Apple AirPods Max - The REAL Review 

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I've been using the AirPods Max for a while and it's time to give my thoughts. Are these bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling and other cool features enough to warrant $550? Let's talk about it.
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28-Dek, 2020



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I love This Episode ❤
Alassane Soumare
Alassane Soumare 17 kun oldin
I pulled the trigger...love your videos! Nice seeing POC's doing it besides brownly...shout outs to him but he's super industry now...keep going brother!
Alex Dan
Alex Dan 17 kun oldin
In terms of design the one thing that kept me from buying some bose or sony or even microsoft's headphones is the outer bulkiness and outwards from my head for most of these. Even though you guys at AvgConsumer give them a low design score, it's one of the main reasons I got a pair of these. They don't actually make me look like I'm about to DJ in the middle of the street. They are slim when placed over the ear and they look different. Which is the exact intention of apple's design. I give them 9 out of 10 for the design. And about $500 of my dollars to get them.
Graham Calvario
Graham Calvario 18 kun oldin
They definitely hit all the major components of a competitive headphone but I think they’ll dial it in on the next couple iterations. I think this is the type of product they need to test the waters with and really adjust.
Theodore O. M
Theodore O. M 23 kun oldin
😂😂😂Great review as always, King
Chase Kelvington
Chase Kelvington 24 kun oldin
Don’t worry they will find a way to drop AirPods Pro max for $1k plus 😂😂😂
Emilio Ramirez
Emilio Ramirez 25 kun oldin
Thanks for the review; just got mine (Black).
Harrier Pilot
Harrier Pilot Oy oldin
They are good,but damn ugly
andrew pankiw
andrew pankiw Oy oldin
Sazomedia Oy oldin
I just ordered some of the space gray ones! I wanted the blue originally, but they would have taken a lot longer to deliver.
nick perez
nick perez Oy oldin
Had them for few months and use them at the gym it’s very good
archdragon90 Oy oldin
I just straight up through away the case that came with the Max and purchased a far better one on line. That is the worst thing in my opinion about the Max. Another thing they need to fix is the low and ultra low power mode. Should be like 30 minuts instead of the 72 hours....
Denka Oy oldin
the clamp is so hard your head changed shape....lmao
Obey Physics
Obey Physics Oy oldin
Finally someone who’s not a hater. They are bad ass headphones for luxury listening and style. This is for people with cash and want to flex but also want really really good sound.
Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz Oy oldin
Should I get the new Xbox or the AirPods max
I think if they were plastic and kept the tech then it be cheaper
Alan Boyes
Alan Boyes Oy oldin
Greeen, really think they are better than all others out there, that I have tried.
Finbarr 14
Finbarr 14 Oy oldin
And after less than a month, I have to send them back for repair/replacement. :( I really loved them but so frustrating to be waiting again for a while for repair.
Finbarr 14
Finbarr 14 Oy oldin
@Jacob Hernandez i believe the waiting time now has lessen to like a few weeks.
Jacob Hernandez
@Finbarr 14 yea I ain’t that patient lol
Finbarr 14
Finbarr 14 Oy oldin
@Jacob Hernandez i bought it online then had to wait for 2 months. The ANC and Transparency mode are really impressive.
Jacob Hernandez
@Finbarr 14 I was gonna go out and buy one but no stores have them and I hate shipping lol
Finbarr 14
Finbarr 14 Oy oldin
@Jacob Hernandez it’s on the way back to me now. The problem was some connectivity issue like it was showing that it’s “connected” but no audio at all.
NDF_Rich PS4
NDF_Rich PS4 Oy oldin
If y’all can’t afford them just say that 🙏🏽 I have 2 pair
Leo DL
Leo DL Oy oldin
Tbh...it looks whack in terms of design
Richard S B
Richard S B Oy oldin
I have purchased and been using the Black/ Grey pair for 7 days now. I really enjoy them. I also own the Sony M4. I prefer the AirPod Max’s overall. The transparency mode is incredible as well as the noise canceling.
Mike Broesel
Mike Broesel Oy oldin
I love mine the best thing I ever did is it to buy a pair.
Aban Ali
Aban Ali Oy oldin
give me one AirPods max pls
Mohammed Dudhwala
11:29 warra flexxer
Mohammed Dudhwala
9:51 warra transition
terell davis
terell davis 2 oy oldin
I live overseas for work and came home to the USA for a month and some change could not find these or a ps5 for nothing.
Jack Beeny
Jack Beeny 2 oy oldin
Lmao apple laughing their ass off because the only reason they’ve gotten so much attention is because of the case... (gorilla marketing)
Luc Vance
Luc Vance 2 oy oldin
I just bought mine I can’t wait to get them I also ordered the MacBook Pro!!!
Everyday Gizmos
Everyday Gizmos 2 oy oldin
Yeah, $550 is too much in this category...if they would have kept the price under $500 with tax, maybe.
Izzat yusri Jamaludin
Does this airpods max sound noticeably better than airpods pro? Anyone
cmvelo1 2 oy oldin
Thanks (as always) for the detailed in-depth reviews! 💯 🙌
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 2 oy oldin
what's up guys its your average rambler here
Ameer Ali Ouarda
Ameer Ali Ouarda 2 oy oldin
The cutout for the lightning port in the case is not aligned because you have the telescopic arms extended.
roland garcia
roland garcia 2 oy oldin
My son-in-law and my daughter grab a pair after having these in my hands i don't see the premium the head band is i mesh. Got 2 sets of cans and the fioQ Amplifier/ 🎧 dac
Bajanking23 Pisces
I hear they come with their own condensation despite not being water moisture, or dust proof and resistant
L. Stratos 00
L. Stratos 00 2 oy oldin
Srsly Sony is king and a thing worth to mention is your gunpla game is strong bro. Gunpla makes every video better.
Robert Lazo
Robert Lazo 2 oy oldin
The sports bra case is ugly as sin and cheap. It takes so much away from the good looks of the headphones lol
Dragana 2 oy oldin
550 US dollars. But imagine living in Canada .. it costs 779$+101.27 tax = $880.27 Canadian dollars for AirPods max. That is insanity. 😂
Jason K.
Jason K. 2 oy oldin
Dope review, man. Thanks for being so thorough.
Matei Cristian Panaitescu
The ANC technology is not Apple's first foray into this territory. They took the tech off of Beats by Dre, it's one of the reasons they spent $3bn on that acquisition.
Jaybnks 1
Jaybnks 1 2 oy oldin
Ur lucky cause u have mad tech
Tiera S
Tiera S 2 oy oldin
Can’t jog with them on??? that helps me even more with my decision to not purchase these. I love the regular air pods, & beats by Dre so I’ll stick to those. Apple can’t sell me just anything lol
_ARTSYYY 2 oy oldin
Bose nc700 way better no cap.
Mr. Perry
Mr. Perry 2 oy oldin
I miss my mega man action figures I had them all in the 90s bro
Golden retriever Obsession
That’s literally just airpod pros but there more uncomfortable and bigger
Yosfoo 2 oy oldin
Ikeria Scott
Ikeria Scott 2 oy oldin
“It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”
Young Fire
Young Fire 3 oy oldin
Apple finally fucked themselves this time 😂 550.00 😂😂😂
Jérôme 3 oy oldin
i m not sure but Something is missing !!! ahh i know : 600$ moistures
Lena Danielle
Lena Danielle 3 oy oldin
The interchangeable ear cups did it for me alone. I have beats sitting in the closet right now that I can’t do anything with because the ear cup broke. Apple is elite, I don’t know any other head phones that make the ear cups so easy to take on and take off and/or replace. Usually have to replace or fix the entire head phone.
Vincent Cheong
Vincent Cheong 3 oy oldin
The way this dude talks also doesn’t sound ‘real’....so what is the real review we are talking abt? This review was done 2 weeks at this moment i place this comment. Many others had done the reviews 1 week before him with all types of tests to compare whether this is worth and not just look at the product itself and simply titled this as ‘Real Review’ or more as of personal review. By the way this dude not any headphones expert so what real review ??? 😂
zero zero
zero zero 3 oy oldin
Sony WH M4 vs airpods max witch sound is better?
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz 3 oy oldin
No sorry..
Chester Lim
Chester Lim 3 oy oldin
You forgot to mention the Transparency mode, and how well it lets you hear your environment. Works better than the Bose and Sony in this category. Otherwise, it was a great review.
armand sant
armand sant 3 oy oldin
they cause condensation and the aluminum cans arent nice. a slim aggressive lambo look couldve helped.
Vincent Cabrera
Vincent Cabrera 3 oy oldin
Bruh, for an extra 200 dollars, they better have a better noise cancelling over all. It shouldn't be know toss up
Rabidification 3 oy oldin
Are they even AirPods at this point?
Alex Dalton
Alex Dalton 3 oy oldin
Compare to the sonys please
Peter ODonnell
Peter ODonnell 3 oy oldin
I go these in the blue. Love them. Pete - Australia
Josh EC
Josh EC 3 oy oldin
bro looking like a real man now aye?
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 3 oy oldin
two things: the case is not necessary to put them into deep sleep, just expedites it; the pass through in the case isn't aligned well on yours because you have the arms extended, push them fully back in and it will be perfectly aligned
iFenixxZ Gaming Channel
For that price tag - nope. AirPods Pro is the enough for all needs
Maluki Mbesa
Maluki Mbesa 3 oy oldin
The airprods max case and the mag safe wallet may actually be the most useless accessories of 2020. Whoever designed them needs to be demoted ASAP XD
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 3 oy oldin
air pods airpods pro airpods max airpods max pro airpods pro max airpods air pro max hahaha
Nano X
Nano X 3 oy oldin
The bass on these are almost nonexistent. I'm surprised you gave them a thumbs up on that. Sony is a bit overdone, but I still prefer their sound.
Tiagraj I
Tiagraj I 3 oy oldin
Don't forget that if you're an Android user, good luck to update the firmware
Tiagraj I
Tiagraj I 3 oy oldin
For half of that price you can get the best. Pretty good is not good enough
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva 3 oy oldin
it is a very good product, but then you look at the price...if you buy one of these, then the money is not an issue. the sony is pretty much the same quality and cost half of the price and I would say Sony is expensive too.
Montez French
Montez French 3 oy oldin
Having MAJOR battery issues with my AirPods Max. Mine were delivered Thursday 01/07/2021 around 8:30pm. I unboxed them, put them on and they were at around 65% battery. I listened to music, talked on the phone, watched a few minutes of some shows that utilize Dolby so I could test Spatial audio, went through the different modes, adjusted the sound in the accessibility settings…you know the works. After about 2-3 hours of use, I plugged them up to the charger (out of the case). Stayed up a bit doing some work and decided to get some sleep around 2:00am on Friday, 01/08/2021. Before going to sleep I picked up the headphones to see how much charge they had and they were fully charged to 100%. I then placed them into the case so they could go into low power mode and went to bed. Friday, 01/08/2021 around 8:30am I woke up to go about my day. Around 2:30pm a friend of mine called, so I grabbed my AirPods Max so I wouldn’t have to hold the phone and because I was now in the mood for music while I worked. The AirPods Max were at 20%!!!! They drain 80% in 12 hours IN THE CASE. I opened a case with Apple and they scheduled a call with me to talk about the issue and figure out next steps. Long story short from that call, they put a profile on my phone to monitor Bluetooth usage because they think that it’s possible the AirPods Max weren’t in the case properly or somehow weren’t disconnected from my phone and therefore burned through battery. They also had me enable Assistive Touch so we could enable a quick button to save the logs and data in a file for them to analyze on Tuesday 01/12/2021 at 8:00am (since we talked Friday and the person I was talking to wouldn’t be working again until Tuesday). I also agreed to take screenshots and notate every action: when I put them on the charger, take them off of the charger, when I put them down to stop using them or right before I put them in the case for low power mode. I already questioned the idea of it being connected burning that much battery because even if it were connected, my phone goes into DND at 1:00am automatically. So no calls, no text alerts, etc. I also don’t listen to music while I sleep so my phone was literally doing NOTHING while I was sleeping. So although it isn’t the case because they weren’t connected, to drain 80% in 12 hours from simply being connected would still unacceptable. Today, Saturday, 01/09/2021 I had the SAME drain issue. From my screenshots and notes I used the for the first time after charging them again (keep in mind I put them on the charger while I was on the phone with Apple for about an hour) and after my call with Apple yesterday, Friday, 01/08/2021. Here is my usage. - 4:29pm to took a call. - 100% - 4:42pm Finished the call - 100% - 4:44pm placed in the low power case - 100% - 5:53pm removed from the case to use with my MacBookPro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to play/test them out more - 100% - 6:37pm back in the case while not in use and verified that they were in fact properly in the case by looking on the battery widget on the iPhone 12 Pro Max to see if they were connected AND looking at my Bluetooth settings on my MacBook Pro. - 100% - Today, Saturday, 01/09/2021 at 10:22am I removed them from the case for the first time since putting them in the case at 6:37pm last night. - 20% This is a HUGE issue that they need to solve. Not only do I feel these are about $100 overpriced due to the lack of Water Resistance when taking note of those who are having that weird condensation/moisture issue, but they don’t hold a candle to my NuraPhone in terms of battery life. I wear those for a 4-5 hour flight from Georgia to California and back, use them to listen to an album and then don’t use them for a few weeks or even a month and when I put them on…battery at 80% LOL. They are AWESOME. The battery issue, if as wide spread as it seems, makes the AirPods Max overpriced by $200 in my opinion.
Stephan 3 oy oldin
Hey bro. Where you get that sweater ?! 🔥
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 3 oy oldin
Where can I buy the head rest 2:24?
Tyumer Syuleyman
Tyumer Syuleyman 3 oy oldin
I literally just ordering the AirPods Pro and then the AirPods max came out
Juraiprince 3 oy oldin
Any issues with condensation or sweat, UAC? That’s the new “gate” going around now. I’ll take my chances. Maybe I can get a pair in less than 10 weeks!
prazuprazu 3 oy oldin
All for cheap publicity. No such issues
Zoe C
Zoe C 3 oy oldin
i like ya cut g
Art3mis Gaming
Art3mis Gaming 3 oy oldin
Amir Dosa
Amir Dosa 3 oy oldin
apple is ripping off customers
Jack Thorn
Jack Thorn 3 oy oldin
No power button means ur mic is tappable 100% of the time as you can't shut down your device. Scary moves.
Evens Baptiste
Evens Baptiste 3 oy oldin
70$ for the ear cups? Apple, at least take me out to dinner first before you try f#^% me damn!
John John
John John 3 oy oldin
Those are some damn ugly headphones!!
OnceAPunAThyme 3 oy oldin
Wouldn't the "Average Consumer" have sound quality as their number one concern and instead buy $150 wired headphones for better quality sound if they don't need wireless, don't need noise cancelation and IOS-specific features? I think perspective is important - and several headphone-centric channels have bothered to make the comparision with wired headphoens, have bothered to point out there is some computational sound processing going on that makes poor quality source material sound 'enhanced' or, to some ears, 'better' and to others nothing like the source material was intended to sound - because a lot of people will be buying these not because of industry-leading noise cancelation or IOS-specific features but just because they are Apple, rather than using their ears. I think a lot of reviewers are letting down those viewers, badly.
Xavier X
Xavier X 3 oy oldin
Fugly. Look like cheap 90s sponge headset. But the case design is interesting and unique. Like the case.
Sh0ckV5 3 oy oldin
I wanna see this same headphones but in SE model, platic body and 300-350$ price.
Lapography 3 oy oldin
Great Review.
Jake 3 oy oldin
We did actually have leaks about a $599 as the “Luxury Version” and a $349 sport version. This is the luxury version, so I don’t know why people are complaining about the pricetag when its actually lower than it was leaked to be.
John McKittrick
John McKittrick 3 oy oldin
what is the gaming chair you use? The white chair in the back?
william Lidgett
william Lidgett 3 oy oldin
Would be cool if they came with a charging base like Astro
L C.
L C. 3 oy oldin
Was considering these until I saw I had to carry a murse around.
Graceology 3 oy oldin
They should of Made a pair of purple ones
Tomer Ben David
Tomer Ben David 3 oy oldin
Lot of features.. can I listen to music with it?
JKayser 3 oy oldin
That stupid “smart” cover aside I still kind of want these!
acrugg 3 oy oldin
Where did you get your Amazon Alexa stand??
Unregistered 3 oy oldin
I just returned mine after a little over two weeks of auditioning them Compared to my SonyXM/Bose/Senns, they just not "more better" to justify the massive premium. They're built beautifully, the material, the design is top notch. Comfort wise, they just seemed to disappear on my noggin, I knew they were there but they didn't interfere, no weight or pinching. ANC was very good, the transparency was awesome. But they weren't overwhelming better sonically, which is probably the most "personal preference". The no power off and lack of a case were definite negatives. Had the price been $300-350 I might have held on to them ...
jjmf1222 15
jjmf1222 15 3 oy oldin
Still no matter how good they sound the high price tag doesn’t justify it
Tori Tavernier
Tori Tavernier 3 oy oldin
idk what color to get bc blue and green and black look nice HELP
Tori Tavernier
Tori Tavernier 3 oy oldin
Reyce Barrett
Reyce Barrett 3 oy oldin
Why does there have to be so many negative comments? I'm pretty sure if you don't like what he says, or talks about, that you don't have to watch!
yashwanth 3 oy oldin
hey jud...you mentioned about vocals and lows but what about higher frequencies?
ifouth xion
ifouth xion 3 oy oldin
Can we have apple AirPods max - fake reviews next?
Mr DejavuKing
Mr DejavuKing 3 oy oldin
Have watched many videos made by audio engineers and audio experts who have declared the Sony XM4 wins hands down on noise cancelling against these.. they said it's not even questionable it's a measurable fact the Sony's have better noise cancelling based on the tests they did!. So no the apples don't have industry leading noise cancelling.
Mr DejavuKing
Mr DejavuKing 3 oy oldin
What's the intranet.. did you mean internet 😂
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