AirPods Max Unboxing & First Impressions! WOW 

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Apple headphones are finally here! We got our hands on the AirPods Max and man, the active noise canceling, sound quality, and features are things I'm going to spend a lot more time with for the review. That full review is coming soon but for now, enjoy the unboxing and hands-on first impressions.
Find them here:
AirPods Max: www.apple.com/airpods-max/
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10-Dek, 2020



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Punnch 96K
Punnch 96K 15 kun oldin
Oh so you're listening to Intervals when you mentioned Progressive Metal, nicee !!
Hi Toying fruti
Hi Toying fruti 29 kun oldin
Walker Lackey
Walker Lackey Oy oldin
I already have the Sony Airpods Max
ValidUs Oy oldin
No way i ever will bye that expensive headphones , I can’t imagine that they are better then the Bose headphones
Tarantulaman 0327
I just ordered mine yesterday, can’t wait! Great job on the video Judd
Kale R
Kale R Oy oldin
What’s going on guys, this’s your average consumer reviewing $550 headphones that the average consumer can buy
JoshCourts Oy oldin
Great review, I just got my AirPods Max today, and went into the customization settings, and they are amazing
BG Oy oldin
Got them on right now, love these head phones
Mike Broesel
Mike Broesel Oy oldin
I love mine the best thing I ever did is it to buy a pair.
I like my M4’s but Leave it to Apple to make silence sound more silent and over charging us for it. 😂😂😂😂 wait until they start charging $1000 for the gen 3. We will all find a way to justify it... they are cool but had to go back. They have no off button and don’t fold so I’d have to lug the case around. Not for the price.
Not like I can’t afford it but it’s too much for me all that money to a pair of headphones I don’t think that’s fair at all max is 350 or lower
BeamishLotus726 2 oy oldin
Ik the airpods max sound and look really luxurious, but they are still too overpriced because of the lack of an customizable Equalizer and the exaggeratedly minimalistic case it comes with, and in top of that, they don’t turn off, they just only have sleep mode
.O.W. 2 oy oldin
Are they loud? A lot of people say even at 100% volume, they r quiet compared to others
Joey Mendoza
Joey Mendoza 2 oy oldin
I just purchased these and compared to the bose 700s I will say I don't get as much neck strain. Airpods Max are much heavier as most are aware of but its enough I might not keep them. Now the noise canceling is way on point but they are heavy. Does it get better anyone?
Juan Giraldo
Juan Giraldo 2 oy oldin
Where’s the comparison video?
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
so these sound good like can other people hear my music like other headphones cuz i don’t want people to hear my music
FreightDawg 2 oy oldin
Headphones $50 Apples name on them $500
Usman Ali
Usman Ali 2 oy oldin
Yes that is true with apple airpods max you can cancel out the noise of poor people and their poverty!
Pushkar Karamungikar
The white dot on red shirt.
oscar ochoa
oscar ochoa 3 oy oldin
Paul 3 oy oldin
What's the headphone stand at 3:00 ?
Alex Dalton
Alex Dalton 3 oy oldin
Compare the to headphones please
Fuck You
Fuck You 3 oy oldin
Greedy greedy corporations like parasites feeding off the stupidity of humans
Fuck You
Fuck You 3 oy oldin
Yeah WOW ! have have Apple got the cheek to charge so much for a pair of headphones that have questionable durability and cheap technology, Just another SCAM and just another pair of headphones
lazypasty 3 oy oldin
people who buy flagship headphones are here like y’all think 500 is expensive? lol the locals are just NOW learning about this industry
Mike A
Mike A 3 oy oldin
Why is everyone freaking out over $550...that's like 4 days of work at McDonalds...yall are broke asses!
TyrecusK Dale
TyrecusK Dale 3 oy oldin
Make the comparing video plz it’s time to put them to the test
Comanche Viper
Comanche Viper 3 oy oldin
so I watch the video and I really enjoyed it. And I watch a lot of videos on this headset. But the one thing I have not seen anybody do that I thought for sure you would try is connecting them to the Xbox series X or the PS5. If they won’t connect Bluetooth to the systems, you can buy a cord from Apple and plug them into the controllers or wherever on the system and use them. I would be curious to find out what they sound like and would they be a good choice for gaming headset.
cj wins
cj wins 3 oy oldin
Is Apple trying to tell me I’m poor every month?! Lol
Mark Mathosian
Mark Mathosian 3 oy oldin
Ok, great review. But I would really love to see you compare them to your Sony set in another review. Also, I have a question about how loud they will go. Do they get as loud as your Sony headphones? Thanks, Mark, new subscriber.
hpdagreat 3 oy oldin
4:10 u have white hands lol r u bleaching
Death Comet
Death Comet 3 oy oldin
I bet you $100 you can't handle The Weeknd's Starboy on the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless with MAX BASS for 1 Hour.
villarreal0706 3 oy oldin
Comparison battle
Nate Gray
Nate Gray 3 oy oldin
For $550 for quote AirPods max case dum looking sound probably good and design is 7/10 love channel
Nate Gray
Nate Gray 3 oy oldin
Case is nope 100%
Thando Zungu
Thando Zungu 4 oy oldin
These are $550 , they better be good
Raghava Santhapuri
Hi iam from india. I am waiting for your review of airpods max. Waiting a lotttttttt. Please make it.
Starlife Gvng
Starlife Gvng 4 oy oldin
For 500 I better be able to hear a rat piss on cotton 😭😭😭😭😭
CobaltAGC 4 oy oldin
If you're complaining about the price, these aren't for you. Apple is not a consumer brand. It's not even a people brand or a brand for people. It's a luxury brand from a marketing company for robots who want to be seen by other robots. If their overpriced, it's not their fault... it's yours.
Matt T.
Matt T. 4 oy oldin
Even the case sucks i cant believe it
Evacody124 4 oy oldin
The high end headphones are for people who work in audio music. You don't. This is over priced for the segment its aiming for. Bose, Sony, etc all have headphones in the 200 to 300 dollar range. Those are not the ones audio people working on music are using. I will also point out people who use a brand like Sennheiser also have a working deal with them. Just for a minute stop and think about all the bands and singers that use in ear monitors. Who the hell do you think makes them. Sennheiser, Bose, etc are companies that go to NAMM. In other words they they are not aiming there super high end stuff at you at all. Unless you are musician. Really this would be like if Apple made a guitar. Who cares people who play guitar already know what they want and there guitar also works with the gear they need when on stage. People need to get off this Apple makes the best every thing. They really don't.
Gphalo14 4 oy oldin
Do a comparison video please!
Evacody124 4 oy oldin
🤦 Yes the cost 1000s of dollars because they are the best of the best.
Rahul Chakrabarty
Let's try to be practical, there r studio monitors those comes at a price tag of $1k or more no one will question it as long as it delivers what it promises also support and fixes in the future. But now let's talk about Apple products these type of headphones are not "not common". These are consumer products. For the most who would buy these; it would just be a fashionable primium shit without any practical need. These are far better noise cancelling headphones in a cheaper price with much better pratical uses with decent sound quality. Apple always targets a group of people who wants these prrather making their products an affordable, reasonable and useful application.
Why am i hearing crying voices ohhh my wallet
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 oy oldin
At $550 I better be able to hear other peoples thoughts
woodycarr 4 oy oldin
Nice review!
Rhys L
Rhys L 4 oy oldin
Nothing average about the price , performance balance here compared to XM4 . Too much.
Miguel Angel Sam Lee
sony it better and just for 350
plutorama 4 oy oldin
Does your ear get hot or sweaty, with prolonged wear? That’s the Achille’s heel with all these over-ear models.
SYBR DARC 4 oy oldin
Ill always go with Sony, the people who created the walkman??? Lol l love apple but kiss the ring of the dons.
Syed Malik Fahad
Syed Malik Fahad 4 oy oldin
Welcome back to another episode of “I can’t afford that”
Daniel Travis
Daniel Travis 4 oy oldin
I don't need a comparison video between Sony and Apple because I know that Sony will be what I always will pick
Deep Senpai
Deep Senpai 4 oy oldin
is it better the sony's 1000XM4 that's the real question
Patrick Casanova
Patrick Casanova 4 oy oldin
If you think wow. About this Means you are a very average
villarreal0706 4 oy oldin
Comparison battle
Wodinn 4 oy oldin
I legit didn't care about these at all on release. Then after seeing erphon, and mkb's reviews. And now this guys. whom i've NEVER watch until just today. And i'm seriously considering trying to get a pair of these. I'm still amazed at how the second gen airpods sound. And I've never owned and actual head-strap over ear headphones before. I'm gettin' that itch. Edit: anyone thinks this means there is a chance apple is working on homepod pro and max? that would be sick. 15:01 the twitch 'c'mon bruh' emote.
Gamer4Life 4 oy oldin
Wow...it's reviewers like you let Apple charge anything they freakin want....how can u call yourself average consumer when you review the most expensive headphones...
Eric Patton
Eric Patton 4 oy oldin
Wow my Butthole !!! They look like a throw back from the 70s with a price from the future
Jungle King
Jungle King 4 oy oldin
I'll still say that Apple is out of its mind charging so much even though he tries to justify it. Whats a headphone for? So who needs all the fancy hi-tech bull shitbthat he says it can do. There are several headphones that out do them for a much lower price, and just because there are headphones out there that cost thousands of follows does not make apple right about their pricing.
Suazzz 4 oy oldin
Not worth it
junior melidor
junior melidor 4 oy oldin
The headphone king.
Tech 718
Tech 718 4 oy oldin
Can’t Find Them No Where 😩🤦🏽‍♂️
Theo Morah
Theo Morah 4 oy oldin
sony and bose's best headphones are 200 pounds cheaper and are better in almost every way
Loy Loy
Loy Loy 4 oy oldin
Is that the GP01-fb at the back?
Truffty 4 oy oldin
Y’all ready know how this gonna go, everyone hates on it, than they all get it when they can and shut up
Nicholas Petre
Nicholas Petre 4 oy oldin
I have been testing these Airpods Max for 3 days... No comments regarding the price. Pure performance here. They do have too much treble. In some songs I needed to reduce volume to go easy on my ear drums because of too much exposure of high frequencies. These headphones definitely are good if you prefer listening to podcasts, interviews - they are crisp clear and oh yes - movies! Like in the cinema. They do brilliant job canceling the noise around you, no doubt in that. But I would not choose them for listening to the music because the high frequencies they produce will bring you headache and ear pain. Literally, when I put on QC35II on my head after Airpods Max, it just like taking Ibuprofen and coming back to normal life. Adding stupid and useless case, weight, bullkiness, no way to turn them off feature and price in the end . . . Let Tim Cook and his team wear them. Stick to any Sony and Bose. And those who already have XM3, XM4, QC35, QC35II, NC700 or Momentum 3, don't even think of changing your headset for these. Bad apple. And those who stay in a line for 12-14 weeks, do yourself a favor, buy Sony on Amazon and enjoy extra $300 for some other gadget or else. I 've been really waiting for this release and really wanted to keep 'em but just too many features that needs to be improved to be on par with the competitors.
Rubén Aguilar Portillo
You gotta do that comparison video man
Rubén Aguilar Portillo
I gotta be honest, don’t buy this, buy airpods pro, they offer the same functionality, doesn’t have THAT CRAZY pricetag, and they’re not ugly cause those thing are ugly af.
shortazn97 4 oy oldin
I can't affprd it anyway but the case bothers me. I don't wanna carry that around everywhere just to turn off headphones
Rajinder Kahlon
Rajinder Kahlon 4 oy oldin
Apple:Let’s make a car with no windows installed
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 oy oldin
“Guys who apparently never used headphones” woahhhh 😨😨😨😨 that’s crazy bruh
Candido Torres
Candido Torres 4 oy oldin
Efe Chief
Efe Chief 4 oy oldin
Of course they are sold out. People will buy them and sell em for $1500 on eBay.
ABSV /a beautiful sunset vlog
This price gouging has to stop.....the world is going to be too expensive to live in because a select few co-sign everything that these greedy ass companies do because money isn’t a factor for them. Screw Apple and all the other price gouging companies in the world.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 oy oldin
They are not Airpods Pro... they are Airpods Max... but aside from the little faux pas
Geeky Bros
Geeky Bros 4 oy oldin
No no no no no no
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe 4 oy oldin
I’ll wait for the pro max version for $999
Avrtyz 4 oy oldin
They suck I have $50 headsets that are better
Willie Jones
Willie Jones 4 oy oldin
And another dud like the HomePod. You’re stupid if you buy this crap.
Yung Buba
Yung Buba 4 oy oldin
i been watching yo shit since the beats studio 2 came out
Esther O
Esther O 4 oy oldin
Comparison video please.🤗
FHC 4 oy oldin
The design looks bad like 2 Apple watches with speakers
Lane Cooly
Lane Cooly 4 oy oldin
Compare the Sony’s asap
ali Perez
ali Perez 4 oy oldin
That price is “ ridiculous” 👎🏽 No thank you!!!!
Spectraevil 4 oy oldin
To be honest - "UrAvgConsumer" is not a good title for this channel anymore. I always see the most expensive stuff here these days.
tesh lerisky
tesh lerisky 4 oy oldin
Let's see a comparison vid between em
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 4 oy oldin
Moral of the story ... buy Astro A40’s 😂😂
Shakai WilderBethea
How are these air pods
Shakai WilderBethea
Looks dope but the price
Mini Mixes
Mini Mixes 4 oy oldin
I would rather use AirPods because when you lean on your side you can take 1 AirPod out and it feels amazing but with headphones it is to bulky
alstonmiller212 2 oy oldin
You can have both
PNW_Ed 4 oy oldin
Hey I think MKBHD got your Green Airpods MAX
Dawn 4 oy oldin
They are not Airpods Pro... they are Airpods Max... but aside from the little faux pas
Radiant 4 oy oldin
gimme that comparison vid homi
David Guan
David Guan 4 oy oldin
I want see the battle
CHRIS DIGGS 4 oy oldin
250 maybe but 550 hell NAh. I'll stick to my Sonys. Apple just being greedy as usual
King Kong
King Kong 4 oy oldin
Ok, I heard enough reviews and seen enough... I Think it’s time for me to give these a go when they’re available. That 1.5hrs from 5min charge would have to come in handy though.
Jax Teller
Jax Teller 4 oy oldin
Let me catch my son buying $550 headphones with my card
Gee Foo
Gee Foo 4 oy oldin
How can Apple do the EXACT SANE THING everyone else has done for years and all of a sudden its AMAZING? HAHAHAHAHA UZblockrs will do anything to not be left out of the Apple and Google good graces.
Gary Lau
Gary Lau 4 oy oldin
you can hear the bass.....??? first time?
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips 4 oy oldin
I love your channel, you check out so much stuff, I did order a set because I don't like the Airpods pro that stick in my ear canals. Besides the cost, high end headphones can out cost this set by many factors. My biggest gripe is the Lighting connector for charging, it should be USB C. I ordered the Blue color but after seeing these in space gray ... might should have got those. PS, you must do comparison :)
Mohd Owais
Mohd Owais 4 oy oldin
We need comparison
Rilla Spins
Rilla Spins 4 oy oldin
Moral of the story ... buy Astro A40’s 😂😂
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