Are You REALLY Using 5G? 

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Curious if you're actually using 5G? Today we'll put T-Mobile's 5G network to the test and see what it's like to actually use it. #TMobilePartner
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26-Fev, 2021



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AreoX7780 3 kun oldin
I have the oneplus 8t 5g and it is super good.
Luis Hernández
Luis Hernández 15 kun oldin
I’m with AT&T 5G and I’m good.
Roddy MacChlerich
Like T-mobile will tell the truth🙄 I’m gone 🙄
Zachary Butler
Got T-Mobile 5G, was in a relative deadzone but still got 1 bar of 5G, that one bar was faster than the two bars of 4g I use to get on my old phone. Loaded my audio-streams without delay, almost no buffering at 1080p video. No-buffer 4K video at full bars
I have 400 down and up
Martin Christopher Calayag
What a crap show explanation & sampling, walking still close to where you just where isn't proving anything man that the 5G your using is good than what it is. What a sell out, this isn't your average consumer everyone. I think the true "Average Consumer" deserve the unbiased truth said & done always.
Svr Gaming sg
Svr Gaming sg Oy oldin
Even my router is also 5 g
Lyonel Thomas
Lyonel Thomas Oy oldin
Yo bro, a s21 real day in the life would be dope
Memez4life Oy oldin
Why get an 8k tv when u can get an 8k phone
Roytronics Oy oldin
I recommend trying out an app called Opensignal....you can test indoor, outdoor, videos, wifi, locate cell towers, and view much many other features. I like the feature to see what average speed is coming from each carrier on the tower 3 miles from my house. I have Tmobile as well, I average 180-250mbps download and 25-32mbps upload in the Southern Atlanta area with Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. Enjoy the videos.
Keegan Goerz
Keegan Goerz Oy oldin
Wild, another sponsored video
Anh Tran
Anh Tran Oy oldin
My fastest 5G I got on T-Mobile was 470 mbps
DraMaSeTTa124 Oy oldin
What video resolution were you watching your videos during the 5G test? With T-Mobile no matter if you pay the HD resolution, you are still buffered at 480p.
Bryan Oy oldin
It’ll be nice if phones switched to LTE if 5G isn’t strong. In some areas where I live, LTE is faster than 5G but I have to manually go to settings to switch it to LTE. Using the iPhone 12 Pro on T-Mobile
Adam Catley
Adam Catley Oy oldin
Wait T Mobile still exist in America? In the UK they merged with a company called Orange and made EE
Melvin Murphy
Melvin Murphy Oy oldin
What phone was he using from T Mobile?
Jae Keys
Jae Keys Oy oldin
I guess if I go to New York I can take advantage of the 5G. Sense the merger my service has been absolute trash and if there are no towers near you then its useless.
L. Schaefer
L. Schaefer Oy oldin
My wifi just tested 526 down, 20 up & 11 ping.
Yanis F9
Yanis F9 Oy oldin
In my country I still using the 2G in 2021 What do you think ??
Kim Kim Lim
Kim Kim Lim Oy oldin
Tbh, 99% smartphone users on this planet don't need 5G, they only need a stable and not speed restricted 4.5G which supposingly can easily gives you 200+Mbps.
Douglas Keller
With 5G on T-Mobile. I can either get speeds of 3mbps or up to 350mbps. The whole 5G thing is such a gimmick at this point.
Divyansh Chandolia
says the guy who doesnt get cell service at his new home.... by the way huge fan but I just found it funny
Zach Boever
Zach Boever Oy oldin
In Omaha, Nebraska I get 3,145 down and 128 up on Verizon. sorry T-mobile....
Andrew C.
Andrew C. Oy oldin
T-Mo's "5G" coverage in SoCal is hot garbage on my S20+. the fastest speed over the network I've gotten is like 50mbps. in the shopping center across the street from my house, I can't even send a picture message because cell signal is so bad and there aren't even any tall buildings or trees around to block reception.
Johan Canul
Johan Canul Oy oldin
That’s what I get with At&T
Denji Oy oldin
I have T-Mobile 5G and its faster than my LTE ever was. And more stable
Edgardo Rodriguez
I love tmobile but they are misleading people try to watch a youtube video 2k 60fps on the network
Blue_Devils52 Oy oldin
Bro my wifi is 3 mb down, lucky
Nathaniel Cole
Loved this thank you
Jape Pelaa
Jape Pelaa Oy oldin
How bad is your 4G network if you think 300 is making you think it's fast and good 5G? Shouldn't it be WAY faster. Even I get 250 on 4G+ network when I go to the closest city - and I live in the another country.
Jermaine Oy oldin
Austin looks alot like carl
JC Oy oldin
Please Check Out The Other Cell Phone Carriers Like Verizon And ATT. It Would Be A Big Help To Me And Other People Who Use Phone Carriers Other Than TMobile.
taishea Oy oldin
Me, watching this video on T-mobile 5G 👍🏾
Nikko G.
Nikko G. Oy oldin
This is a biased review while not calling it a review in the title. Smart.
Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze Oy oldin
It's a sponsored video. It has T-Mobile partner in the description. This wasn't supposed to be an independent review.
T-CATT Oy oldin
Cool video, but not leaving Verizon. Too many discounts and great service.
BigD Fortnite
BigD Fortnite Oy oldin
I have 5 g wifi
Yep why
Yep why Oy oldin
Man, that "beard" needs some serious help.
Zachery El Presidente Taylor
I have a 5g capable device but I don't see how it works. I get better speed with 4g instead if 5g. When I try to use 5g I just get buffers and lag. I currently just use 4g because it is better than 5g.
Itsallgood Good
Yo! Where’s the Model S?
Santiago Romero
What app is he using for videocalling Austin? Google Duo??
Joe Ocegueda
Joe Ocegueda Oy oldin
That jacket and mask, man!! Link us..
Hazard Tech
Hazard Tech Oy oldin
When I use 5G I’m really impressed because it’s faster than my wifi
Andre B
Andre B Oy oldin
But can it play a UZblock video at 2160p no buffering?
Marty Watkins
Marty Watkins Oy oldin
T-mobile 5G works pretty well . I’ve been with them for awhile and love their 5G network
Rudy Rodriguez
The REAL question is: Do people REALLY need 5G or are they just using it to be better than everyone else who is using 4G/LTE? lol flex
You have to buy a phone that's capable with 5G first which means more money or I can just use free WIFI at home or in a capable place? I'll rather use my WIFI.
ForDaWin Oy oldin
I know that's ya little man and all but the boy look exactly like his moms lol
ForDaWin Oy oldin
lets see one of them upload speeds hit 300 then ill start doing the jay z head nod meme
LoudAfterRiot Gaming
My question is, why don’t companies push 4k 120hz? Like we all know it could work on 5g because I can play 1080 at 120hz (I don’t have a 4K 120hz display) with 5g and I’m really far from the router. Like it looks more realistic but nobody will believe it because companies don’t push it, yes I’m looking at you UZblock.
N0 One454
N0 One454 Oy oldin
Are You REALLY Using 5G? Nope......
Nathaniel Placide
Came to scope out the competition, I work for AT&T and I did 260 Mbps in a parking lot in South Jersey in a rural city with 4 Bars using an iPhone 12 Mini. I definitely should have tried this when I was in New York.
AlvisWuNights Oy oldin
Cricket Network have 5G too. ;)
AlvisWuNights Oy oldin
I have Cricket Network 4G LTE on my old iPhone 6S ;)
Meech Jacobs
Meech Jacobs Oy oldin
"We are all gonna be a lot more connected." - He doesn't know how deep that statement is...
Janne Hoffmann
If you would turn off 5G und using LTE Plus, you would get the sams speeds. Today 5G is only advertising.
Christopher Holmes
Im not impressed. I am on Verizon LTE using the Galaxy Note 10. I am getting 200mbps to 250mbps consistently.
Elliot Declet
Elliot Declet Oy oldin
That scrubbing UZblock test is a really bad way to show off 5G, you didn’t even bother changing it from auto, come on man
Scott McDonald
I think T-Mobile got to too many youtubers for a 10 minute paid ad.
djcap2001 Oy oldin
Loving all your videos. Beening following you for years! Just wondering where did you get that jacket your rocking at 0:35. It's looks awesome! Keep up the great videos!
Go Tech AKASH Oy oldin
2:27 I'm even able to do this kinda scrolling, dragging, moving fastly in UZblock from my 4g phone poco f1 📱 with Vo wifi support itself. (my wi-fi speed is up to 50mbps)
Go Tech AKASH Oy oldin
@DSP720 I know 👀 but I shared about my wifi
DSP720 Oy oldin
The whole point is network speeds, not wifi.
GamingREC Oy oldin
this looks like a advertisement video for T-Mobile!
Daniel Rocha ITZ
I am from Brazil I am not even using 3G.
Rio Wells
Rio Wells Oy oldin
That shirt is real nice.
Dr Earbuds
Dr Earbuds Oy oldin
I wish I could use T-Mobile service in my Tesla Model 3
Only U Cambodia
Dsan Denne
Dsan Denne Oy oldin
What are those display case in the background next to the TVs? I’d love something like this for my figure collections
Rodrigo Oy oldin
Going to be honest, I upgraded from a iPhone 6S that I used for 5 years and bought a 12 pro. 5G or 4G seems the same to me. I really don’t care this is overhyped
Brian Glaze
Brian Glaze Oy oldin
Are you at T-Mobile on iPhone?
John Monteagudo
dude what phone were you using?
Prakhar Srivastava
My broadband Speed is 300 Mbps that means I am already using 5G at my Home. 😂😂
MegaMan X
MegaMan X Oy oldin
Jokes on you T-mobile. I have Metro(by T-mobile) instead and it works fine! 😋
gamer goalzzz
gamer goalzzz Oy oldin
Jud really acting like this is his first time on 5G
If I commented I am obsessed with your channel
Ok I now this is weird but I really like your outfit in thrus video 😂
Eshwar Ryan
Eshwar Ryan Oy oldin
You say you are an average person but you have thing average people can’t pay
Michael Andrianavalona
We are waiting for the baby tech video
Gian Gabriel Boyero
Not marketing here. our telcom in the Philippines especially Smart and Globe telcom's 5G are pure fraud. Well done T-mobile
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa Oy oldin
Central Massachusetts is 40mbs the best i have so far.
Suly M
Suly M Oy oldin
On 4G+ I get up to 112/41.2 down/up. ping I get down to 42, it plays 4k on youtube just fine and it’s got better coverage than 5g, but for gaming I hear that 5g has better ping/latency
Doug Sawyer
Doug Sawyer Oy oldin
And I'm in Denver
Doug Sawyer
Doug Sawyer Oy oldin
Got s20+ with 5g sometimes drop usually turn it down to lte
Somnath Auddy
Somnath Auddy Oy oldin
6:00 Austin be like - “ let me do my thing dad!! “
Abo Ali
Abo Ali Oy oldin
Masters Technology
This is nothing im getting 1500 mb/s here in france and 700mb/s upload
The MaTy
The MaTy Oy oldin
5G LOL, I dont even have 4G xD
Sarun Fatman
Sarun Fatman Oy oldin
can u do a budget gaming setup tour
Jo Bloggs
Jo Bloggs Oy oldin
Here in uk we use midrange 5G nr 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
wero liera
wero liera Oy oldin
300 mbps is fast but I have seen videos of Verizon getting well over a thousand mbps
Matt Hoang
Matt Hoang Oy oldin
Very selective areas. 5G can get over a thousand but you have to be in such a particular spot
Jonathan Cotting
its really fast, i once got 380 mbit here in switzerland!
shazin abdulla
Samsung ad
Darrion S
Darrion S Oy oldin
That baby is adorable
Alex Petrov
Alex Petrov Oy oldin
Why are there no health safety tests?
Greg Wereszko
Greg Wereszko Oy oldin
I'm going to go and cry now. I have 50mbps down and 4 up @ home..
Dante Bradley
Dante Bradley Oy oldin
Pay your bills my boy! Lol
Richard Ottley
The camera looks amazing, and the spot looks like Downtown Brooklyn, lol my neck of the woods :D
Link1129 Oy oldin
I've definitely got a phone with actual 5G. That said, the 5G infrastructure isn't widespread enough for my liking in my area yet, so I've manually swapped my phone to only use LTE until then. Should probably help me save a little bit of battery life, too.
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta Oy oldin
These speeds are so low. 4g is enough for me. I get more than 100mbps at my home
Rohit Tawani
Rohit Tawani Oy oldin
Camera Quality is amazing. 🔥
Man my 5g t-mobile sucks. My 4g worked way better before.
rotimi kayode
rotimi kayode Oy oldin
Great vid I can’t to see what 5g brings as it evolves
Xlander111 Oy oldin
Ok, in danmark copenhagen iphone 11 pro 4G 243 dl 62 up!
Vaja Rakesh!
Vaja Rakesh! Oy oldin
1:25 MKBHD inspired 😂😂