iPhone 12 Mini - REAL Day in the Life Review! 

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It's iPhone 12 Mini review time with a real day in the life! Can this smaller phone keep up with the bigger versions? Let's see how it is to use the phone in hand, camera, and of course, check out that battery life.
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Find it here:
iPhone 12 Mini - apple.co/3r0iHVV

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17-Dek, 2020



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Nils Taeymans
Nils Taeymans 5 soat oldin
I just got the iPhone 12 mini and I love it. I came from the original iPhone SE so it’s actually a upgrade in size and a huge difference in screensize.
oscar 2 black
oscar 2 black Kun oldin
He reminds me of Tyler the creator of how he acts 😂
Aadil Khan
Aadil Khan 3 kun oldin
The iPhone 12 mini is same body width and length as iPhone 5s
Vid. 4 kun oldin
“You want some?” “Nah” “You like Doritos?” “No” [visible disgust]
Vid. 4 kun oldin
1:12 why is the Apple logo blurred out?
Nate p
Nate p 5 kun oldin
"swiping from the top is a joke" Me: *cries in tiny hands*
Nikola Vonfulton
Nikola Vonfulton 6 kun oldin
What is the game at 5:55
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart 9 kun oldin
Just get the anker battery pack from amazon
Ana Lias
Ana Lias 11 kun oldin
Based on your office, bro, I'm not sure "average consumer" fits
Amaya Perry
Amaya Perry 12 kun oldin
Bruh tell me why a taco bell commercial came on in the middle of this 😂
Love Sosa
Love Sosa 13 kun oldin
Got rid of it. My fingers kept cramping. I have little bigger than avg hands. Bought for the nostalgia feeling, but that didn’t last. Swapped for the 11 pro max. Amazing.
SHORTY007 14 kun oldin
Well, the battery life is good enough for what many people are using their phones for every day. And you can charge your phone everywhere and have powerbanks so why is the battery such a big deal? I think 4,5 hours screen on time is not that bad but maybe i’m old fashioned 😂🙈
Wer0nika 14 kun oldin
I have mini and is amazing :D
Karan Boury
Karan Boury 15 kun oldin
‘Mexican fast food’. “See J”. “Carl”. Enough San Andreas references 😂
Andrew 16 kun oldin
I am honestly so excited to get mine, i have been using a samsung s10e for a while but it's kinda broken now, seeing a flagship that is this small is just really exciting cause that doesn't really happen much these days.
Alex_Inside 17 kun oldin
Not like the 12 mini is small, every other phone just got incredibly big. This is the only main line IPhone that makes sense. If you get the normal 12 you might swell go to the competition for better everything. The Pro only makes sense for Video recordings but nobody in real life does it the rest is just bad to mediocre and the Max is just for people with more money than brains or with huge hands.
Haaris Waqas
Haaris Waqas 18 kun oldin
The terrible battery killed this phone for me. I don't see small phones like this ever surviving in the smartphone market.
Essene 服部Gnosis 半蔵
so so, has problems as well but NO One is talking about it. Found out after just one day of using it.
Blue 21 kun oldin
The 12 Mini is still 🔥
Nathan Rippy
Nathan Rippy 23 kun oldin
Bruh the Tesla scene had me dying 💀💀💀
MD Habibullah
MD Habibullah 23 kun oldin
Game name?
Kevin Lendio
Kevin Lendio 23 kun oldin
What camera and lens did you use for your car scene??
beltsazar4689 26 kun oldin
bro u can tell the cameraman is actually above your height. the shot is looking down. you dont want to do that. you want the shot is at level with you or under so you can looked high. just a suggestion. big up
Alex 26 kun oldin
The iPhone 12 Mini is great, not everyone wants an iPad as a phone
CBYoungin 29 kun oldin
Do you recommend the iphone se 2020 or the iphone 12 mini?
Alex_Inside 17 kun oldin
Get the 12 mini if it has to be an iPhone, the competition in that price segment is just too good.
Jatin Jakhar JJ
Looks like his nose has a spotlight for it.
sohel rahaman
sohel rahaman Oy oldin
I don’t know why u blur the apple logo, we know that’s an apple product!
Pump Juice
Pump Juice Oy oldin
Man you stretch this video out any longer you mise well change your last name to Armstrong !
bigballer ace
bigballer ace Oy oldin
Wanna go case less u Psycho
Half_Bloodx3 Oy oldin
Taco bout it
Maggie Oy oldin
I was going to ask if it fits in your wife's pockets, but that small battery.. no, I don't think I will. 😅
S G Oy oldin
i left mine on all night without charging it and went to work the next day and with 7hrs of on screen time i left work with 30% battery. the battery is not bad. it nos the best but it will last. if your a strong phone user and game and play videos all day yeah youll kill it fast. the phone is not for everyone but i like it. .just sayin
jayr122001 Oy oldin
i like the 12 mini that's the perfect size for my hands...I have fold 2 as my main phone but iphone 12 mini is really the best all around phone for me
-Barron -
-Barron - Oy oldin
iPhone SE is a better name
Aditya Bhattacharya
They already have a se
Modox Oy oldin
Actually people who love small phone will consider iPhone 12 mini is a perfect phone just like using iPhone 8 with a larger display.
Leon Oy oldin
Tesla flex 😂 nice
Hasan Aydın
Hasan Aydın Oy oldin
I love this video concept. I also had fun. Followed 🧡
お拖把茶 Oy oldin
Great Great video man, super helpful, thank you !!
Omid M.
Omid M. Oy oldin
What game is that at 5:56?
Jawad Ahmad
Jawad Ahmad Oy oldin
3:51 i thought you going to say "size" and i will laugh but good work on script 😂
Ferdi Hidayat
Ferdi Hidayat Oy oldin
Why you blur apple logo?
zefferuzz Oy oldin
this phone is great. i feel so lucky to have it. 💯
Marcelino Naidoo
For a case I’d recommend the expensive silicon Apple one. It doesn’t bulk up the phone & makes it look sleek & expensive...I could argue that the phone looks equally as good with the cover on as it does without the cover....
Jakub Ševčík
that white one look really nice decent and as old white 5 but other colors are so well unfinished,weird back compare to frame or weird colored frame compare to back but u read me right ?.
leoninc Oy oldin
Excellent review! Now, I gotta say, I’m sold on the size and the power and the camera quality. You were testing ultimately the battery life. Now, that’s a dealbreaker for me, and the end result was a sapping of battery power in comparison to the bigger iPhones. What I noticed was, when the mini was used as a gps, the right corner indicated use of 5G. Now, if 5G was turned off, I would assume that the battery life would be a whole lot better! Having 5G is a benefit, but I am sure that technology will get better to make the battery last longer at 5G. If I get this phone, and I probably will, I will turn 5G off and settle for 4G LTE. The A14 Bionic chip is blazing speed enough to handle processing more than the 13, and I can live with that. Who knows, IOS 15 might just address the battery life issue and even make some improvements. With that, you sold me on the iPhone 12 mini! Once I pay off my iPhone 11, I’ll take the plunge and take advantage of this mini wonder that is getting rave reviews. Thanks man! 👍🏾
jojo twice
jojo twice Oy oldin
Why didn't he start at 100%
GLYEM House Oy oldin
It seems like only yesterday that reviewers were calling phones this size "too big." Now, a phone the exact same size is "small.". How times have changed!
Potato Head Arts
when I saw the soda go up the straw it was very visually pleasing XD Awesome video thank you! I'm deciding whether to save for the 12 mini or the 12 pro. My hands are small so the mini would be more comfortable, but I'm a heavy user often, so I might skip the 12 and go for the 12 pro for the extra camera features and the battery life. So either all out or cheap(er)
Kevin Oy oldin
Is this a “normal” use in one day? I now know why the phones dont last in much of the people’s hands this days, if you keep your hands away from the phone for 2+ hours of the freakin phone maybe the battery will not be that “bad” 🙄
Bad Bitch
Bad Bitch Oy oldin
apex legends fan huh? nicee
lil camm
lil camm Oy oldin
come on apex!!!!! yuhhhhh
Deadpool Oy oldin
99% of the iPhone users always use cases and covers. We cannot afford to drop and break our costly new iPhones. Its the 1% of rich people and tech reviewers who don't use cases. So yeah, fingerprints on phone don't matter to us, it never did.
Lego Minifig
Lego Minifig Oy oldin
Does anyone even use a GPS app without topping off your phone?
Rifat Alvi
Rifat Alvi Oy oldin
Its awesome 😎 for me
Ultimate Sliema
I Dont get why he sometimes covers the Logo... :S
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott Oy oldin
Now if only it had a slide out keyboard
Jeff 39
Jeff 39 Oy oldin
Nice video. I prefer the smaller phones and love the look of it--pretty sharp. You have a nice electronic set up back there.
JC Oy oldin
Can't wait to get mine. I'll just put it on dark mode, lower brightness, I don't use widgets, and adjust other things that affect battery life
Reffy Min
Reffy Min Oy oldin
Why da fuck you hiding apple logo?????
Zeapha Oy oldin
Apple should make a Pro Mini cah that would be awesome
alexander miller
alexander miller 2 oy oldin
Hmm my iPhone 7 has better battery life than the 12 mini hopefully it improves with software.. I get an average of 5 and a half hours of screen on time with moderate to heavy usage..
Mike B
Mike B 2 oy oldin
Digging my transition from a 8plus to the mini. Not having a home button is strange to me but so far so good!
KingJoker 910
KingJoker 910 2 oy oldin
I got the 12 mini cause it’s all I could afford but I have no regrets tho it’s a really good phone I love it
Tech Is life
Tech Is life 2 oy oldin
What I do see an issue with is battery but the normal 12 should fix that, but if you really like the mini either you can get an external battery or just carry your charger everywhere you go
Tech Is life
Tech Is life 2 oy oldin
The 12 for me is pretty perfect and the small 12 mini isn’t really what anyone has expected
Samantha Lone
Samantha Lone 2 oy oldin
Lol it’s a iPhone 4s with up grades😁
Steve Ryan
Steve Ryan 2 oy oldin
Ions love to move around so if you have the option of plugging the phone in then go for it. increase that battery life to get through your day!
steel united111
steel united111 2 oy oldin
I'm curious if the display is sharper on the mini, because of the size.
Calin Szabo
Calin Szabo 2 oy oldin
3:52 guess I'm a mom now
Always_Serpico 2 oy oldin
What game is that?
Augusto R.
Augusto R. 2 oy oldin
When you put the 12 pro max in your pocket, I can really see the volume in your pants ! It’s massive ! 😱
rokEE 2 oy oldin
2:44, that's what she said
Nick 2 oy oldin
The 12 mini is the best phone I've ever had
Armonta Vlogs
Armonta Vlogs 2 oy oldin
Ship me that phone
Charles Stultz
Charles Stultz 2 oy oldin
This phone should have been the iPhone SE
Nelson Luis Escobar
Thank you. Ur channel has made a difference in me buying the mini for my daughter.
Conroy Boothe
Conroy Boothe 2 oy oldin
I forgot that this phone existed
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 2 oy oldin
The mini didn’t do well than the bigger phones. But if they would’ve added more power, specs, and made one special cosmetic change... ...DROP THE NOTCH! Hooooooly Crap! If they would’ve dropped the notch, I believe the mini would’ve flew all of the shelves. Upgrade on muscle and an upgrade in cosmetics. That’s it!! And then market it (or re-market it) as saying “LARGE THINGS COME IN small packages!” ☝🏾☝🏾🤷🏾‍♂️😁 😜 🤦🏾‍♂️☝🏾 Hey! Why Not????
Marcus Binder
Marcus Binder 2 oy oldin
Hopefully the 13 mini or 12s mini will get a bigger battery
JT Torrey
JT Torrey 2 oy oldin
Jay lost his job because of his taco statement
Taylor Montana
Taylor Montana 2 oy oldin
Yo I’m happy I got my iPhone 12 pro on telegram @Robthin he is such a great guy 💯❤️
Ant Denzic
Ant Denzic 2 oy oldin
LOL average consumer - iMac Pro, Tesla, just look at his dudes get up. Nothing average, more like privileged .
Betty Watson
Betty Watson 2 oy oldin
My son got the iPhone mini in black coming from a iPhone 6s he loves it! He is a Marine and their clothes are very form fitting so the small phone fits perfect!
Diangelo The Deejay
What was the game he played on 6:20?
The Frog
The Frog 2 oy oldin
Sorry to say but not really a real day. Not everybody has an integrated GPS in their car and if you don't, you are plugging your phone to power it during this demanding task. So I'm pretty sure you could finish the day with this smaller battery.
Dennis Genova
Dennis Genova 2 oy oldin
Nice car.
Dennis Genova
Dennis Genova 2 oy oldin
Very informative video. Thank you.
C T 2 oy oldin
Euhhhh, I'm not the only one who saw it, but why did you hide the apple logo. This is quite weird in an apple phone review. Must be a moneylender thing. It makes your review a lot less credible.
defiant888 2 oy oldin
Battery is the only issue it has, but it charges fast as well....
Yong Chen Seng
Yong Chen Seng 2 oy oldin
It’s only one hour less then the 12pro max . I do have 12 pro max
Yong Chen Seng
Yong Chen Seng 2 oy oldin
My is red lobster 🦞
Yong Chen Seng
Yong Chen Seng 2 oy oldin
I can used it for 11hours to work ...
DJ Ness
DJ Ness 2 oy oldin
the iPhone 12 Mini. Brings me back to the gold ol days with the iPhone 5S.
Zoheb Ansari
Zoheb Ansari 2 oy oldin
Thats nasty notch sucks!!😣
Chris B
Chris B 2 oy oldin
Apple needs to drop the smart battery case for this thing and it will be gold!!!
Oksana Gutierrez
Oksana Gutierrez 2 oy oldin
Carl, at 10*20. 😂 nice 👍 job! “ dropping an album”. Get em, son 😝 that’s coOL and this is the phone I have. White mini 256G 👌 taking time to adjust to typing, especially when I have my long nails on 😆
eternity star
eternity star 2 oy oldin
Awesome review
Arc 2 oy oldin
Look at the amount of waste a single "meal"* creates at min 11:29 That's criminal. Also, fast food shouldn't be called a meal, but that's for another topic.
VeN0M 2 oy oldin
why the fuck would you compare it with iphone SE this baby is reincarnated from iphone 4S.
moh050 2 oy oldin
Whats the model name for pc monitor
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