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Your Tech Needs This!
22 soat oldin
Marcel 7 soat oldin
When Greg was asked about his morning rituals in another video, with a Chinese speaking lady, he said something about watching the sun and also did not really answer the question. It must be something dark.
Nick Wing
Nick Wing 7 soat oldin
Love your channel!!!! Your videos are very awesome!!! Our whole family loves to watch!!! Cookie is so cute!!! I am on to the next video!
Gokul Balu
Gokul Balu 7 soat oldin
Apple's real Victory is being oblivious to the competition. Apple pulls it with finesse and succeeds.
Daniel Moloney
Daniel Moloney 7 soat oldin
Please be careful when buying the surface pro x it does not support all software the pro 7 would due to the processor
TheArchitect 8 soat oldin
Rajat Pradhan
Rajat Pradhan 8 soat oldin
Awesome video and congrats on getting to interview Craig. 🙏🏻👍🏻
Mason 9 soat oldin
I love them!
Archie Gee
Archie Gee 9 soat oldin
This interview felt so casual… just another day in Jud’s life!
Anshuman Ranjan
Anshuman Ranjan 9 soat oldin
Love Craig, but his answer is such bullshit. The whole point of FaceTime and iMessage is to socially isolate Android users so they switch to Apple. It's a purely business decision, I get it, but they should own up to it.
Kenneth Karl Ocampo Gilbuena
iMessage also may come to android soon
Cosimo Meini
Cosimo Meini 10 soat oldin
Is fake, it's a video
Alex Mamedy
Alex Mamedy 10 soat oldin
Will spacial audio on apple music support HomePod?
Willy Salazar
Willy Salazar 10 soat oldin
I’m what moment all youtubers interview Greg?!
Hamza Elghareeb
Hamza Elghareeb 11 soat oldin
We need some Bluetooth charger
Hamza Elghareeb
Hamza Elghareeb 11 soat oldin
We need some Bluetooth charger
Zoubeir Badulla
Zoubeir Badulla 11 soat oldin
im glad facetime is now available on android. Everyone in my friend group have android so we always video called on whatsapp
Evan Hylands
Evan Hylands 11 soat oldin
Wisvice 11 soat oldin
Craig is goated. I love this dude
Random Kindness
Random Kindness 12 soat oldin
theres one other bigger issue that VPN solves that you skipped... its not just the net flix fix.. and its not doing some illegal ish... also its not some undressed-people ish... but when you realize what it is ...welll i noticed that all these tech reviewers aren't talking about it so ... mums the word..4now.
b0rd2dEAth 13 soat oldin
Mac mini > iMac
Souvik Mukherjee
Souvik Mukherjee 13 soat oldin
Don't worry. Right to Repair bill is getting passed.
Souvik Mukherjee
Souvik Mukherjee 13 soat oldin
Stupid interview. Craig is great though.
Pavan Surtani
Pavan Surtani 13 soat oldin
Airdrop next 😂
Rameslayer 14 soat oldin
Man you should have totally asked him about the M1 iPad and software disconnect! It's obvious why they introduced FaceTime links.
James Button
James Button 14 soat oldin
Listening to this review on my XB950BT’s 😂
Souvik Mukherjee
Souvik Mukherjee 14 soat oldin
The ultimate hypocrite is here.
Fortnite Goblins CLAN
Fortnite Goblins CLAN 14 soat oldin
2021 lol
Tony k
Tony k 14 soat oldin
Legendary!!! Thanks for sharing
CarlyUTube 14 soat oldin
Apple Products turn grown men into little boys! In a good way of course!
shahul hameed
shahul hameed 15 soat oldin
Power of M1 chip🔥🔥
shahul hameed
shahul hameed 15 soat oldin
Fantastic 🔥 🔥iPad pro 2021
Devesh Gautam JOD✔️
When Is MacBook M1X 16inchComing??🥺
Devesh Gautam JOD✔️
When Is MacBook M1X 16inchComing??🥺
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 15 soat oldin
I was skipping the video in small chunks because I always do that when the youtubers start talking about sponsors but ended up skipping all of this video until the end!!! 😑😐
Devesh Gautam JOD✔️
When Is MacBook M1X 16inchComing??🥺
Sahand Zolfaghari
Sahand Zolfaghari 15 soat oldin
Why do you have sonos one speakers as front left and rights? They only work as surrounds…
J Beats and Waves
J Beats and Waves 15 soat oldin
Ernest Akonor
Ernest Akonor 15 soat oldin
When he calls androids "common phones"😂😂😂
Carlos Wesley
Carlos Wesley 15 soat oldin
Look at the Apple’s headquarter, that looks unreal
Mega 15 soat oldin
This ad is brought to you by Apple Inc.
Aezi 16 soat oldin
Aadil Rizwan
Aadil Rizwan 16 soat oldin
I dont like New releases this year. Apple you dissapointed cross-platform is just not suiting to Apple.
edgar tovmasyan
edgar tovmasyan 16 soat oldin
Will this work for the Xbox 1x
Focus OnBaseball
Focus OnBaseball 16 soat oldin
no facetime in communist china allowed
Recoo Murry
Recoo Murry 16 soat oldin
Dang he called all other phones "common" 😥🤣🤣
Lars André Skals Jensen
It’s the cutest bromance ever 😍
Rowan Gontier
Rowan Gontier 17 soat oldin
Because of Zoom.
Josh Gettinger
Josh Gettinger 17 soat oldin
Not sure why I'm subbed when you pull crap like this.
Dev 17 soat oldin
Fanboying much🤓
Sam Seb
Sam Seb 17 soat oldin
Is he Shooting this Video with you During his Working Hours.. !! 😅
Im__phanindra 17 soat oldin
2:21 very often there's someone who doesn't have an iphone 😂😂 It should be like there'll be someone who have an iphone 😂😂😂 in a group
p Hs
p Hs 18 soat oldin
Why is this a big deal? Everyone with Android uses whatsapp video call anyway. No way anyone's gonna switch to this new thing...
DJ Ash
DJ Ash 18 soat oldin
Zoom was getting all the love apple wants that crowd too
jalabi99 18 soat oldin
This is the biggest "get" of your career so far. Congrats
Mohammad Musharaf
Mohammad Musharaf 18 soat oldin
Great work bro ❤️ from India
Know Thyself
Know Thyself 18 soat oldin
Boss move 🔥🔥 Me and Craig can be friend cause he drives stick.💪🏿👌🏿
Aaron Dillon
Aaron Dillon 18 soat oldin
I wish they would just create an iMessage app for Android. I’m tired of looking at green bubbles when I text android users but that would integrate FaceTime also
Jumpman0926 18 soat oldin
Are we just going to ignore them waves he has
Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Lopez 18 soat oldin
Brooooooo, a good question would also be when will apple add pro mode to their native camera app where you can control the ISO, Shutter Speed just like on Samsung phones. Ive always wanted to be part of the apple ecosystem but as a photographer I see my self having to choose Samsung for those little things also because of the price you pay for, you spend less for more but on the other hand you pay more for basics
RX7821979 18 soat oldin
He really must miss beats by dre 🤣🤣🤣
Christine Rose
Christine Rose 18 soat oldin
Wait wait, rpg? Genshin Impact? (pausechamp) 👀
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 18 soat oldin
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 18 soat oldin
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 18 soat oldin
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 18 soat oldin
Abheet Jain
Abheet Jain 18 soat oldin
craig seems like a really nice guy,jud u should have asked him if apple is planning anytime soon to get rid of the ugly notch on iphones
Aron Williams
Aron Williams 18 soat oldin
Should have asked him will iMessage ever come to android
Ramesh Chander Sharma
Ramesh Chander Sharma 18 soat oldin
Are you president of Amazon ?
Juan Yepez
Juan Yepez 18 soat oldin
The title is wrong actually because FaceTime goes to the website
Glory empire
Glory empire 18 soat oldin
Apple giving nun iPhone users a taste of Facetine to try get them to switch to iPhone
Nuryana Panaligan
Nuryana Panaligan 19 soat oldin
Pilot Frixion pens are so good! It's like the marriage of ballpoint pen and pencil.
Señor Cárdenas
Señor Cárdenas 19 soat oldin
If you are an average consumer, Lord forgive us for all for the devastation we produce and discard for the sake of more likes and subs.
シシ あれ式
シシ あれ式 19 soat oldin
dude has some werid looking eye brows
Andre Billups
Andre Billups 19 soat oldin
Its not on Android tho lol you have to get invited to an FaceTime chat from an apple product in order to use FaceTime its not like we can initiate it from our Android phones lol
Maurice Wheeler
Maurice Wheeler 19 soat oldin
I work for Apple and never even got to talk to Craig 😂
Buster 19 soat oldin
Damn, UAC out here in mid 2021 explaining what a VPN is in 7 minutes.
Anuradha Ranasinghe
Anuradha Ranasinghe 19 soat oldin
We all know that face time can't compete with zoom and ms teams by giving a website.
SBONFYE 19 soat oldin
IDK why I’m just realizing this Videos like these aren’t genuine vibed “I’d made this purchase and used this product on my own” type videos .. .this is a modern day infomercial !!!!
Mike Ilagan
Mike Ilagan 19 soat oldin
So Jud can't even say "Android?"
Sarim 19 soat oldin
Yoooo, I have s20+ and all my friends have iphone and I can't facetime them and now I can 😃
Sarim 19 soat oldin
Thanks apple