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Shub Sodhi
Shub Sodhi 20 soat oldin
oh wait its got intel inside :/
adamlee007 20 soat oldin
Sponsorship....the video
Mason Roman
Mason Roman 20 soat oldin
Real question is. Where’s the link to the kunai
Jonathan Lindsey
Jonathan Lindsey 20 soat oldin
Also shout out for the hunter x hunter Gon vs Hisoka in Heaven's arena, from chapter 62, a big debt and a small kick, good episode from a good anime.
Jonathan Lindsey
Jonathan Lindsey 21 soat oldin
A homeowner sees a fancy smart home. Us cyber security people see a nightmare and drywall.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
The fact that you didn't choose Siri, with a HomePod in every room, tells me you lose all credibility on tech.
Max Chapman
Max Chapman 22 soat oldin
You should sell them together as a package
Jim Neville
Jim Neville 22 soat oldin
Could you comment on the device add on like mode , thunderbolt etc.
mmanda515 23 soat oldin
Dude..... holy non-disclosure(s). Pls, as a long time viewer & consumer.. as required, btw.. do better!
mmanda515 23 soat oldin
Sent for free & sponsored by? Looks like a great option, enjoy w/ your beautiful setup!
ChosenJuan 23 soat oldin
You should make an updated video with your new top 5 or top 10 👀
pablo piedrasanta
What's the case he's rocking on his iPhone? pleaaase I need to know
892965 Kun oldin
That's bad battery life lol
Turnt_ ghost
Turnt_ ghost Kun oldin
the LT's code name is Squidward
Michael Mazurczyk
Carl’s shoes 💯
Ezra Mantini
Ezra Mantini Kun oldin
Can these be used on an iPad mini 5? It’s a fast lighting charging iPad(lighting cable)
Homie Dogg
Homie Dogg Kun oldin
This video made me buy this laptop. Greatest gaming experience I’ve ever had! I used to be a console gamer
Raizen Bejoc
Raizen Bejoc Kun oldin
i love watching things i can't afford❤😊
Bennett Davidson
Just bought a 55 inch vizio I don’t have money for the Qled 😂😂 but the 4K 120hz still goes crazy
User Manager
User Manager Kun oldin
Fredrick Denge
Fredrick Denge Kun oldin
Why does he not want to say alexa ...whats even that
Mr Pepe
Mr Pepe Kun oldin
and people complain about macbooks cameras...
Anthony O'Brien
Anthony O'Brien Kun oldin
10:01- people ask you how you are and you just have to say that your fine but your not really fine
1ctf playz
1ctf playz Kun oldin
i love everything about the ipad air 4 but the storage options they just are terrible
sangram dhamale
sangram dhamale Kun oldin
what a ghostek e-bag prize in india
Larry Kun oldin
yeah I thought they have Optical connection too bummer
sangram dhamale
sangram dhamale Kun oldin
whate is a ghostek e bag prize in india
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson Kun oldin
He’s so adorable what’s his zodiac sign?
Liridon666 Kun oldin
Are you doing a review on the Surface Book 4 also?
Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle Kun oldin
Hey - that hoodie is UNREAL! Link?
Bibhatsu Kuiri
Bibhatsu Kuiri Kun oldin
this is your travis consumor here
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Kun oldin
Can Android or Samsung find a way to make their video quality good on Instagram 🤔
oscar 2 black
oscar 2 black Kun oldin
He reminds me of Tyler the creator of how he acts 😂
Mika Murka
Mika Murka Kun oldin
Ну почему нет субтитров?)))разве это дорого?
Michael Carson
Michael Carson Kun oldin
It probably a nightmare to move for someone like you
V V Kun oldin
Can you please donate one laptop Even its cheap I'll be ok with that
ali bagherzadeh
ali bagherzadeh Kun oldin
12pro max is the best ir s21 ultra ??! i cant choice 😭😭😭 please help me
ali bagherzadeh
ali bagherzadeh Kun oldin
12pro max is the best or s21 ultra ???!!!!!! i cant choice 😭😭
aesthefrey Kun oldin
i just remembered when iphone 7 came out with no jack audio and remove the earphone from the box so people hopefully can move to airpods more. and now the iphone 12 came out with no adapter makes me think that in the future we will not gonna get the cable in the box and they gonna remove the lightning port, so people can move to magsafe. we literally gonna change the phase
Aug Plays
Aug Plays Kun oldin
Does it work on a 12
ISHWAR M D Kun oldin
i love the RTX graphics and the cooling system they have
crazy tech
crazy tech Kun oldin
Fellow me guys 🤘🤘🤘
Pravin sꪜ
Pravin sꪜ Kun oldin
Dude plz get back to ur home I just don’t like this place just an recommendation
Antione Griezman
New 24 in iMac?!!
Mera Bharat Mera Bharat
I don't have money to buy but I dearm ......
Humberto Garcia
Humberto Garcia Kun oldin
I own both, both have same great sound. Best buy has beats pro for $160. AirPods pro has a mediocre noise cancelling for 230. Both are not Bose sound quality but they get job done. I like the bass on beats. For those who like nc, try jabra or sony m4
Gilbert Hernandez
Love the home button also. My xs max is broken and i will switch for this phone this weekend.
Killa K Williams
11:19 😂🐱
5:05 it could be just voice recognization, lol
Corwin Pedersen
Corwin Pedersen Kun oldin
VGA is useful if your work/school has nonhdmi projectors that you have to hook up to ☹️
Mr Aries
Mr Aries Kun oldin
Haoran Tan
Haoran Tan Kun oldin
I got them for 90 dollars because my dad is a employee. they are amazing.
Saad Salman
Saad Salman Kun oldin
Hey, how loud is the sound and whats the sound quality like?
The Empire
The Empire 2 kun oldin
It got really good with updates
Mr. Skidosko
Mr. Skidosko 2 kun oldin
**Intensly watches with airpods pros while considering getting powerbeats as a secondary just in case I don't have my airpods available**
Galaxy Gier
Galaxy Gier 2 kun oldin
I like to play forza horizon, I buy cars and put them in garage 😁 make happiness lolll
Zer01 2 kun oldin
Disconnects or audio drops may be interference with other wireless devices...MSFT had it in stock today and I ordered them. I have Turtle Beach 600, not sure how that compares...those are plentiful but I like the dual device paring feature.
Vixen Stroup
Vixen Stroup 2 kun oldin
I can’t believe it tried to park😂
Reyes Blanco
Reyes Blanco 2 kun oldin
Could you be able to do one for Samsung users? Cause I am an android and Samsung watch user. Much appreciated if you can. Keep up with the information you provide.
mquinn 2 kun oldin
How you don't know the name of some of this stuff but it's everyday tech
Danstemj 2 kun oldin
Apple new imac is coming with their own chip just watched the apple event
Seyide Hundeyin
Seyide Hundeyin 2 kun oldin
you were spot on!!! they waited till the new M1 chip before changing the design lol
Bryan Peralta
Bryan Peralta 2 kun oldin
looks great, but the handling is horrible lol
Pragalbh Verma
Pragalbh Verma 2 kun oldin
One piece
Pragalbh Verma
Pragalbh Verma 2 kun oldin
One piece
Samarth More
Samarth More 2 kun oldin
Which camera did you use to make this video can we know which camera do you roll with , it's just 🔥🔥 the quality when you're out in the backyard or when you're your outside the video quality was just so so good can we know which camera that is ?!! And you do great reviews 🧡🤍
vV1erce 2 kun oldin
I have an idea for UrAverageConsumer would it be cool if he did a series of building his Gundum kits and custom kits.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 kun oldin
I’ve just bought mine and it paired instantly
Aswajith A
Aswajith A 2 kun oldin
In every photo pixel color is more natural.. and you only supporting iphone.. don't know why
Straw Berry
Straw Berry 2 kun oldin
Can you give me that laptop😊
Bennett Newman
Bennett Newman 2 kun oldin
was I the only one who thought of the Office when he said "in case you drive your car into the river."
Glacire1990 2 kun oldin
I had that Apple Watch charger but i almost have to charge it in the damn freezer. It got really hot when charging my Apple Watch
Brent P-R
Brent P-R 2 kun oldin
Bleeps out “Hey Google” but just says ALEXA ... not fair
Luqman Hakeem
Luqman Hakeem 2 kun oldin
How is he still “ur avg consumer”
Hari Preetham
Hari Preetham 2 kun oldin
i wish i had a surface ;(
MHBGT 2 kun oldin
For a second I thought you were going to pull out a gaming device (Switch/Gaming phone possibly).
Kwok_A 2 kun oldin
There is a brand new version for the keychain cable for faster charging speed and data transfer speed called incharge x, definitely fit better in the survival kit
Paschal Okonkwo
Paschal Okonkwo 2 kun oldin
No 4k webcam still HD, and besides maybe a 32gb ram would be better, rom okay with 1TB, mostly people use cloud these day
Thom Rhodes
Thom Rhodes 2 kun oldin
I had that cheap watch charger. Died after 3 weeks. Don't bother.
utubruss 2 kun oldin
its still good