I need help, my g29 led rev indicators arnt working and when I tried downloading fans leds it said it worked and everything but in game nothing happens with the lights
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