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Time for my favorite tech of the month! This time around, I wanted to highlight some of the smaller things that I've been using on a daily basis. They're pretty low-key but I've been loving them!
Check out the Blue Yeti Nano here: bluemic.me/UrAvgConsumerAmazon
Find everything here:
Pitaka MagEZ Case: bit.ly/3we7B2g
Pitaka MagEZ Juice 2: bit.ly/3u9LND5
Pitaka MagEZ Digital Travel Kit: bit.ly/2QWRGoX
Satechi USB-C On-The-Go Multiport Adapter: amzn.to/3fvujgg
Xbox Wireless Headset: bit.ly/3cyoDPB
Native Union Laptop Case: amzn.to/3cCnx6x
Nomad Leather Case: bit.ly/3frIZNC

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31-Mar, 2021



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Revenant Wolzart
Revenant Wolzart 56 daqiqa oldin
fucking cool setup!!!!!
pablo piedrasanta
What's the case he's rocking on his iPhone? pleaaase I need to know
Corwin Pedersen
Corwin Pedersen Kun oldin
VGA is useful if your work/school has nonhdmi projectors that you have to hook up to ☹️
mquinn 2 kun oldin
How you don't know the name of some of this stuff but it's everyday tech
Warlock 3 kun oldin
How does that mic not pick up white noise from the computer that's sat right there on the desk? I literally have to power off everything in this room to record audio. Am I missing something simple like a high/low pass filter or are they just hiding it in the noise gate?
DOGE[tm] responds to old comments
_"Only $100"_ -every rich person ever
Ahmed AbdElAzim
Ahmed AbdElAzim 6 kun oldin
what is you watch?!
MyhcA 7 kun oldin
The case alone is 49,99 wtf?!
Wiren 2014
Wiren 2014 7 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of his mouse pad? Thanks in advance :)
David Galvez
David Galvez 7 kun oldin
7:53 Ahh, a lot of us (Poor people) we still need VGA for our old projectors and screen monitor bro hahaha!! We don’t have money for those monitors with type c and all of that 😂
Alejandro Mercado Garcia
Can you do best gaming headsets for both console
OoglyDes 7 kun oldin
Umer Best
Umer Best 8 kun oldin
Jud u should check out the 50$ mike Razer siren mini
Yasir 8 kun oldin
acc vid starts at 3:10
Pal Sidd
Pal Sidd 11 kun oldin
Whats that glowing blue orb on his desk? Shit looks awesome
Random Kindness
Random Kindness 11 kun oldin
vga for some of them projectors
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 12 kun oldin
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 12 kun oldin
Nessim Betesh
Nessim Betesh 14 kun oldin
Can I use the Satechi USB-C On-The-Go Multiport Adapter with a USB-C to normal USB to connect it to my 2017 MAcBook Air?
Gamer11 14 kun oldin
Are you still creating gamers paradise 3.0
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 14 kun oldin
I'm sorry, Jud, but when you say, "it's your average consumer", it's hard to believe, when you do your videos in a living room surrounded by tech that looks like it totals around $10-20 grand.
ferdinand he
ferdinand he 14 kun oldin
Don’t recommend yeti mini, it’s not good
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 14 kun oldin
Your average consumer.... yes we can all afford these items
mena seven
mena seven 15 kun oldin
Nice gadgets
Giovanni Charriez
Giovanni Charriez 15 kun oldin
The native union sleeve is nice but not worth $70. There are way more protective cases that look better and cost less. The Pitaka case looks great but I'd be concerned about the exposed areas. Better this Xbox headset than the $500 Xbox one.
Markos Aesopos
Markos Aesopos 15 kun oldin
Try the Wacom by one
Jason Richards
Jason Richards 16 kun oldin
Could you share which LED lights you have on your desk setup? Super sleek!
Stephone Allison
Stephone Allison 16 kun oldin
YO JUD lemme get your 2019 Macbook Pro:)))
William Collins
William Collins 16 kun oldin
For the Satechi USB- C dock, don't be too quick to knock the VGA port. Most of the projectors still use the VGA plug to connect to the projectors. I think that is a good thing that they placed on the dock.
David S
David S 16 kun oldin
Nothing sponsored? I am impressed.
ITS PU 17 kun oldin
2 min in and I'm pretty sure a mic is not an everyday tech item. ill update back in a few min 10 min in i dont know what else to update
Cj Grant
Cj Grant 17 kun oldin
The panel lining and color seperation on your gunpla is exquisite!
Jerick Kho
Jerick Kho 17 kun oldin
Pitaka is wallet in Filipino
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes 17 kun oldin
Amazing Video and I definitely need to catch up it's been a while. Your Son is too Precious. Congratulations to You Both.God Bless Deb 💯👌✌
한지훈 17 kun oldin
The diligent network inherently multiply because santa luckily lick via a nosy voice. doubtful, aspiring society
MaiKai Makena
MaiKai Makena 17 kun oldin
Great video bro ⚡️⚡️🙌❤️
17MED 18 kun oldin
deb patterson
deb patterson 18 kun oldin
Does you're wife ever get to see you 🤣🤣 between the reviews and you're obviously a gamer?
deb patterson
deb patterson 18 kun oldin
My non wireless bose uses VGA now I just need the replacement DVD for repair!
Sanjot Harsoor
Sanjot Harsoor 18 kun oldin
I can’t remember the last time anything on this channel was for us ‘average consumers’.
AstrosGamer 9 kun oldin
Even if he reviewed things from the perspective of the "average consumer", but he doesn't.
mjdoc 18 kun oldin
what is this mushroom lamp/speaker?wow
Michael Chan
Michael Chan 19 kun oldin
Can you make a video about Gundam!!!
TA Gaming
TA Gaming 19 kun oldin
Cool tech 👍
king Charles
king Charles 19 kun oldin
Bru idk why youtube hasnt been putting your video on so i can view them. For some reason they stopped doing this with all the tech youtubers i watch.
Matthew Tablazon
Matthew Tablazon 19 kun oldin
Pitaka is the Filipino word for wallet. Not sure if the brand makes wallets too.
UltraTech 19 kun oldin
Whats the live wallpaper on your desktop
Drew C.
Drew C. 20 kun oldin
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 20 kun oldin
Many schools still use vga
Shabbir Kaderi
Shabbir Kaderi 20 kun oldin
I didn't get notified for this wtf
LilnateJ 20
LilnateJ 20 20 kun oldin
LilnateJ 20
LilnateJ 20 20 kun oldin
Siva 20 kun oldin
Can I get link for the live wallpaper on your desktop
John Sharma
John Sharma 20 kun oldin
Great vid Brother❤️
thegreatone2344 20 kun oldin
Great selections
Aquame Matthews
Aquame Matthews 20 kun oldin
Ok but where is the link in the description for your outfit? 😤
DarkBeast 20 kun oldin
3:07 exact time the paid promotion gets over😂
Dequarius Walker
Dequarius Walker 20 kun oldin
I know this is random but what's your favorite legend to play?
Mr Note
Mr Note 20 kun oldin
Latercase is better than pitaka broo
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 19 kun oldin
why? latercase copied pitaka
Yusuf Akhtar
Yusuf Akhtar 20 kun oldin
Vamshidhar Nippani
Vamshidhar Nippani 20 kun oldin
Wow that was a big ad
Disprot 20 kun oldin
background music?
Hip Po
Hip Po 20 kun oldin
3:00 to skip advert
Luis Miguel Martinez
i believe it's been a rather long time since you were an average consumer. 70 bucks for a sleeve is a premium price tag, give me a break.
The Goods
The Goods 20 kun oldin
I just wanted to say something about VGA, and explain a pretty common use case I see everyday that gets overlooked fairly often. A lot of teachers and students still rely on VGA for projectors and smart boards to display stuff to a class, and a lot of schools provide MacBooks to teachers. Just thought I’d say that, I do hope eventually schools are able to update their tech to usb c in the future.
FAAIQ 20 kun oldin
3:19 real video starts from here
david blacheow
david blacheow 20 kun oldin
Rochelle McKinney
Rochelle McKinney 20 kun oldin
SideHustle Tech
SideHustle Tech 20 kun oldin
I love this series! It always takes unexpected twists and turns!
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 21 kun oldin
VGA is still common in the workplace unfortunately....
Kanishka Bardhan
Kanishka Bardhan 21 kun oldin
Begin watching from 3:05 cuz that’s when the actual video starts pfft
Robert Hixon
Robert Hixon 21 kun oldin
Congrats, didn't know you guys had a little one. He is beautiful.
Hector Ramirez
Hector Ramirez 21 kun oldin
Bro, you want to leave me with no cash? You make everything so amazing.
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal 21 kun oldin
3:05 to get past the ad.
John Malone
John Malone 21 kun oldin
Doesn't the Audio go up any Louder it's very lower got my s21 Cranked up to the Max
FTW Tech
FTW Tech 21 kun oldin
Lol the Yeti Nano isn’t that good. Just get the RODE PodMic.
Ted Anteby
Ted Anteby 21 kun oldin
Can anyone say where to get animated wallpaper like his? Pls mention me
8_4_8_2 19 kun oldin
Wallpaper Engine on Steam
Tyler Finley
Tyler Finley 21 kun oldin
Where or how can I get the Xbox headset?!
Randy Los
Randy Los 21 kun oldin
Why have the Sonos one speakers beside you soundbar? Is the soundbar a Center speaker now?
I was thinking about your kid and guess what ❤️❤️ your wallpaper popped up. Lovely child.
Malon Magaya
Malon Magaya 21 kun oldin
i still use vga on monitors hahaha im behind
Brian Cardenas
Brian Cardenas 21 kun oldin
$70 and he said “not expensive”. Okaaaay average consumer 😂
Cameron Bosman
Cameron Bosman 21 kun oldin
You sound like you're from St. Louis
Xander Yusuf
Xander Yusuf 21 kun oldin
My favorite one was the baby, but I don't see a link in the description 🤔
itsavi gaming
itsavi gaming 21 kun oldin
dude, like all ur tech helps me for my streaming setup, thank you!!!
vishu gondaliya
vishu gondaliya 21 kun oldin
How can he be average consumer with this high budget stuff 😐
Real Timeflies
Real Timeflies 21 kun oldin
Your ad took up 3 out 12 mins of your video
Phil9O 21 kun oldin
YES JUD! Average consumers still use VGA... what a surprise
Surya nAu
Surya nAu 21 kun oldin
Your voice so low n little
Per K Petersen
Per K Petersen 21 kun oldin
Like always a big big thumbs up 😊. Love your videos. Have a great day . Cheers from Denmark
Info baba ji
Info baba ji 21 kun oldin
Love from India ❤️❤️
Kendue Jones
Kendue Jones 21 kun oldin
Primetime3209 21 kun oldin
I been loving your stream!
Venedict Prasetyo
Venedict Prasetyo 21 kun oldin
Austin looks like 21 savage WTF😂
you know with Marty Kauffman
Man that Xbox headset looks really nice hopefully I can get me the new Xbox soon
Dee2fyebit 21 kun oldin
As an active duty military member you help me with making decisions on things that I may be able to use when I am overseas or on deployments and I really appreciate what you do! Could you do a smart card reader comparison though? I have been looking into getting one to use with my MacBook Air and I don't know if there are many options.
My dog Is Doug
My dog Is Doug 21 kun oldin
Im about to build my first pc! Thanks Jud!
Tams80 21 kun oldin
Blue 'Sherpa'. As an actual Sherpa, it's a bit weird seeing your people's name used as branding, especially with something absolutely nothing to do with them. Hell, many Sherpas couldn't afford a Blue product.
Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO
Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO 21 kun oldin
No longer average consumer... You are rich af, gotta change that name.
Liery 21 kun oldin
There're broke asses around the worlds who still use VGA for monitors and projectors 'cause they are passed down.
Tyler Barron
Tyler Barron 21 kun oldin
I might have to buy one cause I already had the bigger version of this mix from blue and I let someone borrow it when the pandemic started....as you can guest I never got it back smh
The World Explained
The World Explained 21 kun oldin
But all products you feature are pretty much sponsored with almost no negatives
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