Every PC Monitor Should Do This! 

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This monitor has so many features. Is this the best PC monitor out for productivity?
Find it here:
Samsung M7 Smart Monitor: www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/smart-monitors/32-smart-monitor-with-mobile-connectivity-ls32am702unxza/#benefits
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4-Mar, 2021



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Vishal Bharatwaj
Vishal Bharatwaj 5 kun oldin
a setup video will be good
M1LKDUD94 7 kun oldin
Nice, but 8ms response time makes it a no for me dawg
M1LKDUD94 7 kun oldin
That Vegeta camera pan was saucy 👌 (0:32)
Larry O
Larry O 9 kun oldin
Sent mine back. I want a dumb monitor. This thing was way too complicated for me.
Evacody124 21 kun oldin
You have a gaming PC hooked up to a bad monitor.
Akash Jeeha
Akash Jeeha 21 kun oldin
Hey, I'm looking for a USB-c cable to USB-c for the same monitor, which one would you recommend ?
Ayve P
Ayve P 22 kun oldin
Finally, a monitor I can buy and do my work on! Budget friendly too❤️❤️❤️👍
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo 25 kun oldin
Any idea why I cant get picture via usbc with my Mac? It detects it, but no picture...
Brezo 26 kun oldin
8ms and VA panel lmao
Gervasio Taylor
Gervasio Taylor 27 kun oldin
nice monitor I can replace my tv
Franc-Tireur Oy oldin
Chromecast, Roku stick on a viewsonic 4k 32inch all for $250.
Uğur Bekteş
Uğur Bekteş Oy oldin
Set-up set-up setups!
Ed Bernal
Ed Bernal Oy oldin
Excellent video. 👍🏽
loost68 Oy oldin
sponsored = not to be trusted
Bastrd Btw
Bastrd Btw Oy oldin
What happened to using the pc in front of you for streaming?
Onpassive Today
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your tech information
Paul T Sjordal
I'm not sure I understand the point. Any monitor is going to be connected to a PC. If I want to watch Netflix without a PC or do other smart TV stuff, why not get a smart TV?
Aldrin Lopez
Aldrin Lopez Oy oldin
does it support 3rd party monitor stand ?
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan Oy oldin
should have been IPS
Astral Drago
Astral Drago Oy oldin
I’d pay another $150 if it had 144hz
Assorted Shitpost™
So basically, it's a monitor, that hooks up to your PC, and can then do all the things your pc, that's already booked up to your monitor, already does, and it's neat, but slightly less convenient and more cumbersome? Right...
Arturo Baldivia
Now if would do 144 hertz with g sync or free sync low response time i would buy it but regardless a Smart Monitor sounds tempting Other companies need to take note just saying
Jason Nyarko
Jason Nyarko Oy oldin
John 10:10 KJV The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Jesus wants us to have a life of Destiny, Purpose, and Full of Peace🙏☝✨✨
Jason Nyarko
Jason Nyarko Oy oldin
John 3:16-18 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. [17] For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. [18] He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be RECREATED. God Bless🙏
Spoonman Oy oldin
Watching this video on my Samsung M7. Really versatile screen. :D
Ashutosh Joshi
yo can anyone tell me which mouse is that? that Black & white colorway is crazy good!
DeLeeMedia Oy oldin
How is video editing on here?
Tripzzz Oy oldin
It’s basically a smart tv😂
Ninja Ape
Ninja Ape Oy oldin
I am waiting for non sponsored video😌😌
venramen Oy oldin
No one: gamers when they saw this But can it GAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEEE
Thomas D
Thomas D Oy oldin
But it's only 60hz sooooooo
Rey Alez
Rey Alez Oy oldin
Is this 120hz? Or 60hz?
Fathi Karim
Fathi Karim Oy oldin
one question though, can I stream from my NAS directly to this monitor??
Iron65 Oy oldin
I'll say it's a great monitor for people who like to work or students and watch series on the same place, but I don't recommend it for gamers. It has 60hz refresh rate only so far I red. The design is just perfect for me! I don't like curved monitors, this is more in tune with my taste design wise, if only would have access to 120hz or 144hz
Vision Oy oldin
Its basically just a small tv
Hulk-Smash Oy oldin
booo 60 hz trash
he doesn't have dark mode twitter....
Nguyễn Minh Thắng
i need name or something about the mouse on video. from vietnam with love!
Benny Sanchez
Benny Sanchez Oy oldin
Does it have 144hz I did hear it being mentioned
Michael Patterson
It only has a brightness of 250 nits. No, thank you.
michael mumbi
michael mumbi Oy oldin
Can it game?????
erzascralet48 Oy oldin
This monitor, but a bit more premium. 400 nits typical brightness with peak HDR600, 4K 120Hz with at least 2 HDMI 2.1 ports, DisplayPort 1.4 w/ DSC, IPS panel (not VA at this size) and a price tag around $999 would have me sold. Oh, and TIzen OS did at least add FUnimation app on their OS, but like me, I know Judd also needs Samsung to add Crunchyroll and VRV which they don't have native apps for yet.
Assiqn Oy oldin
Jud you should start waving bro, probably could have a nasty 360 pattern goin
Downhill Donn mtb
What is this monitor called
Salim Sadman
Salim Sadman Oy oldin
what case is this?
Abel Tadese
Abel Tadese Oy oldin
ITz CHAMPz Oy oldin
Was doing research in this Monitor and I heard really bad reviews that the display doesn't last a day and shuts off
Rob V
Rob V Oy oldin
What's the difference between this and a smart tv?
Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze Oy oldin
When I first saw a video on this monitor, I was like every monitor should be like this.
Lab Rynth
Lab Rynth Oy oldin
Jason_ V123
Jason_ V123 Oy oldin
But can you run an xbox series x or PS5 with it? I have an LG Ultra fine monitor that I’m unable to use with my next gen consoles and it saddens me....
Kishan R
Kishan R Oy oldin
Who else was expecting about the gaming experience and end up closing the tab with a disappointment
Cjspyker Oy oldin
I just watch the UZblock videos on my work computer
If it had a high refresh rate I'd be in for sure!!!
DoOdLeFn Oy oldin
whats the screen refresh rate tho
Moe Oy oldin
Can I change the stand ? Because I was thinking to use it as a mini smart tv for my kitchen or the hallway?
debayan mallick
Can anyone tell me what mouse is that on his desk ?
Tech Zone
Tech Zone Oy oldin
My 34 inch is crazy
project Channel
dammmn what is that PC? I think I'm honestly more interested in that than the monitor lol
tanaka Oy oldin
this sorta flew under the radar, only found it when i searched Samsung smart tv on amazon then i was like "wtf these exist!"
Gerald Cortez
Gerald Cortez Oy oldin
I would buy that in a heartbeat if it can run at least 120Hz at 1440p, with adaptive sync.
nelson Oy oldin
Can a game console be hooked up to it
Gaby Kaschieva
Where can I find that wallpaper? is it on Wallpaper Engine?
Intolerant Renny
I am a simple guy, I see Transformers, I subscribe!
Intolerant Renny
Dat transformers figure on the gaming pc... Who's he?!
Kingtrav392 Oy oldin
Is this a good gaming motor
Ayanjaffer Oy oldin
Its good for a dorm
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian Oy oldin
I really wish it was not a sponsored video to have an actual review
Estrellita Hayden
@uravgconsumer I recently started WFH again and need another deal setup. IKEA is normally my go to, but they’ve discontinued their Alex/Linnmon line and the replacement won’t be available until August. Can you do a desk comparison? I think this should be a series too because desks are becoming more and more technically advanced and people are WFH more.
Evacody124 Oy oldin
Um no. I'm happy with my 1440p 144hz monitor. That monitor sucks.
Eugene Seow
Eugene Seow Oy oldin
Hi, may i know the name/serial of the pc case?
Eric DiMarcantonio
Definitely would love a setup video with this monitor thinking of getting it!
ITz CHAMPz Oy oldin
Do your research about it first, there are A LOT of reports that it will shut down after a day of use.
Unboxing Haven
60hz not for gaming
anip sesame
anip sesame Oy oldin
Yooo, this monitor is freaking awesome 😮
Pls don't call yourself an AVG consumer
Sk8r Aaron
Sk8r Aaron Oy oldin
I’m planning on upgrading my monitor it’s already 4K but I want a curved monitor just to have more tabs and applications open if anyone has a recommendation for a curved monitor please can you let me knows thanks 🤩
Spartanll7x Oy oldin
Incredible review! 5/5!
Silver Works
Silver Works Oy oldin
Thanks Epic reviews
jackie official
60hz , not IPS
Mohamed Elansary
I wish this monitor had 120hz @ 1080p or 4k
Auxfinity Oy oldin
Sir I don’t want to buy it. I swear every time i watch his videos he pushes me to buy something. I HAVE NO MONEY!
Techno Klutz
Techno Klutz Oy oldin
His monitor is actually the size of our living room TV...
Alvin Lenin
Alvin Lenin Oy oldin
is there an ultrawide version?
小帅雷 Oy oldin
Every PC Monitor Should Do This! my bank acc : no you do not need
mario2gameme Oy oldin
windows 10 has this feature called projection feature by searching optional feature and install wireless display.
Aqib Shah
Aqib Shah Oy oldin
Opening line: “Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this video” Me: “Oh no, it’s a Samsung monitor 🙄” LOL
scary terry
scary terry Oy oldin
an xbox will connect right?
nathaniel danimo
When I saw he has genshin impact my respect went through the roof
Sultan King
Sultan King Oy oldin
Another Advertisement that poses itself as a tech review.
Swagg Yi
Swagg Yi Oy oldin
What’s good for editing, whts is the RGB rating
Alejandro Martinez
What’s a good first monitor to get for the ps5 to play Cold War
JimL Oy oldin
This is where poor performing displays go.
Brandon Hughes
Wow bro this "monitor" does exactly what my Samsung TV does at twice the price per inch of my "TV"
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Oy oldin
No it's pointless. I have a TV and a monitor.
Luis Brito
Luis Brito Oy oldin
Apparently the reviews on this are trash.
Yohennycastro Oy oldin
I want one😭😭
MaximumWaves Oy oldin
So we not gonna talk about the other blue wallpaper
David Franks
David Franks Oy oldin
The most pointless features on a monitor ever. 99% of people will never use any of them.
Trice Oy oldin
ok, i want that.
Pobble Oy oldin
I was expecting over $1000 dollars that's surprisingly low price
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